Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Mitranno Namskar...

Ummm read it again

भाताश्री , देवीयो केबी चा प्रणाम

I m talking about MAHABHARAT

I was busy past days in watching this great play by br films

Thanks to chetan .. He got the dvd set
And to kundya .. Whose agreed me to lend his precious thing .. Laptop!

Means u didnt had seen yet?
But these 94 episodes i was stucked in my chair..

It took me 3 days and 4 ni8es ..

Ummm i tell u its worth...

Now i m back in blogging ;)

So cyaaaa..

It time to say gn..
I tell u , i m certainly satisfied..

-by kb
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Monday, December 15, 2008

hole hole ho jayega

Mitranno Namskar

He came
He saw
He won

A partially true statement wrt amryaa .. Lol

He came here
We saw rab ne bana di jodi
And we always wins .. When we meets

So its again back 2 work policy needs to apply

Movie is 1 number btw

Saterday was for some official work..

I have a news to share ..
Kb is applying for upsc exam..

Kb that needs dedicated study..


Kb not saying that he is going to crack the exam


Thats how he had studied uptil..

And i am sure this attempt wil add knowledge in his crazy mind..

What else?

Yes ,i m getting kate for office.. Yesterday it was not over beilive me ;)

Hey Chima thanks for that icecream re.. It melted down well ;)

Sunyaa be prepare to welcome us ;)

Plan is for min to min @ jalgaon..
We guys has a chance to meet together at our beloved places in jalgaon..

But apane area main kb sher nahi banega ;).. And my secure image for jalgaon wil be secure ;)


Thats it

Other than this there is routine involved all over our lives

Hole hole ho jayega pyar.. ;)


Have a good day

Feeling hungry

But no sandwitch at multiplex
Why they costs so much .. And amrya to loose money ;)

-by kb
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Monday, December 8, 2008

had perfect weekend

Mitranno Namskar

So monday is back and me in local

So how was weekend
Yep had a good time..

Upon that hectic recovering myself by saterday evening it is not possible me to have a nap ..
Clock was showing 3 am! And i was not feeling sleepy.. Listening ipod.. And no priority thinking was queuing me!

I saw a unread book.. Its always i wished to mark it as read..

So i hold 'Five Points Someone'
And i kept reading it .. Till i reached the last page.. Whats time by ? By 9 am sunday!

I reads that way..

So i comments *Must Read Book*

After that we me & chetan had been at thane for some reason..

And we decided to catch a movie @ cinemax, iternity mall

We had some time in had before it starts..

So what malls never bores you only if u have a good eye! Lol

Wondering on floors caused kb to loose thousand bucks

And having enough shopping we been in auditorium !

Tickets in A row.. Shit that ticket issuer must misinterpreted..the second ticket meant for a male.. Lol

So my right side and chetans left side seats were of couples ..
And thanks to me i m not curious in these matters

Which movie?
Ummm what i likes of mumbai movie theaters that There happens national anthem ,Before starting movie ..

So it was dil kubbady.. I liked caused me to had a good laughs at the jokes..
One thing i can tell you about movie .. It has sex *word* from start to end..

So when returned kb needed sleep.. So he slept

By evening vineet back in mumbai.. I catched him @ thane
He handed driver sw cd ..
Said cyaa him..he headed pune
Me Back to room
Formatted his pc
Done fresh installation..
Copied the 8 gb movie .. Guess it guys its ddlj!
Had one small round of it


Reached vt

Hope the couples didnt misinterpreted us as gay ;)


-by kb
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Friday, December 5, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

And we *all* says this .. Though we never wants to say this..


Wish u r destiny will have only few times where u would need to use the word... And ( though i know nothing is comparable )
You get atleast upto what u deserves!

And wish u to make aware those kash things, their importance in demanding hearts..



-by kb
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

@ni8 at vt station

Mitranno Namskar

I m going home and my train will be leaving late 1:30 am. Its 11:30 pm now and me standing @ bus stop just outside main entrance of vt all alone but observing ni8 life..
Hot can u observe ? U r writing a blog .. Yeps but kb neednt look at mobile screen most of time he got his fingures to be friend of keypad of his loving e 51!

Yeps i have practiced myself enough ;)

K now me in train had relaxed myself on my alloted bearth in my exclusive style.. Its 1 :30 am

So two hours what did u done kb .. I love long calls ;) ... Tinu was on line ..

So my backpack been checked twice at vt .. And found nothing suspecious ;)

Me carrying a dress And regular needing stuff only ..

Its a one *day* trip only..
2marow ni8 i will be in return journey..

Yeps i did have saved my leaves to attend my some known and few heartly related friends marriages..

But i have a msg for them try to marry on weekends ..

Train is running and me njoying window seat

But in the end i 2day had lots of que's unanswered .. And i was in mood to cancel the jalgaon visit..
So i choosed tinu to give a long call and to divert my mind..
Nopes it didnt worked though..

And i conveyed my mind with a answer..Needs to go in caps


It happens.. It gives joy.. Life at peek .. All is colorful.. Dreamz unlimited... Is thr Dirtance? Close eyes .. No.. All dark.. I calls it as Love

No - it hurts

yes! but no from parents .. For me just dont have courage to look into those eyes..

But tinyaa mohabbat ka naam aaj bhi mohabbat hai beta ;) dulhan usiki hoti hai jo doli main bithake ghar le aata hai..

Doli uthane ke liye ( madat huh bhai ) i have kept spare my leaves ;)

But i have a request u dear i had seen u always happy.. Whatever ,i reapeat whatever be the result i want u too be happy.. I will want to look into eyes..

Just remember

...SHOW MUST GO ON... I calls it as LIFE

At least both of u have accepted that it happened..

Lekin tinyaa apun milenge re jara discuss karana hai sala ye cast kisane banaye ..
Yahi reason hai re warna she also loves me.. ;)
Ab ye mat poonch ki konasiwali ;) he he he

Chal njoy new place and designation too


Wishes For all those including kb ;) including tinu too ;) who may match their life as the post

*TIME IS THE ANSWER* and keep the show go on.. I am and always sure that LIFE will not more unfair with you..

But if we are together no tears plz..

( when i am alone i am with kb but i dont cries but kb )

As for kb

I am there for you..

What should i wish

Wish it doesnt happens if there is not happy ending

And it answered go to sleep


Cyaaa mumbai
( dont know when i wil get network .. That wil send this post but i clicked on send menu @ 2:45 am )

-by kb
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Monday, December 1, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

I had a sufficent nap for the ni8
And so i can say gm
I remembers from my early teen age days.. whenever my sleep broke in ni8 i did visited kitchen to have some food for myself..

But 2ni8 the cause of broken sleep is moscitos..

And me after having war with them had won defeting all them with the help from net bat .. Listening chetans owed ipod shuffle..

Current song. Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye..

So after long *unliked* leave today i will be back to office..

Umm feeling sleepy again.. gn


-by kb
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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

When i get ready to go outside home i hope i wont hear the fucking news of terrorism from now on.. Now on? I certainly not wished to heard in the past too

And certainely i am not in mood to thank to destiny that saved me...

Most of time u will find me @ vt at 10 pm .. And say by coincidence i on wednesday had left vt at 9 pm..

But those died in the incident happend in past 3 days.. My heartfelt condolences are with their families...

Unfortunetly Expressing condolences is only what i can do...

But we all can do things.. Be attentive..

Electronic Media should not have aim towords incrising trp in such situations.. It seemed me all were concious but media...

Offcourse police, army, commandos knows better how to deal the situation .. And i hope the government has provisions to *avoid* these situations.. It should do as the standard protocols expects.. No mearcy to guilty!

Hatz off to mumbai police officers who lost their lives..

U were from those who keeps mumbai running safe

Thanks to doctors from various hospitals.. Who did saved hundreds of lives.. Those who been injured ..

Have a peacefull years ahead to all..


-by kb
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i like formals

Mitranno Namskar

So 2 day after so many days.. I am in formals..

I had never been in tshirts and jeans before 2 years..

Again i cant buy other than raymonds... Feels like heaven ..feels like raymond!

I am crazy for brands.. More over i choose brands according to punch lines..

I used 2 dress per year .. Formal and <b>' one man one fabric '</b> .( hopes b tag renders correctly )

And the shirts pocket style i kept same as of my dads ..

Just remembered .. Not sure i have mentioned this before..
But i was in front of someone wearing sunyaa's black trouser
and sudhyaa's shirt .

According to both ( make up mens ) i looked smart.. ( i asked thousand times how i was looking.. Lol ) And the thought was seeing me like this if reply is no atleast i will hear with love!


And i m 2day again in formals
But going to karmbhumi !

Oh if u know me.. Can u tell my height please.. ;)

Chalo cyaaa
Reached vt
And sunyaa sudhyaa can u pls gift me that dress!

Though have safe life to dress!

-by kb
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Monday, November 24, 2008

when the rules r broke

Mitranno Namskar


Going office .. And routine wil be starting

What u did kb?

Rules are broke so i was able to c ddlj 4 times
Yes vinod use to have laptop of from whr he works
And remaing all other waits to c it as movie screen..
So a rule is there .. No movie on laptop..

But rules are made .. Bcoz they can be broke ;)

And it got me chance anyhow to acquire it!
So no other than ddlj .. 4 times!

I planned to hit a award winning photographs exhibition at nariman point but it couldnt happen .. I ran out of time.. No worries it is till 5 dec..

And as usual i been @ kalwa yesterday.. And ddlj 5th time thr ;)

In the end i am employee again..

Oh thanks vinod for breking the rule .. And congre8es u got a new job.. Best luck with u r career...

And so its time to get the bus no 1 spl ..

So cyaaaa

Bottom line:

Rules can be broke if have necessary and sufficent condition

Ddlj Necessary condition
New job sufficent condition

-by kb
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

moments from hostel

Mitranno Namskar

Program either runs or not .. There is no concept of partial running ..

No the statement is not mine
some of my mca batchmates knows whose statement it is..

For others info he is Mr. Manoj Patil.. Who had taught us programming languages from the course.. I do always remembers this statement .. And if i am not wrong even tinyaa also knows this statement..

Though it is said that dont use to talk on quality u do have..
I always does that ..

So i could also turned to be lecturer ..

I believe i have ability to explain the concepts.. Obviously only if i have understood the concept.. Lol ..

Fyi.. Golya did ran code1 in practical exam .. And i was the one who got chance to explain him.. Thanks sunyaa for explaining ******* code1..

And that turned in him to have some faith with me that when i does study i do study + bc ..
But this time bc focuses only in relevant topic..

U wont believe we
Me sudhya umya and golya had studied together for compiler construction!

And dont tell any one i knew he cant wake whole night but to be with us he had gave up sleep for those night when we studied for cc and gave me
One more reason to do bc..

Yaar i misses those full with bc days.. Note days means days and ni8es from hostel only
And those few hours of few days when i use to be in classroom..

Btw my study partner remained same from start to end... None other than sudhyaaa.. he not there i couldnt concentrate on study..

Then first i use to find him .. Most of the time my search use to end in kailya or golya's room ..

A top secret : a hostel room not used to known by actual owners but by parasides!

Hold ! i also lived there as paraside giving not disturbance to actual alloted students ..

My room was allotted to sunyaaa ritesh and umyaa
But it is not possible there is amryaa and we r not together..

So i hardly slept in alloted room

It was peak period when we guys shared 310 .. Our most loved room of hostel..

Its enough related to our hearts to be remembered always when its subject of our hostel life..

What the room gave us?
Friends! yes life time friends...

It was a server room..

Miss u 310 ..

Hope we will always visit u not parted !


Are it remembers me one thing, we have snapped in those few *only veg* moments..

Amrya u have a undeveloped camera film

Even i 2 have one .. Ummm amrya u earns enough that u can develope urs as wel as mine owed camera films ! Lol

Reaching mulund!
And hope camera films are safe!

-by kb
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Monday, November 17, 2008

दिलवाले दुल्हनीया ले जायेंगे रे....

Mitranno Namskar

So how was weekend re kebyaa


How u spent it...

I were at kalwa..

It seems u have seen ddlj .. Yeps i did ..
But need to mention on kundan's brand new dells laptop..
Yes we did bought valuable thing that ( i hope must ) will help him..

And what the better option there other than ddlj for its opening !

Chyamari .. Bhaltach romantic picture she na ho..

Kb hai jar tunavar prem karas tar hai palteen.. Ha ha ha

Tas ek baat sangas..

Kajol pan kay palateensan glance deyin
Tumna vainee n bi layi bhari glance del whata.. Wah i was just in the sence that
Are re hi poragi phasali ..
Are re hi manat basali ..

Ddlj t sure urs also be favourite movie.. Yes?
Are u in relationship? Yes!

Then u must see with u r partner @ maratha mandir theater here in mumbai..

Beileve me u wont be alone there as *प्रेम हे प्रेम असत , तुमच नी आमच सेम असत *

Point ahe na Amrish bhau ...
Amrya : wah wah kb bhau

Have a safe life to ddlj original cd!

Kebyaa .. Valuable is laptop!

Is it ? K.. wish it will fulfil the purpose with the same reason kundan had bought to have it on his laps!

Tang tang tang tang tya tadang
Tuze dekha to ye jana sanam;)

Reached vt!
And thus week started..

-by kb
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

पोरगी दिली नाही तर सरळ पळवुन आनेन

Mitranno Namskar

Gm after long time

Dont confuse with the title
Note initials of that write their equivalents english letters
And u will came to know that they forms names of 7 layer from osi model
( look sunyaa , u cant deny now i have technical post written ) lol

In the past few days .. Nothing imp happend

I did goan to dinesh room at friday ni8.. Seen non stop tv till 6 am
Then slept .. Woke up at 1 pm
Then mulund .. Bath .. Dombivily.. Reserved ticket of marathi play .. Return mulund.. Slept.. Gm sunday .. Lunch.. Chetan do also wished to see play.. Both goan to dombivily ..
Seen play..wait it was ' mi nathuram godse boltoy ' played by sharad ponkshe..
Return upto kalwa.. Meet kundya .. Had dinner.. Together.. I generally nt misses to have dinner at kalwa...
Tasty nonveg + bajara bhakari
1 number..

Its tough to find bajara bhakari in and near mumbai restaurants..

Back mulund .. Slept and routine is there upto

Oh the title na ..
Sudhya was doing study? ;)
And hemraj taught easy way to remember layer names..

Btw sudhya best luck re bho
And cn study means not only knowing layers names lol

Chalo cyaaaa
Reached vt

-by kb
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

त्याच भावनेने

Mitranno Namskar

पंडीत भीमसेन जोशी यांस.. मी कोनीच नाही पन शुभेछा तर देवुच शकतो .. आपल्याला भारतरत्न ह्य सर्वोच्च नागरी पुरस्काराने सन्मानीत करण्यात आलय..

Thanks to indian govt
At the same time i proud on myself to be able to live in the days of the *few* great persons

Ummm thanks to airtel too u had a song that i could set as hello tune.. I beilive this only from my side i can *atleast* do in the tribute of panditajee


-by kb
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i dont like

Mitranno Namskar

I don't like taking leaves
Though i m at room 2day

So i had been at dentist in noon .. I need to have my Jaw x-ray .. For further invistigation!

Mummy saying it happens and dont loose the theeth though the dentist is *convincing*
It affects eye site..

No i sure dont want spectacles

So i wil rely on the prescribed pills by dentist and chandan

Btw i have spects which protects my eyes from glare when i works with computer

Need to mention that it has essilor glasses!

Now going outside to ease

But be4 that bath!
So cyaaaa
And yes i am not sick anymore

I think i m recovering gradually..

-by kb
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

may this help you

Mitranno Namskar


Do u live in mumbai
Do u travel in local
You must have season ticket
And the identity card that validates the season ticket

The id card has your photo and the number is linked to your season ticket

Normaly the id card is valid for max 7 years.. Or be4 that gets tear torn

Mine id card got too old to survive even more 1 month ..
I handles things with care (lessly) lol

Oh and yesterday i needed to renew my season ticket

दुश्काळात तेरावा महीना

Do you have pan card ..? That would save yours 6 rs!
Yes i have it

Point is your pan card can be served for validating your season ticket

Last 6 characters of pan number becomes your id card number!


Next time i would order my season ticket online
Now i know what is my id card number!


I handles things with care iff they are worth to care


Yes no sickness but mouth is opening max 1 inch..

Inch ++ = pain++


Reached vt

-by kb
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Monday, November 3, 2008

get well soon

Mitranno Namskar

Oh no it should not happen with me

I think i will be not keeping well 2marow..
Feeling sickness..
And thus the record may get collapse .
Yes beileve me i dont had sickness from past many years..

So whats the remedy?
Sleep and if possible without having dinner..

Dad use to tell the human is a machine give a day to recover himself!

But me too much hungry that i cant sleep without dinner
Ummm option would be
Sudhir wil need to pay for the orange juce as alternate to my dinner ..
Ummm but for sure no doctor visit
Mulund came
Hope i wil c 2morow sun!
Praz for me

-by kb
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

no title for the post

Mitranno Namskar

हट, रुम मधुन बाहेरच पडलोच नाही ..
तस नाही काही, आवडेन अस नाटक नव्हत ..
असो उद्या पासून ऑफीस सुरू .
हा हप्ता ठिक जावो .
चला शुभ रात्री .
भेटत राहुच.

-by kb
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

i have a Q

Mitranno Namskar

मी नरीमन पाँइंट ला आहे
अगदी एकटा .. मै और मेरी तनहाई .. तस
काँल पन कोणाला करायची इच्छा होत नाहीय .

आजचा दिवस कसा होता केब्या .. छान

पन आज एक प्रश्न आला मनात .
समझा जर चान्स मिलाला तर कुठुन परत सुरुवात करायला आवडेन ?

मी जळगाव ला आलो त्या दिवसापासुन ..
मी तर अस पन म्हनेन की मी जळगाव ला येवुच नये..

तो पर्यंत मी निखल जगलोय म्हनुन.

आशा करतो तुम्हाला मागे वळुन परत सुरुवात करायसाठी एकही कारण मीळु नये..

प्रश्न हा परत सुरुवात करायला मिळेन की नाही हा नाही . *कारण* मिळत की नाही हा आहे

उद्या काय करू .
जमल तर नाटक पहायला जायीन .
काही वर्षा नंतर परत प्रश्न आला तर कमीत कमी हे कारण नको म्हनुन.

चला मी निघतो ..

भेटत राहु.

-by kb
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Friday, October 31, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

मी शिकतो आहे
मोबाईल वर मराठी कस लिहायच ते.
आणि जर हे शक्य झाल तर मी मराठी मधून ब्लाँग लिहू शकतो जमेन तस.
भेटत राहू
कालजी घ्या.
अरे हो
नवीन वर्शाच्या हार्दीक शुभेछा

-by kb
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rangat Rangali Diwali

Mitranno Namskar

Zakkas re .. Wah .. 1 number
Love you marathi

What happend kb?
Have you seen *any* marathi karyakram ?

I had just titled ' rangat rangali diwali '

When ? On 28th ie diwalichya diwashi

Kiti vajata? Sakali 6:30 la

Kebyaa tula jag aali! Ti jababdari kundan chi hoti

Venue? Kalidas natyagruh mulund

Kay karyakram hota pan?
Gani, kavita, gappa
Kon kon hot aani?

Ashok naygavkar
Ashok patki
Sharad ponkshe
Sharad uppadhye

*mahit nasnaryansathi

Naygavkar he hasya kavi ahet
Lokanna hasawan he sarvat kathin kam
Mala pan khot hasta yetach nahi
Pan 45 min kase gelet samajalach nahi

Patki sangitkar ( ti zandu baam chi ad ahe na te sangit patkini dilay ) fakt advertise hech ek kshetra nahi .. Chitrapat sangit sudha ahe ..
Radha hi bawari he tyanch gan.
Gan hyasathi karan shabd pan tyanchech
Mile sur mera tumhara hyala pan tyanch sangit ahe
tyani sangit dilelya ek gan khup mast ahe

Sharad upadhye .. He rashichakrakar ahet rashinvarun honarya gamati tyanchyakadun aikan hi pan ek maja asate..
Kanya rashiche lok ek gosht kartana kase confuse hotat he tyanchyakadun aikav
Ata particular mhatal tar
Nathuram godse hyanchi ras kanya pan tyani gandhincha vadh kartana mage pudhe pahil nahi he aplya deshach bhagya as nirbhid pane sangnar abhineta sharad ponkshe

Sharad ji apan pan 100% agree ..

Tumhi nathuram godse amachya samor ubha kelay
' mi nathuram godse boltoy ' mi pahilay .. Cd varun pahilay.. Pan wah kay tumcha abhinay .. Ekdam bhari..( upadtes later on : i am sorry i just remembered the play i have seen .. he is not sharad ponkshe.. but no worries i would see when i will get chance if the play will be played by sharad ponkshe that too live! )

Ani abhineta mhanun tumhi kharach kiti pramanik ahat ..
Glad to know u sir!

Aani hya sarv lokanshi gappa marta marta
Ajit parab
Madhuri karamkar
Shradha salavi
Prashant kalundrekar

Hyani surel gani mhanun karyakramat bhar takali

Leena bhagvat .. Hyani sutra sanchalan kel

Ani vadya vrund madhe asnaryanchi nav visarlo
But thanks to u

Mi fakt yevadh mhanen
Mi ti pahat maza mich asalela jaglo

4 tas ani 120 rs were worth to spend

I love mumbai why?
See the ppls came to karyakram
Hi 10% gardi ahe

Are ho ghari gelo nahi he pan worth tharal
Office aal re
Njoy life

-by kb
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Monday, October 27, 2008

it happend .. So m happy

Mitranno Namskar

Its working day today
So möod is somewhat down :)

But once work wil start all wil be ok
Same happens always
When u r concentration is moved to other thing it help u ease u r mind

Unknowingly i wake up 2 day at 5 am

What u did kb then?


Later i found its 2day 'narak chaturthy'
And as tradition if u bath before sunrise .. U wil get pass to heaven!

I think i have reserved one!

What u will do kb 2marrow u have holiday na?

Yeps 2 days i have leave from work
So tomarrow morning me and kundya attending marathi ' sangit maifil ' at 6 am ! And we as last year celebrating diwali together ..

And i know it will sure increse happiness i m just waiting for 2marrow ..

Ok then enjoy diwali @ u r own + safe way



Happy bday panu... Njoy the day + life + my treat ;) - gift lol

Have a safe life

Reached vt !


-by kb
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Friday, October 24, 2008

i am unavailable

Mitranno Namskar

So i am again here with one more thought

And i have decided not to go online

Decided only to give calls only when needed

I hope those who are habitual wil understand me

Our relations are safe ;)

Ummm kb u not going home for diwali?


Some questions dont have answers..

wish u a very happy diwali

What u will miss kb ?

I use to lite a 'diwa' on diwali ni8 which is gifted to me by my aaji and watching it ..

No worries my mummy knows my minds this side .. I will tel her to lite it.. And then put it back SAFELY

So wish u wil have safe diwali

Its time to think now what to do 2marrow ..


-by kb
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quality or property ?

Mitranno Namskar
U will think that kb talks on himself..
Yes its true..
So read on

I always go for extreme...

Ha ha

My friends have been with me when i was in love.. They know well what does extreme mean to me

And they also been with me when i didnt paid attention to the girl

They been with me when i had fear

And they also have been with me when i am in mood..

Some knows extreme level of my careness
And some knows extreme level when i do hates

Some knows extreme level of (shhhh) vulger matters
At the same time they have seen my extreme level when i m studying

I keeps mum at extreme level
And sometimes bakchodi at extreme level

When things are done by me they have to have at extreme level.. Otherwise i dont do things ..

Do i m blogging @ extreme level?

Simply extreme level for me is, i do involves with my heart in happenings

Or my heart ( also ) thinks at extreme level...

Dont care if i gains or LOOSE
I know how to be liable with my heart

Hope u have importance and know u r extreme level



-by kb
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

Its ultmetely life

You just cant forget the moments u lived

Whats the bottom line kb?
* u cant enter someones soul if he/ she doesnt permit u, AND ONCE IT DONE NOBODY CANT BREAK THE BOND *

I hope she atleast didnt hated me a single time

But what if i again told her..

No worries , i would not disturb her..

Wish her a safe life - my presence..


Pyar ka matlab sirf pana hi nahi hota ..

Wah kya dialog hai
Kisane likha hai?

I m ready to leave for 'hapis'
Gm all

-by kb
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Monday, October 20, 2008

I wish i could too

kundan.. One of my listed friend in my directory of life..

This saterday ni8 i meet him..

i was knowing he has guitaar.... but he started learning to play it..

currently he is preparing for the upsc exam.. he is an engineer from vjit.. ( he don't like to be identified by this way ) ...

wish your this dream come true ... ( dont give too much time to learn it ;) you have both u r hands working ... so you have time in your *hand* to LEARN .. But not to STUDY )..

umm but i know music eases the mind... use it to get success ..

chal cyaaaaaaaaaa

wishes are always with you...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chat with Thombya

12:22 PM me: lol
kon be?
12:23 PM Thombya: me aahe be
me: are darling?
Thombya: ani tu kon?
kay re honey?
me: abe status madhi lihilay na tu
12:24 PM Thombya: he he he
me: bol na kon darling?
Thombya: aahe bho aapli garibachi!
12:25 PM me: abe neet sang na
kay locha kartoy
Thombya: are kahi nahi re asech takle hote te status!
me: lol ;)
12:26 PM Thombya: ;)
me: kuthuin desktop var chat kartoy ka?
Thombya: nahi mobile warun
me: ok
Thombya: an tu?
me: desktop
office madhi aalay
12:27 PM Thombya: wake wake
me: oye
mi fast chat karu shakto
i m from desktop now
Thombya: ho ka
kiti fast
chal lets race
me: lol
are kharach re bhai
12:28 PM majak nahi kaRAT
Thombya: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
me: lol
Thombya: ha ha ha
me: no one can win with u
HATZ off
ajun kay
Thombya: sure why not! Even i myself cant!
12:29 PM me: ;)
Thombya: kay karu majboori aahe yaar!
me: jalgav la kadhi jatoy
12:30 PM kay zal
Thombya: 24th night
n u?
me: umm pahto
Thombya: kay pahto tu aata?
me: kadhi jaycha te
reservation kelay 24th ni8 ch
12:31 PM Thombya: mang kay pahto tu ajun?
me: umm are ghari bore hot re
12:32 PM Thombya: kay re sala junya daw le bolai ghewa
me: hau sal\
idea mast she
tun bolaval ka
Thombya: mang ;)
me: lol
12:33 PM Thombya: me tar aadich bolai ghen na
me: hmmm.. pahjo bho surakshit antar thevjo
Thombya: hmmmm tech tar difficult aahe na!
12:34 PM me: ha ha
kuthe flat var ki nigadi?
Thombya: flat war!
12:35 PM me: achaa ekta aahe?
ki suhas aalay?
Thombya: haw nare
dupari yena aahe ti!
me: Shappath
Thombya: haw na
me: sala tuz kam kharach bekkar aahe re thombya
12:36 PM Thombya: mang ;)
me: kharach aahe poragi?????????
12:38 PM i thought u were kidding!
Thombya: nahi re darling
me: ok
chal mag cyaaaaaaaa
means me aahech
Thombya: shheeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaa
me: pan aata blog lihitoy
Thombya: wake
me: kay
12:41 PM Thombya: light geli bye bye..
me: ok

by kb !
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want to know me ? hit then its free lol

saying gn

Mitranno Namskar

Whats up !

I am busy in writing my one of awaited blog .. Might be try to complete that from desk top.. It will quite long.. It upto turned to be 20kb .. And its 25 percentage done only ..

So i will be going office 2marrow to may complete it

So have a good one
And have a good weekend

Fyi : this post turned 2 be 1kb


-by kb
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Monday, October 13, 2008

it hurts a lot when.....

Prabhat chauk @ Jalgaon

Mitranno Namskar

I Remembers a sentence of amryaa

Kebyaa u r emotional pool Fool

Very well said amrish bhau.. U judged it in right direction..

So i am at jalgaon ..
And i have been a ni8 at my home..

2day i was bored .. Sunyaa 2 were at his room .. So to be happy i wanted to hit my lovely place in jalgaon..

It *was* my favourite place .. Whem i was in sad mood , happy mood i use to show myself to that place..

But its now vanished.. There built a wall compound .. Youngster who smokes use to be there whole day .. Secure place .. I m talking about place between mj ground and one end of diploma colleage ..

Who use to give me company there.. Mi always go there alone.. Never go with any of friend .. Used to beilive that is only for me..

I sharply remember there was a sement concrete bridge that served to cross a 5 feet ' nala '
And 6 shaped rock of stool size were fitted on the bridge .. We ( those who not use to owe bikes ) used them for sitting purpose..

Whenever i felt some deep thought i have been there to think more on that..

Oops i 4get to mention the trees actually lot of trees provided a cool envirnoment in hot city.. No worries i had came here at 1 pm too to take rest.. In the months of may.. Oh nw i have answer , mine bday falls in may so the may heat was nt applicable on me ;)

But pankya u r s in feb .. How u did mananged to hit roads at 48 c ;)

Back to point .. The place served me as study room too!
I have hold book about 4- 5 hours continuously!
ok hostalites! This is true ;)

I managed to secure 91.7? Percentile in all india mca exam.
And the exam study was dond at this place..

So the place had given me all i wanted from it ..
And its been a place who have shared my happiness.. Sorrows.. Failures ... Success
Oh better word always there LIFE !

I will always miss u dear.. I am sure u too!
Dont worry before leaving this life we will meet.. I can cross compounds!

Wishing some other place who have ppls connected with her remains always connected !

Tinyaa we missed our newspapers first issue's headline ;(
But thanks to him who corrected the error! See carefully the snap

Reached vt!
Oh yes i m back!
-by kb
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Need to write any text for the post ?

Dont have audio device? .. its no use then if u see without them...

Video shooting by kundan.... and thanks sunil, i managed to cut a adult scene. shooting date-- 15th aug 08


Thursday, October 9, 2008

taking my words back

Mitranno Namskar

Dont wish to write more
But c my previous post
And i applying headline on it

But i just cant live typically..

Sunyaa i will come re 2ni8
I feels secure wen i m away from home..

Life will take turn according to her .. Not all things in and on my life i can have control..

I m saying sorry to myself..

Wish u happy dussehra...

-by kb
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i am habbitual ..

Mitranno Namskar

Want to prove the headline false..

Ok tomarrow i m going to home .. And first time in the past 6 years i have decided that i will be in my home for maximum time..

Maximum time includes those 8 hours that one spends in sleeping..

Means kb u didnt have slept in u r house from past 6 years?
Ummm nopes i dont..
Even i didnt had bath at mine home ;) ( please note- i use to bath everyday )

So how did u managed at this level?

I used to stay at friends *room*
Say if i didnt had decided .. Aai pappa na mazi luggege bag pan nasati disali..

And from my 3rd year of bsc degree i started spending my maximum time at friends *room*

And if u ask at which level?
I use to stay even if the friends goan to celebrate festivals to there respective homes..

I ( and my parents ) are habbitual with this

There alarmed 8 pm and kb left his home.. And mummy used to tell ' sakali lavkar ye '..
And if for some reasom i was late to leave .. Call from friends asking kyon be kidhar hai..

All were habbitual ..

*But someday you have to take initiative to break habbits .. When u realise that the habbits cant just anyhow not possible to be continued.*

I am knowing there is still sunil who is in jalgaon .. But i am also going to feel when i will spend maximum time at home

May be i dont want to face the situation when i will not have a option to stay.. And forcefully i will convince myself..

So sunyaa .. Dont give me a call after 9 pm .. Mostaly i would have slept by that time ;)

Oh ahh shit

I usually sleeps at 1 am :(

So once again statement need to go on below line

*But someday you have to take initiative to break habbits .. When u realise that the habbits cant just anyhow not possible to be continued.*

But i believe with my this habbit has helped me a lot.

I have precious *finite* set of close friends.. And i may dont have took good things from them.. Atleast i know what are good things..

Really amazing were those days .. More persons around u.. More thoughts .. Better i should use 'more perspective to look at something.. '

So continue as long as possible those habbits .. They gives satisfaction , joy that is uncomparable... But dont be too late to go away from them ( iff u cant continue them )..

Btw blogging is habbit !

wish u all safe + habbits that u can continue life...


Reached vt...

-by kb
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Monday, September 29, 2008

hmmmm carry on

Mitranno Namskar

(sorry if quality of photo is too bad) i hope they r nt identifible to their parents ;)

Its life at marine drive ...

I am writing from this sexy place ..

And i would have wished posting my snap posing lying on walls built here.

They serves ppls oops couples do mmmmmuuuhh

And kb do blogging ;)

It is end of day and i am relaxing..

And its time nw to go

Have safe + together life to the couple

Not disturbing you more


-by kb
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

kitti chaan ahe he

Mitranno Namskar

Thanks god i found connector with the help of which i could recharge my device using old days charger.. And thanks to amrish who know all this..

So this means i am not in mumbai ;)
Oh yes i am writing this from pune..
I came in saterday morning to meet above mentioned person... So only he knowing i am in pune

And i m nw ready to head towards mumbai..
But in the meantime i can sure write a blog post

Amrya was busy wen i reached here.. And i have many friends who i should inform .. But i just cant say no wen they will force me to meet them..

So i decided to hit bal gandharv
My loving place in pune .. I first scanned shows . 12 : 30 pm .. Umm ok i thought .. But its 11 : 45 ... So i came out again to have something to eat .. I crossed sambhaji garden .. And i got my attention at the entrace board..
It was exibition held there ..
I wanted to check it out.. So i cheked in..

First few stalls are Various flowers crops..umm kb decides when he will have his house he will have few of these kind of beauty..

Next few stalls are of show items to add in show case , okie kb u need to earn enough.. Because they are quite expensive...

Then a stall of sented candles ( hand made )
I spent little more time than other.. The aged lady was expressing her love and proud for her grand daughter.. When ppls use to ask details and comment were nearly same kitti chaan ahe he... A typically pune .. Yes but it surely turning on the family.. I liked the words
Kitti chaan ahe he..

I left the stall to see others stuff..

And i saw the 'bonsai' of various trees..
( i m going by shivneri to mumbai.. The train would caused me to travel standing )

i have snaps of those and surely i missed the eos ( my future camera )
One more reason to miss it was the press photographers came there having like that

Having enough wondering
In exibition i was about to cheked out but i did visited the candle stall again..

And buyed candles
It turned on the girl ;)
She gave me complementry candle too !

I hav got cold :( so will try later litting them

In the end it was worth to miss the ' lavani show ' @ bal gandharv

It was 4 pm and i received sms
And got instructions how to reach ..

So finally things started ..
And in the end amrish asked q
Who looks smart? Umm amrish bhau .. Naraj mat hona but ab main bhi kuch nahi bolata.. Warna things will start again!

have safe life u rohini
Thanks for that extra candle
I liked u r attitude..

Btw i have answer to q
Pune tithe kay une?
Local ;)

Amrya next time only 1 and after that direct to hotel .. Pakkawala promiss

I think i totally missed .. :(

-- updates on 3/10/08

-by kb
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

she dared .. Which she shouldnt have done..

Mitranno Namskar

And one got caughted wen my mood was nt in mood to expect unexpected ones

That one was she and when she is particular she then i really njoyed giving her pain

Yeah i know wen i am in off möod who is allowed to speak with me

But mornings annoying was just thought of my random mind

And it got cleared by evening
I was wrongly annoying my self ;(

I am not fears to tell this world that i m sometimes wrong

But i really njoyed annoying her who is nothing to me..

I have written a post somewhere which i remembers

Beware the person who has nothing to loose

Btw i wanted to share the happening on blog but sunya said dont do that.. So i m not going to post how i can annoy someone

;) i have all with me ..who can annoy me if they were not close to me

And i am not going to loose them

Wen i hates i can go up to any level

I again wish she will see this blog post..

Are yaron usane tumhari hone wali bhabhi ke baren main bol diya..

Lekin yaron kb ne jawab diya hai ekdam bhari
And i wil be sharing that with few

But at the end my hate for her remains at some level

Have a safe life - ego to her

Good ni8 to remaing world
( i hope she is annoying still )

-by kb
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

And i am trying to count 10 9 ...1
As fast as possible.. Its not working but

So better i keep hearing the songs.. Chek my older post to know that tracks..

It was going to be late 2day .. But thank god i have 2 chance to board in regular local..

1 chance.. Kb travels sitting
2 chance kb travels standing

So what plan 2 day .. ? I decided to test 2day how fast i can work..
Obviously keeping music player on..

But the fact is i am annoyed 2day.. And i hope .. No one will listen me in this mood..

Ghhhuuurrrrrr Annoying

If u can , send me sms .. I will believe u sent without reading the post..

And yes i dont like shayari
They are just no use for me

I wish i will get lots of meaningful sms that wil help me come out this.. As the songs doing it for me..

Ghhhuuurrrrrr Annoying..

Have safe - annoying life...

Reached vt..

-by kb
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questioning myself

Mitranno Namskar

It is called day
And now i am heading to mulund
And i am thinking hundreds things at a time.

Shit i cant play guitaar ..
Fyi : If u dont know
I am not capable to do controlled things using my left hand and feet
I have never had been in trouble because of this

I am a fast typer .. Who use to type only using 1 finger at a time of my left hand ;)

But guitaar wil require capable and fully functional both hands ;)

No worries but .. i hav alwayse been adjusted myself according to things ..

btw mummy asked me to send my latest cute snap

Thank god no snap available @ home.. ;)

I am demanding life from life..

And me certainly keeping away new happenings ..

Btw best way is listen as much as possible in loud voice .. Favourite song ... So that u even cant here u r soul..
I m currntly doing same..
And do blogging ;)

Its call now to say gn

So wish u happy living

Have safe life to my ears!
And.. To The guitaar which is satisfying some one else in this world!

Hav a good one


-by kb
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Monday, September 22, 2008

And i did it

Mitranno Namskar

Its sunday beautiful ni8...
going to bed in some time

So be4 saying gn .. I can sure share something..

So i finally got rock on's music downloaded on my device..
And obviously i m listening only that from saterday eve..

And today eve i was at gate way of india..

Goan there to learn photography practically ..

Thanks panu for giving me valuable nikon coolpix ..

Yeah i did shoot number of wrong composition snaps..
And have removed those from cameras memory just not to give her chance to point me as bad photographer.. Lol

Btw there is lot in photography to do.. Its more than just point and shoot.. I clicked snaps using options i know .. And i learnt lot/little while doing that..

Its always feels nice to explore about unknown and that too in your interested area..

But i was expecting to click lots of snaps.. It couldnt happened.. I got busy on line..

And i will give the album link which have only those snaps which turned to be good ( according to me ).. Chekout comments of this post for the same..

Images size is in mb.. And it would have took time if i attached those with this mail to deliver..

Ohh yes
Have safe life to camera.. And to gate way of india ..


Good ni8..

-- updates on 3/10/08

-by kb
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

once more

Mitranno Namskar

i m njoying this ni8 yes beautiful ni8 ... Seeing rock on

And the beautiful song i am listening is..

Tum ho to... Gata hai dil
Tum nahi to geet kaha..
Tum ho to hai sab hasil
Tum nahi to kya hai yahaan
Tum ho to hai sapno ke jaisa hasi ek sama
Jo tum ho to yeh lagata ki mil gayi har khushi
Jo tum na ho to lagata ki har khushi hai kami
Tumako hai mangati ye jindagi

Oooooooho Oooooooho ..

Its 5 30 am nw in the clock
Ummmmm i hav capacity to be wake whole ni8 ( even while studying )
And nowdays not too much need studying whole ni8 .. So i am cheking my self whether the capacity is still with me or not..

And to my company this beautiful song is in repeat mode..

So why u liked rock on kb?
I liked sakshi character .. Not a single time she queried abt her hubby's past relationship. i will refere this as maturity

And the passion of jo..
Watch wen He just gets out of taxi to be in show..

And the song which i m listening!

So its saterday morning
Wen did u wake up kb?
7 30 am ;)

And I m missing d song... Its nt in my mobile device :(
Wil try by 2day eve to get it
So have a good day ahead!


-by kb
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Friday, September 19, 2008

i needs confirmation

Mitranno Namskar

And i got it

And i m turned on

So it will be going to a happy weekend .. I will be going office for some time 2marrow

It also holds meaning for me

And sunday i m planning to do some thing .. But its nt sure

If i did i wil sure tell u..

So .. Have a good weekend..
Reached mulund..

-by kb
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

i am surely in mood *atleast* to write ..

Mitranno Namskar
Hello Lovers!

Kahin to kahin to hogi woh duniya jaha tu mere sath hai
Jahan main jahan tu aur jahan bas tere mere jajbat hai

Hogi jaha jaba teri palako ki kirano main
Lori jaha chand ki suney teri bahon main

Jane na kahan woh duniya hai
Jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi
Jaha meri jindagi muzse itani khafa nahi

Ok this at the moment i m beiliving had listened best song ever.. From ja ne tu ya ja ne na

So this saterday i am all over again dominated by my filmi heart

Fyi ; it has been more than 50 rounds of this track i heard .. And will be listening
Very deep meaning

Oh kb u didnt hit outside 2day
Ummm nopes...

So whats u r plan nw onwords..
It is weekend .. So ;)

Dont know what i am going to gain and loose ...

But surely will share if any thing *new* happens
That too if i wanted to share.. ( through blog )

And fyi i use to follow my words... Because i says that to myself.. While saying to opposite listener..
And i says those only whom i wants

So i want to accept that i am not as much as practical as this world accepts u to be.

Dont know what and why i m writing but the counter might had reached on 90

So i wish to end this blog post never i wants to repeat this song uncountable times

But at same time TIME should move as fast as possible
I would like to hear this song few number of times be4 that time will tell TIME that its ok

Ok not means only ok its okay for me

Some things are always thr .. But their exstence is noticed when we do concentrates on it

I mean to say e.g 'chakna' need only at first few round
Later it interupts the discussion whether it between table member or u r self..

Btw do hear the song if u have ever failed in love matters
Thank god abraham lincon was thr in this world

Who said ' if love is your weekest point you are one of strongest person'

You are nt behaving according to this practically based world kb

So tell me what is worst scenario.. 1 yr max will be late at most .. My mind is answering.. So i m following what my heart is responding
( but my mind may respond contradictory next morning )
But i want to tel it will be *EFEECTIVE* ummm i mean to say efficient * according to my mind *

No is reached 2nd . I hope u got what does that mean
All the condition is necessary for 2ni8 is the song i m hearning.. Its i guess 120 times i heard uptil . I meant the song

Oh kb u r so filmi!
Yeah whats new in that
I have seen more than 250 times rhtdm * passionately *

So ..

Gud morning

Its 2day sunday and my callers now will be hearing song .. No need to guess what is that ;)

Btw last ni8 counter reached 3

And just to inform u rain is started..
And i sitting in window thinking alone why all things that going on are going...

I m in hurry .. Cant just we8..

Wah baki song ekdam 1 number

I would like to make my website whr i can manage as i like.. But just dont want to utilize the time going nwdays
I have reserved my time ..

Because i m fast enough to launch it in 5 6 days
Need to look at that simple php scripts for some time .. Wordpress will be blog engine..
But its process depends on my mood..

Its address i hope will be available that time..

Kb u saw rock on ? Yeah i did
At mehul in mulund ..
Aaaaa dhasadhasa tar nahi pan ;)
Yeah i loved that spirit and passion..
Thodkyat awadla mala rock on

Are pan aplya song madhali lady singer kon ahe.?
Let me cal tinya.. 1 sec

Rashid ali and vasundhara das
Mana re tum dono ko re

Umm whos lyrics it is 1 sec again yaron
Shit he dont know ;(

I can google., let me do that
Ok i guess he is abbas tyrewala
Mast lihilay ho song..

And nw i am all alone at this fine evening.. Sitted in window
But feeling satisfied .. Its i think around 200 th time i am hearing... Do U like to spent time alone?
Yeah i likes it... And sometimes its better option...

So how was weekend
Yeah good one ..atleast I didnt done any thing which could cause grief later ;)

220 + and still counting..

So cyaaa i hope u also likes same song

Cu ganapati bappa
Bless us!

-by kb
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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

I cant stop myself to let this world know that my one of jawal asnara mitra is in love!

Sala majhe dialog malach marto
Mala Mhane kebya re life is colorful
Ha dosta wish u, u r all dreamz come true..

The girl is one of lucky from this world.. I dont know her.. But i hv a msg for her.. She choosed one of best..

Are pan mi paij harlo na
Mi paij lavali hoti ki tinyaa dam ashin tar love tar karun dakhav..

Khada marla ni to laglach! Wah hyala mhantat life !

Kahi paija harnyat pan maja yete na!

Ani tinya beta mala anandach ahe tuzyashi haralyacha..

Oye Ani lagnat gift dil tar din :)
Tangi chaluy

Wishing u sucess anytime..

Hav safe life to u both ;)

-by kb
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Friday, September 5, 2008

I have been told

Obviously by my mind

So did u got looking at snap

Today morning i reached vt
I was walking ..

There was a table and a black board.. Written asking for helf to bihar flood victims

But i moved ahead .. I asked my mind why don't u donated.. I will be happy

So i returned in fraction of time
and done that what i thinked..

And so today i am in my happy mood ;)

My dad's 1 day salary will also be going in fund... without asking him.. he is government servent na..

But i have chosen to be in private sector.. so this doesn't mean i should not donate in such incidents.. We ( all those who are in private sectors ) should donate.. because... ohh i cant explain...

so in 5 mins i was at my bus stop.. and again one q came.. ONLY rs 50 kb??

i again returned and paid another 50 ;)

I RETURNS FOR VERY FEW's.. Whenever i founds they are worth!!

there is online facility also if you wish to do same... need some googling!!

i dont want to convience you.. but i wanted to pay even more... so if you are convienced and would be paying.. i will think.. IT WAS WORTH TO POST THIS POST!!

we should THANK GOD because we are not Victims!!

Wish happy and safe life to all!!


I followed once again

Sunday, August 31, 2008

jo jeeta wahi sikandar

Mitranno Namskar

i hav seen lots of examples of not getting things one wishesh to get ..

All use to *pretend* that they are happy.. But i believes they didnt got that *thing* who causes them to pretend..

Karan manus na sadhi gosht kadhi magatach nahi.. Ti lakhat ek asate..

Ani samaja ti milalich tar lagech
Tyachyakade aanakhi ek lakhatali gosht tayar asate..

Ani hi ji thing ahe na ti n mileparyant to konalach sangat nasava

Adolf hitlar ch ek sentence layi bhari ( agadi 100 ton lol)

If u r winner then u need not to explain.. If u r looser then dont be thr to explain!

Vineet was in mumbai on independence day
While discussing he said

' Asafalata ka yahi matlab hota hai ki.. Safal hone ka prayant puri lagan se nahi tha ! '

Trade-off between desire and keep trying

Kb what u did on saterday?
Me?! Seen 'all the best' at gadakari..
What u will do today?
Nt decisided yet..

Why.. I have lakhatali gosht for which i m w8ing...

And for kindness of info ( i hv uttered each time like this :) )
I hav been very specific..
I hav list of *priorities*
So thr is not more things that i want and costing them would give result 5 or 6 lakhs! Some of those god have blessed me!
*I am not poor*

Room var kal party zali
I joined when i returned from thane.. And party expects us to express our valuable opinions on issues..
No party without discussions

U want to know? Be with us next time

How can i say that this was only thing i am wa8ing. It can happen i hav something *better* in my destiny
Yeah may be .. But who is capable to c the future.. And the fact which is in present is
' Kb leave that thing.. I think it is not going to be urs *never* '
Ummm i think u r correct.. But just wa8ing woule not have more side effects .. Yeah but it causing irritation..
*will u please stop both , u kb and his crazy mind
Let me write something

K thats all..
Wish u will earn as much lacks as u want.. *gosht lakhatali pahijel barka*

Btw its true na jo jeeta wahi sikandar!

Decided, me going to thane to hit gadkari!

-by kb
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ummm be4 something

Mitranno Namskar

I Have been Desperately w8ing for it .

This thing is one of * few * i m crazy with... Rather than heartly related..

I hope all things will go well.

Umm they must go well.

Coz this will be d last chance..

And getting it i suppose will help me in satisfying myself !

So i am wishing myself :)

-by kb
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Friday, August 22, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

Gm from local

Male rahi rahi san vati rhayan
Ki layi motha turn yenar she mana hya routine life ma

Aate mi khar layi bore whas
Ital ki haee post bi livale kantaya yi rhayna

Ate male change pahijen
Mhaninsan t haee post bi mi aihirani ma likhana prayatn kari rhayanu..

*Prayatn* karanach aplya hat ma rhas.. Mang to tari karana..
Kay gurantee konta khada kadhi lagi jayin..

Pan sal na khada mara t to laganach pahijen .. Nahit khada lagana nai t tyan vait vatu devan nai.

Pan man as mat she ki pratek got ni survat hi khada marisan ch whate .

You have to step forward to catch things .,Why ? THINGS DONT HAVE LEGS!

When i was in mca , one phrase i use to like... may be couse it sounds good to hear to *my* ears
' Trade off between '
So i am using it

What are trade off between trying to achieve one thing only AND trying to achieve alternate thing if that one thing u didnt get..

Ummm i hope i used it correctly and u got what actually i wanted to say

To explain this about me..
I have upto at this moment have tried to flurt with more than one girl.. May be wil keep try

zurun zurun kiti zuraych mhanun tharvalay pahil prem bayko var karayach..

Let me guess
What u thinked on it

U might hav said ..' this is not correct ..u should have liked only one ' yes i am agree this is sufficient condition that might my mind not allow to marry with a girl who declined all who used to flurt with her !

And what about other side
Why i should become a devdas
I may have choosed wrong one who declined me and caused my image to be like above para..
Might be necessary condition to keep trying alternatively!

Reaching vt in few

One thing to share
Started to quit one more habbit
Khup tras hoto ..
To quit whether its bad or good habbit

* in clear and loud voice

I am not that much disperate for gf and marriage what u might think!
Just wanted to talk on trade off between anything there might exist..

-by kb
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

covered 2marrow

Mitranno Namskar

This is one thing i fears when thinks on it ..


I wanted to be *an* engineer
Insted *a* software developer.
I accepted this .. Because i was *not* best enough to got that ..

And i am not complaining ..

*BUT* i thinks its one of the ******* thing when one not gets what he *deserves * for
( btw how can we decide what deserves for whom )

Ok i cant decide .. *but* this doesnt mean i do not have any expectations..

And the expection is Atleast

Best must get best or good but at any cost no WORST..

And only 10 mins requires to uncover 2 marrow.

Do i spoke about arrange marriages ? Ummmm...

*GOOD LUCK* and have safe 2marrow..

I was abt to end the post
But hear me out more

Life should hav been as only *one* exam
if failed too .. One could have
Give more attempts
But fortunately or unfortunately it is not.

So once again i wish more perfectly


-by kb
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Monday, August 18, 2008

deva ek poha :)

Mitranno Namskar

So this among few things i never misses whenever i hits jalgaon

Yes i m writing from our loved canteen ' deva's canteen '

And most decisions are from this place in my hostel life.
Even Wen i left hostel in d ending period of mca..
Never missed a day to be here .

Dept madhun nighalo ki hostel room/ ghari jaychya pahile ithe alo nahi ki kahi tari miss zal sarakh vataych.. Ani mala miss karaychi savay nahi..

I follows one statement always
' n karun pastavanya peksha karun pastavaych '
And i learnt it from my dad..

Baki hostel life jagaylach pahijel..

Mi tar maz ghar asun sudha jagloy.. Ani mi tas jagalo hyacha mala thodapan pastava nahi..

Deva ek chaha de re..
Aani lihun ghe.. Oops!

-by kb
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I shifted to new address

Hi all,

Its my new room/flat i will be living next 11 months.. its located in Gavanpada,Mulund(east) , MUMBAI .

this weekend we shifted to new address.. and in shifting process i havent done anything.. why because i decided so...

the room partners were doing packing and i was busy in seeing "Ja ne tu ya ja ne na" .. dont tell anyone i cried seeing the movie.. oops

and to tell about new room its fully furnished having all facilities and amenities .

I am feeling the room can turn Beer Bar in night .. you can see those sexy lights..

the rooms are alloted .. and i will be sleeping in kitchen.. just because not to get disturbed by any one.. and no one can tell me that to switch fan @ low speed... And ABOVE ALL NO ONE WILL GIVE ME ADVICE...

ohh but the ******* thing is we will miss home made food @ evening..

but a thought coming in my mind.. i can cook @ late night.. because its max 10 min i requires to cook ( only Sabji ) .. i have a small 2 ltrs Gas.. which will help me... and i can then eat whatever having long cuts of onion pieces.. Khichadi having no nuts included and which will be not "Koradi"
and anything which i can cook having gr8 amount of "Lal Mirch" ... lol

this is if We not got a maid who will cook for us...

and in clear and loud voice: there is No food In the India that i dont link..
Its a matter of choice..

And i know how to ADJUST myself... that too VERY WELL....

and i always clear with following statement and *i* believe its true

Things can be always possible if they done with IMMENSE feeling and @ FAST speed in taking decisions...

Oh yes need to collect complete street address... from room owner.. so that i can recieve those *Valued* bills of Airtel to this address...

video clip taken by me.. when we just arrived to new flat with our all luggage.

btw how is the flat... Say *SEXY*.... we are going to pay 12000 per month for it...

Friday, August 8, 2008

i look at lookers, I Oberves observers,I Thinks on thinkers

Mitranno Namskar

Gm from vashi

Yes today is dinesh's day and we celebrated it as per the conventions last ni8.

i like 2 be in parties .. There outcome are things which rarely comes in mind easily.

' Aaj jari mi RAM ( idolistic man defined in hindu mythology ) nasalo. Tari mi jenvha RAM asen tenvha mi pan expect karen ki ti SITA asavi. Everybody has PAST And i believe that shouldnt affect FUTURE '


Each ram should keep in mind that what matters is present and future of sita . no vice varsa . Why? We lives in so called indian society where no one considers womens feelings. *( this is my opinion only and can/cant be changed later )

Mens do use to share their partners about themselves whom they liked ..
What if their parteners shared their past ???

Now this is true for love marriages too.

I tell u abt me say fortunately i found a girl who PATU shakate..
I wil tell her all abt me. BUT I WILL EXPECT SHE DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO SHARE. Do i am speaking mens mind??

I can understand everyone has past . But i dont want to understand that X has past. When it will be arrange type. So A wil not also let X understand that A has past. Because i am one of the all who is from Mars

Fyi , i wish to have love marriage . I wil tell my past and expect to know too. Because what will matter 4 me is future.
If anyhow arranged? Then = no expectation..

Long post? Yeah ? harbor lines runs slow locals only..
Reaching vt in few

Have safe life to dinesh . Its 08-08-08 today wow!
And thank god u told me something last ni8 ..


* so that no one can file case against me for the cause of speaking / writing / sharing / expressing on indian society.

-by kb
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

issued in the interest of unmarried *active* girls

Mitranno Namskar


Some more info abt me

Status : single ( never married)
Height 5' 4"
Color ( i hope u have color recognisation capacity )
Job status : working as web programmer.
Qualification : i holds MCA degree.

So i told mine

To tell abt u ( unmarried *active* girl ) find my mob number .. Lol


Have a safe day to unmarried *active* girls .

-by kb
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

abcd of grief in MY view

Mitranno Namskar

First thing

I dont agree that if u r feeling grief .. It must be shown through u eyes..

My eyes cant cry so this doesnt means i dont have grief.

Do the world need to know that i have grief so i cried

I have a well shaped heart that can feel the grief..

Most ******* grief is i believe
Is when u cant even say sorry to someone u want to say..

Sudhir always tells .. And i dont miss atleast the MAIN points from him
Other times i thinks bore kashala kartoy..

So he once said..

Mistek is not mistek when it is done unknowingly.. But if u r aware what u r doing is mistek then its a MISTEK

But what if u doing one thing with whatever reasons u thaught at the time of doing..
That time i do the things and not mistek..

And later when it turns to be mistek done that too knowingly and i even cant appolise..

Because to appolise i believe
Not shows u r wrong or other party is wrong and vice a versa
But it shows how much u respect the relationship..

I do that always..

And sometimes thr r situation u cant cheat u r heart
I believe u atleast accepted to u r heart ..

So no appolise may be equal to no respect to relations

But again in clear and loud..
No respect to relations doesnt mean that u dont want to say sorry..

-by kb
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pratham tula vandito

Mitranno Namskar

Gm mumbai..

Going to office
2day wil be tough working day
Why it is always 4 me! I can spend long time when i am online.. And Shhhhhh secret is i can spend more long time when i am offline !

Pan ram tar kadhi tari dyavach lagto.. Mag deunach takto * aaj purta * lol

pratham tula vandito krupala.. Gajanana ... Ganraya..

Ha pan he 11 am pasun .. Ata mi majhach ahe.. Ajun 2 varsh tari.. To paryant chance ahe XYZ la.. Lol

Do u like to break assumptions..? What this world sets for u..
I do..

I remembers all related 2 me used to hav a common assumption .. That i cant wake up on my own.. Ha ha

i m from kadholi ( though i barely visits )
And it used to be said regarding kadholikars
' they are one of the most tikh* wale '

Reaching vt in few

Have a good spending day..

* means not exactly ego.
But it is ego when opposite party causes it.. Tikh written in my marathee.. I hope u got what that means..

-by kb
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Monday, July 28, 2008

aaj ushir zala..

Mitranno Namskar

Gm mumbai...
Aaj bhalta ushir zala..
Pharak tar padelach na.. Aaj sudhir nahiye na..
I believe envirnoment change zal ki pharak tar padtoch..

Ani mag magchya envirnoment chi khup athawan yete..
Pan shevati tumhalach adjust whav lagat..

Btw i m fast in adjustment..

Only peremanant thing is change..
Yesterday i saw
*kismat connection* at room..
Among the persons i know chetan is crazy 4 movies..
He use to bring lots of movies..( fyi only u grade huh )
I now barely sees them.. But sometime i get chance 2 be all alone.. I prefare to see movie alone .. Though i know whats going on screen is all fictious..
I cries if thr is sentimental scene.. For 3 hrs i suppose i am the hero.. Lol

as always all is possible only in movies.
I liked one dialog from it
' woh kal ka sach tha.. Ye aaj ka sach hai '
Yesterday i 4 get to mention this in my post
' woh kal ka sach tha.. Ye aaj ka sach hai '
Lekin *sach* hai..

So i m reaching vt in few

Have a safe day to me..
Are visarlat i am late 2day and i have a BOSS


-by kb
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

give me some more time...

Mitranno Namskar

Good evening

Its sunday 2day .. And i m missing u!

Just read and BELIEVE coz i dont have / think reasons/it is necessary to share my self.. I am not in off mood..

Read it once more

I am not in off mood..

This is some thing called behavioural change.. I learnt from one of ******* subject. And unfortunately i m experiencing it ..

May be i even ( dont ) liking myself this situation..

And i wish to give hint/idea .. This is not 4 sure i am behaving FIRST time.. It happened in the past several
And i hav recovered myself with the help/adjustment from me..

Plz dont think u r cause 4 this..
I wil sure tell u if u r the cause..

But one thing sure i dont HATE u .. I even dont know why i am keeping shut up.. May be small/big reason.. And u r part in it may be nothing/small/big.

Just Remember ONE thing u are the one of in the world ( For me ).


But i m needing some more time.. And i will take my own time..

Conclusion my mind gave
i dont 'hate' u.. If also then not *HATE*

Hav safe life to *u*
Btw my world is not so big ..

Others - u thanks 4 reading my random thoughts..

And u, i could told only this..

-by kb
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Life @ 310

Hi All Professionals ,
Watz up.. Dude..., Cool these words sounds good and we now habitual .. aren't we ??
But just a thought wat if I was in my college ( HOSTEL ) days... what would i had used in communications??
These are keywords and each follow its own history and victory.....
I just though for a few min and these what i could remember ..
"true friend","Killing Smile", "Paladhi" , "310" , "Deva Canteen" , "Birtday Celebrations" , "Internals" ,"Study with umya , golya aani sudhya","Amrya","Bhadya"
"Sunyaa", "Debeting on direction to bambhori from 310" , "Jockey" ,"bc debited from my account to sudhir's account",
"Pathak.. jaminishi naat thev" ," chess game in front of amrya" , "What could be Shape of Red stamp on TC", "Ragging case" , "Ghoti" , "Hostel mess" , "Accounting internal previous night" , "O baba ssss Tumase Milane ko dil karta hai","2' 3'' inchacha pipe" , "Pool game till 4 am" , "baba" , "kailya" ,"Silicon vally" ,"Ghubad","maka","shital cha bhadya","kbin","don","feast", " Mr. Mathenson" ,"MSC admission system" ,"Tanenbaum kaka","meeth (salt) hech amrut","Pani hech jeevan","Anita mess - lol ","motorola c200","Ganya", "Kashish"
i remember i had irrited sudhir a lot in 310.
" Sudhir once warned me , that if I will iritate him anymore he gonna hit me like anything" baapre kay dialog hota pan height was "mi mhantal aaple hath kay bandhale nahi" Thank God sudhyaa remained cool ....
"Sau Sonar ki.. hya Sau Sudhya ki Ek Pathak ki" :) i written this on back of door.. and it erased by sudhir..... lol

but 310 la 310 pan aannaari manas mhanaje "Vineet, Sudhya ,Prasad , kb ( ohhh my self ) , amrya , sunya ,shekhya,bhushya borse,maka,rahul,palve " and all "who caused us to do Bc"

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

This was the moment which i lived forgetting about whole world.. And i got filled my dil with lots lots of satisfaction..

This is what i am leaving my life now a days.. What i think is right i am doing.. WITHOUT caring what others are thinking about my changed behaviour.. It giving me immense satisfaction.. Why i should listen whole world .. I dont use to keep the BALL in my court..
If they want to accept me .. They will have to accept as i am..
Because i observing.. Sometimes someone do not thinks AS i always use to thinks for them .. So its better always to live u r life according to u only..

I am Enough capable to know this world! I am not U.. But i respect u.. And i dont want to convert this respect into hate..

I fears myself when i hates some one..

So i am not going to learn the way to leave life from u..

Btw i hardly remembers i bounds my ASSUMPTIONS on someone because they even dont think it is worth to listen me..


I try to bound on very very few in numbers and i am bounded to listen from them only..


I remember i was so much crazy with pillu ( dog in *his* childhood ) when i myself was in my childhood.. I use to survey dhule on my little bycycle whole day.. i might be in my 5th when i started to bring small cute dogs On bycycle to our owned house..
Before 5th too i was very lucky in finding the *moti* in the 10 mins *walking* circle area.. i use to name my pet moti..

So day 1 = survey for good looking moti..
Day 2 = creating envirnoment to bring him home.. This means not taking permission..
Day 3 = wait till moti's mom will be out.. Once she left .. Pick up raju and bring him home..
And play, feed, take him to walk whold day so that nt a single moment he remembers his mom.. So i satisfied
Night 3 = oh god moti ko ghar ki yad kyon aai! And then mummy papa use to explain me u parted most loving relationship.. And i use to believe this is sin.. I use to pray god to forgive me.. For what i did..
Day 4 = moti taken back to his home.. Safly and carefully and this time infront of his mother!

* The snap is taken by tushar @ abt 2 am at jui nagar stn when i was wating 4 tushar to reach jui nagar from ltt ..
Plz igore the quality of the snap

And those 20 mins nothing came in my mind just me and moti played.. Thanks moti to allow me to play with u.. And giving me lots lots of JOY

Have a safe life...
But this time to MOTI ;)

-by kb
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

aanewala pal ..

Mitranno Namskar

The most listened song in india is this ...janewala hai

Wenever i do hears it i gets confused .. Ummm cant interprete its meaning..

If u can then do me a favor post your intepretation in comments

I cant think *deep* .. But i thinks @ fast speed..

But sometime you have no option u hv to think deep.. I tries several times and cant think more than *deep* word! Lol

Btw dont u agree that decision= fast decision...


-by kb
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sometimes i thinks i m nt matured yet

Mitranno Namskar

Gm going to office..

Its obvious i not shares each happening through my blog

But wen i woke up this morning this was the first thought came to my mind

I believe each thing happens *knowingly* only

So its time to say SORRY to those whom i behaves harshly.. *Knowingly* .. Bcoz i dont hurt *unknowingly*


I MAY have valid *reasons* to hurt you *knowingly*
So i want to say *SORRY* if u 2 accepts there were valid *thoughts*

Reaching vt in few


Do u also thinks i am nt matured yet???

-by kb
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Monday, July 14, 2008

ja ne tu ... Ya ja ne na

Mitranno Namskar

Hey hey wenever movie dominates my mind .. I remind my self dialog 'fakt cinemat shakya ahe' delivered by 'pankya' who is close to my heart since my ending of fybsc
And because of him i got to know tinu..

So 2day i am at full speed at work.. So finally boss came 2 know i can work ( fast ) lol

Salute to next 5 days .. Afterall they causes to feed me..

Now our room address will be changing in few days..
Aaaaaaaa more room rent
But its worth to stay in one of the most happning places of world.

So i am reaching in few mins


-by kb
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