Thursday, September 25, 2008

she dared .. Which she shouldnt have done..

Mitranno Namskar

And one got caughted wen my mood was nt in mood to expect unexpected ones

That one was she and when she is particular she then i really njoyed giving her pain

Yeah i know wen i am in off möod who is allowed to speak with me

But mornings annoying was just thought of my random mind

And it got cleared by evening
I was wrongly annoying my self ;(

I am not fears to tell this world that i m sometimes wrong

But i really njoyed annoying her who is nothing to me..

I have written a post somewhere which i remembers

Beware the person who has nothing to loose

Btw i wanted to share the happening on blog but sunya said dont do that.. So i m not going to post how i can annoy someone

;) i have all with me ..who can annoy me if they were not close to me

And i am not going to loose them

Wen i hates i can go up to any level

I again wish she will see this blog post..

Are yaron usane tumhari hone wali bhabhi ke baren main bol diya..

Lekin yaron kb ne jawab diya hai ekdam bhari
And i wil be sharing that with few

But at the end my hate for her remains at some level

Have a safe life - ego to her

Good ni8 to remaing world
( i hope she is annoying still )

-by kb
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Anonymous said...

tricks to annoy... hahaha!