Saturday, June 28, 2008

All the way from jalgaon

Mitranno Namskar

Its about 2 am and i am at thane station...

Came to receive sunyaa , kalpesh and vijay

These guys are coming 4 preplanned lonawala trek

It is surely going to be fun there...

Yeah i will share snaps once they wil be developed :)

Feeling sleepy nw its 2:10
Vel pan jat nahi its 2:15

Just a thaught what if i was engaged ... Mast cal kela asata ...

Velech pan niral asat ...
Jenvha vat lagaleli asate tenvha phatkan nighun jate.. ni8 be4 exam

Aawadate lok barobar asale ki..

Tasa mi phar specific ahe... Ka kunas thauk..

Khup kami lok awadatat mala...
Vineet always says me.. Kb u gets influenced early with the personalities u meets... Ok i do
But this nothing have to do with my favourites..

Ha bar zal 2:40 zalet...

... Lihu ki nako lihu... Lihitoch blog mazay...

What happend wen i was in mca.. I use to stay with my friends.. Pankya, vishnu,tinu they were doing mba..
They got new friends ..
Pankya was in imr .. So vinod joined us , and bcoz of tinu bhushan joined us

And for silly reason i quarreled with vinod and bhushan once..

Ummm actual reason was

They were showing more 'adhikar' than me on my friends..

Sorry vinod ,bhushan...


Aamacha amrya mhanto tech khar , kebyaa do never mix u r good friends each other...

Pan chyayla amrya locha zala ki samajat re...

Thik ahe life ahe thoda locha tar aselach

Ahh its 3:20 nw

Ph aka por kalyan la aliy still 20 more mins to speak truth

Diwas bharachya ******* schdule madhe khar bolayla vel kuthe asato...

Hat suchalach nahi ... Gadi ali
Welcome re sunyaa

-by kb
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Friday, June 27, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

Going to office.. Sudhya reading paper.. And me adding entry to my blog!

Aahhh so its 'TGIF' 2day..

But no more weekend celebrations....
Why? 'paisa','time','vishwas' and 'capacity' wil nt return once they left u...

Do u know that i m follower of OSHO...
He and i believe

'what u r heart thinks just dont waste time to implement it'

i gets confuse wen ppls says
'dil ki suno... Dimag ki nahi' or vice-varsa..

Is it possible! Dil alag sochega , mind alag...
I don't know ! But thank god
I have my heart and mind in synch...

Btw i can repeat srk's dialog

'Maine hamesha apane dil ki suni hai...'

Ummm mumbai knows who is srk , for others who dont knw srk bole to shahrukh re ...

So just reached @VT..
Praying safe life 4 all

-by kb
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Mitranno Namskar

'Hum apake hai kaun' chaluy room madhe

Khup kami goshti astat jya nikhal asatat

Renuka shahane chi smile
Madhuri chi sundarata
Kajol cha abhinay

Agadi nikhal

Maitri pan tashich havi..
Prem hi tasach karav..

Nikhal=no expectation

Tas 'killing smile' , 'bye'
Pan agadi nikhal ...

Ani mala jam awadtat nikhal goshti ... Ha pan te shodhan tevadhach kathin gosht..

Nahi shakya zal tar thik .. But atleast try karaycha

Ani shakya zal tar ... I believe these are things which are above than any thing

Swarg pahav marun
Ghar pahav bandhun

'Nikhal pahav jagun'

Asha ritine happy ending zaliy..
Salman la madhuri bhetali re
Hip hip hurrey

'Mmmmuuuuuhhh' to this beutiful ni8

-by kb
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Monday, June 23, 2008

zindagi aa raha hoon main

Mitranno Namskar

Gm Watz up,
Going 2 office
2day wat if boss is not in office!
2 persons knows result
1 me
2 boss Lol

Ummm i started to quit one more *BAD* Habit .
But its worth to quit.

So my weekend was good

Visited 'Taraporewala acquarium' its located at marine drive.. Ahhhh just blindly point to any direction..
Open u r eyes... U wil see
*pretty* girl (ohhh shit ... She is engaged) .Dont worry eyes are urs close again!

Sunday ummmmm

I met my friend from 10th .
She hit me punch as soon as she saw me. Lol
Btw i 2 hav strong arms!
It fills good when somebody from old days meets u.
I felt that its just 1 day passed!

*it is prohibitted to take snaps in acquarium. Dont worry i have my device with me!

-by kb
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Came to know

Hey hit the link if u too want to know how are u?

I have my left brain strong!!!

so i am this

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

Its true for me!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

more money

Mitranno Namskar

Cant sleep
Ummmmm but wen ..
Next month... A month after next month?

I just cant w8.

Not getting me ! Then leave it...

Shopping karne ka ek aur bahana!

Guess what i m going to buy!
A leather mobile case 4 my delegate e 51 from dadar.

I lost it few days ago. I did NOT Lost my mobile, i m talking abt its case

Hey just remembered yesterdays morning incident

I walked out forgetting my brand new executive umbrella in local at V T stn .

A 2 min passed , i was out of station premises and suddenly it striked me .

Without delay i returned back to local
Entered in compartment looking at the place whr i had kept it. She was not there :(

With sad face i was about to leave local

A voice ' O bhaisaab ' reached me , i turned back looked at him and in a fraction of sec i reminded the man.
He was passanger who had travelled on my opposite sit.
He is not among regullar passenger!
And he was holding my ******** .
He said he was sure that i will return in search of my belonging.

Thank god
And most importantlly
Thanks uncle
And above all
Thanks Mumbai !

And yes! Its a sunyaa's day 2day wish him

Happy bday re *****

-by kb
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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I use to call her 'Chima'.

And i have told her its meaning too.

If she did not became my friend..
I wished .... ;)

Ekdum free girl.. . With whom I can share anything...

Girls you yourself have medicines but you never uses that. Didn't get me?

Here is the scenario

'A' is a boy.

'X' is a girl.

'A' and 'X' knows each other.

'A' really loves 'X'.

FYI: 'love at first site' happens only in movies.

But I believes 'love starts with attraction'.

Actually we ( whom i have shared room ) believes this.

And as time passes the attraction vanishes .

So at last 'A' gets into thinking that he desperately want 'X' to be in his life.

And obviously 'A' has 'B','C',... Friends whom he shares all this. He gets his thoughts concrete.

And then life gets romantic .. 'A' becomes 'Shy' in front of 'X'.

Now 'A' spends time in dreams.

'A' just thinks all the time about 'X'.

and then finally with the support of 'B','C'.... 'A' decides to let 'X' know how much he loves her.

So the one most thrilling day comes.. I don't know abt how 'A' had/will said/say..

But i uttered first sentence 'ttttttttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmm (shivering) tttt te ek ssssssangaych hot (sigh) tu mmmmmmmaaaaaaaala khup aawadates' and after that i was Zero..

'X' listens 'A' ( thank god 'X' has ears to listens !!! )

'X' says 'No' to 'A'.

'A' is lost completely but for 'X' it doesn't matters.

'A' thinks that he should not have told his feeling .. now 'A' couldn't chat with 'X' .

Now What about following scenario ?

'A' is a boy.

'X' is a girl.

'A' really loves 'X'.

So at last 'A' gets into thinking that he desperately want 'X' to be in his life.

And obviously 'A' has 'B','C',... Friends whom he shares all this. He gets his thoughts concrete.

And then life gets romantic .. 'A' becomes 'Shy' in front of 'X'.

Now 'A' spends time in dreams.

'A' just thinks all the time about 'X'.

and then finally with the support of 'B','C'.... 'A' decides to let 'X' know how much he loves her.

So the one most thrilling day comes..

'X' listens 'A'.

'X' says 'No' to 'A'.

'A' is lost completely but for 'X' it matters.

'A' leaves the place.

'X' gives a call to 'A' invites him to a coffee.

'A' again turns On thinking that yes she saying 'Yes' to proposal.

'A' again dresses neatly .

'A' reaches the restaurant.

'X' says 'A' hi

'X' then chats more than 'A'.

'X' says 'A' that i really appreciate the way you dared and expressed your love for me. i know the last night you had is among the worst night. And i don't want to loose you as a 'Only Friend'.

'A' now feels more secure . He can chat at least with 'X'.

And then no body loose anything nor 'A' not 'X'

Do you want to know what if 'X' is me?

I will respond to 'A' first go and get the job with having 30k monthly salary.

If he earned that and came again then i will assure he is the one who will take care of me very well throughout life . To prove is main thing.

So listen 'X''s 'A' cares you than anyone.. it's not 'A' mistek at all.. it's your mistek why you looks so beautifull to 'A''s heart!!! .

( But I am sure if i am 'X' , 'X' father going to hit anything to 'A' lol )

but I am 'A' and no matters 'X' father hit me or anything..

Do i am taking boyz side??? , then yes because 'A' always remains boy and 'X' always girl in this world.. No Vice-varsa happens...

You Guys/gulz may think 'A' will be me and 'X' is yogi.. then just don't think.. she is my friend no need to even say "Just As Friend".

She is the first girl i took to ride on bike. That too after saying her that i wishes so.

'She is going to give me company in my wedding shopping' . I just love her choice in clothes.

I always plans to be with her when i enters shops .. but any how it couldn't be possible till i am writing this statement... and later she scolds lot on my choice.....ahhhh next time sure we will hit shops together..

At first you will see a child girl always peeping out of her (She use to screams mummy).. but i know once she delivered a welcome speech in DOCS in one of the ceremony and that too fluently..

It had gr8 time when we were in DOCS. I use to always flirt with her and she never minded .. ahhhh thank god there is a girl who is not my sister knows me.

I had conveyed her to sing a song in freshers party and as a rehearsal she use to sing "Tera janaaa .. dilke armanoka... " in front of me.. but it couldn't happen .... ( yeah i will someday write on that - let me fly out of india !! i still not came out of that ******* happening in my life ) .. and she is among few who hold my hand tight when i needed..

She is my one of my *TRUE* friend.. and i believes its my luck that she is my friend...

Amirish la "Amrya" mhananare 2 lok ek mi aani ek ti...

* the above snap is taken on one fine evening @Rajdhani restaurant when we (me, sudhya and dinesh ) have been invited to dinner party. ummmmm delicious food.. ( afterall its yogi's choice )

Friday, June 13, 2008

in the early morning

Mitranno Namskar

Nt believing! U u r correct!
Actually didnt slept
Dont stress u r mind
I was working ...
One of the cause i love mumbai is for its historical buldings build with gr8 structures.

The snap is of bmc bulding very opposite to vt.
And shooted with 2mp and night mode activated.

VT is renamed with CST few years back.
And i guess ppls just nt accepted this change.

I even just had asked to cab 'vt chaloge ?'

Mumbai has its own language.
So i m in local nw going to room to have bath.
Mumbai nw started running!
Wishing safe years ahead to all..

-by kb
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

don't pull ilastic beyond limit

Mitranno Namskar

Its 1 min passed to wake up

So gm
Audio songs being played
And its 'gulabi thandi' type envirnoment
Sudhir is having bath
And i got chance to blogging

Dont pull elastic beyond limit it may be break
And somebody in his/her 60s will nt remember u with good feeling.

'Rabbar jast tanun nahi dharayach'

Nw its my turn to get ready.
So cyaaaaa

-by kb
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Most Welcome to Mumbai

And finally it arrieved....

All were waiting for it ..

Whether they are single or couple..

3 months of assured Romantic whether...

I pray .. It will behave safe ...

And causes in reaching office late ;)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tinu cha sms aala re

"Everyone is good to you,

till you expect nothing from them


you are too good to them

only till you fulfill their expectations."

thanks bhai..

aikunach ghya aata

aapla jo mitra aahe na to layi बेक्कार (Bekkar) aahe.

The wonderful listener i have/will ever met/meet in my life.

you just tell the problem and don't disturb him he will have answer after some time.

and i found the exact reason for the past two days i was thinking on why i am thinking.

Telepathy pan layi bhari gosht aahe. sobat 6 varsh kadhalit.


ok i am describing him more .

Very very first thing

"We both have one thing common and that is when we are together we became childrens..
we play WWE fight, once he uttered hefussssssss my lllllllaaaaaaaaaaallllllla rock is cooking... i assures i am gonna loose the match.. to paryant aapali pan hawa asate .. i use to believe i am shawn michel.. the problem is he knows rock's dialog , and me? i even can't recognize who is "shawn" .. dialog tar durachi gosht!!

and so tinu is also famous as "Rockya bhau" ( named by thombya who named by Me!!! )

But when its time to play chess i give tough fight...


He is genious with computer games !! he reasons it as he never got a chance to hold a bat.. though he owns the bat.. lol It is one of more my favourite time when he plays a computer game i just sit besides and shouts "chyamayla maar tinya tyale sala kadhi ye ka nahi ye parat phirisan.."
mine this dialog gives him unlimitted power to play.. My job is to instruct him to save a game before each movement.

I have a immense will about him " he will have a girl friend who will visit our room once. "

Please it read again I said "Visit". Later she can go away. lol or come into my life. lol

Can you tell your friend that you going to earn ( money ) lot more than him.

We discuss this whenever we phones each other without a single fear in mind what other will think. ( for your info i have told him i am going to earn lot after 6 yrs and almost 1 yr have been passed till i am writing this statement !!! ).

do you have any idea about MBA guys earns lot Or MCA ones earns lot ? ;)

He is the one who upon giving me "Advice" I not use to turns off. And he not counts me when he scolds me.

i m sure you will not too turn off. i don't know whether he have pure heart but what i know is he don't have dirty mind.

(sry for local words , but words carries feelings , aani specially dialog martanna, so read it following )

Asa ek pan paida nahi zala ki jo tinu cha dushman banla. ( for all x this statement is true , where x is dates from current date )

And that one if existed some how he himself gonna suffer a lot. You know one phrase? "Strong persons use to forgive". he blindly follows that . without even thinking that he is strong.

we have decided that We will start a newspaper and starting issue will be from jalgaon ( later we will conquer on world's press mkt!! ;) yes na tinu remember we have decided this too sale ) . And very first day we will display a snap of "Prabhat Chawk of Jalgaon" . huh now what exactly we will point about "prabhat chauk" for that you will have to wait till we seriously thinks on it and publish.

sometimes we decides that we both will not marry. ( please note i am talking about marriages that happens to be in india... lol )

i don't want to stop typing ... but i know he is my friend .. and among those friends who knows kb as he is .

He never laughs @ my fictional mind..

how he could? As he also has that mind.. lol

"Mitra hi garaj nirman zalyamule bananari gosht aahe ".. guess who wrote ? obviously tinu re..

ummmmmmm miss u rockya ...

I know his reply on this post

1) Kutte
2) Kamine

i just like these words .

"Vaise 'Hardik' Aapka naam kafi achaa hai ..."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tinyaaaaa i am desperately needing you now a days

kya karu yaar..

aaj to ac main bhi athlon garam ho gaya hai

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

can i express atlest

Whole day i couldnt worked!!
just stared at screen and was thinking on AKMAAKMA
Train is leaving... can somebody give signal plz...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Life in Protocols

Wen weekend is not celebrated like weekend i feels its life...

I believe drinks are for celebrations , not when we fails at some steps in the journey of life

I always strive for protocols

And this is what i believe should be protocol for drinks

Govt says 'sansar udvasth kari daru...' . This is said because peoples not follows protocols

Are lokanno aika re follow protocols

So how i celebrated ?

I saw a play at Gadakari on sunday

'Pandu tatya once more'. and had a gr8 end of weekend

And at the start of week

I am employee again

who Wakes up 8:30 am get ready by 9 Am ,
Who catches 9:44 am local for VT
Reaches 10:47 to VT , 11:15 to office, and the ******* work starts, 2:15 lunch , 2:45 finish lunch , 3:00 Tea time finish.
and the ******* work starts again and finishes usually by 10:00 pm , 10:25 at VT and life starts and i am back to room at 11:30 then dinner and then says Good Night to my one of day at abt 2 am.

And this continues 5 days . But At the end of day on friday i have completed all work, i receives professional wishes, And it turns me on.

And then when i walks on roads of nariman point on saterday evening ( i prefer to be here than to be at room ).. i thinks life should start and stop @ this lovely place.. u will find here gr8 shops.. and above all costly shops.. gr8 peoples ... gr8 Cars....

i am crazy with shopping.. and the fact is i havn't done shopping for past 2 months. :(

I always go for brands... otherwise i don't buys... i can wait for goods.. but if i want goods i hits only these kinds shops.

if u want to gift with your loved ones really something special these shops are perfect to buy from....

and yes protocols also follows here , you go.. you choose.. if you asks for help then they helps otherwise no one disturbs you , you pays tagged price if you chooses to buy , owner says thanks , you come out... you go to restaurant to have dinner.. waiter waits for your call.. he comes takes your order , you even don't says "Jaldi lana" ... you enjoys environment.. if some one having 'Birthday' restaurant plays a music.. you claps for the someone whom you don't know , he gently returns thanx.. what a protocol !!

I baught a anti glare glasses for 3500/- only :) from "ganko optics" , its original essilor and frame from itali :)

The shop sent me birthday wish greeting card to my address..
and this what i use to refer protocols.

And the main point today is start of weekdays and itani kam salary main yeh sab nahi jamata....

though i wants to say 'Mumbai Tuze Salam'...

--by kb !
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