Saturday, November 29, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

When i get ready to go outside home i hope i wont hear the fucking news of terrorism from now on.. Now on? I certainly not wished to heard in the past too

And certainely i am not in mood to thank to destiny that saved me...

Most of time u will find me @ vt at 10 pm .. And say by coincidence i on wednesday had left vt at 9 pm..

But those died in the incident happend in past 3 days.. My heartfelt condolences are with their families...

Unfortunetly Expressing condolences is only what i can do...

But we all can do things.. Be attentive..

Electronic Media should not have aim towords incrising trp in such situations.. It seemed me all were concious but media...

Offcourse police, army, commandos knows better how to deal the situation .. And i hope the government has provisions to *avoid* these situations.. It should do as the standard protocols expects.. No mearcy to guilty!

Hatz off to mumbai police officers who lost their lives..

U were from those who keeps mumbai running safe

Thanks to doctors from various hospitals.. Who did saved hundreds of lives.. Those who been injured ..

Have a peacefull years ahead to all..


-by kb
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i like formals

Mitranno Namskar

So 2 day after so many days.. I am in formals..

I had never been in tshirts and jeans before 2 years..

Again i cant buy other than raymonds... Feels like heaven ..feels like raymond!

I am crazy for brands.. More over i choose brands according to punch lines..

I used 2 dress per year .. Formal and <b>' one man one fabric '</b> .( hopes b tag renders correctly )

And the shirts pocket style i kept same as of my dads ..

Just remembered .. Not sure i have mentioned this before..
But i was in front of someone wearing sunyaa's black trouser
and sudhyaa's shirt .

According to both ( make up mens ) i looked smart.. ( i asked thousand times how i was looking.. Lol ) And the thought was seeing me like this if reply is no atleast i will hear with love!


And i m 2day again in formals
But going to karmbhumi !

Oh if u know me.. Can u tell my height please.. ;)

Chalo cyaaa
Reached vt
And sunyaa sudhyaa can u pls gift me that dress!

Though have safe life to dress!

-by kb
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Monday, November 24, 2008

when the rules r broke

Mitranno Namskar


Going office .. And routine wil be starting

What u did kb?

Rules are broke so i was able to c ddlj 4 times
Yes vinod use to have laptop of from whr he works
And remaing all other waits to c it as movie screen..
So a rule is there .. No movie on laptop..

But rules are made .. Bcoz they can be broke ;)

And it got me chance anyhow to acquire it!
So no other than ddlj .. 4 times!

I planned to hit a award winning photographs exhibition at nariman point but it couldnt happen .. I ran out of time.. No worries it is till 5 dec..

And as usual i been @ kalwa yesterday.. And ddlj 5th time thr ;)

In the end i am employee again..

Oh thanks vinod for breking the rule .. And congre8es u got a new job.. Best luck with u r career...

And so its time to get the bus no 1 spl ..

So cyaaaa

Bottom line:

Rules can be broke if have necessary and sufficent condition

Ddlj Necessary condition
New job sufficent condition

-by kb
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

moments from hostel

Mitranno Namskar

Program either runs or not .. There is no concept of partial running ..

No the statement is not mine
some of my mca batchmates knows whose statement it is..

For others info he is Mr. Manoj Patil.. Who had taught us programming languages from the course.. I do always remembers this statement .. And if i am not wrong even tinyaa also knows this statement..

Though it is said that dont use to talk on quality u do have..
I always does that ..

So i could also turned to be lecturer ..

I believe i have ability to explain the concepts.. Obviously only if i have understood the concept.. Lol ..

Fyi.. Golya did ran code1 in practical exam .. And i was the one who got chance to explain him.. Thanks sunyaa for explaining ******* code1..

And that turned in him to have some faith with me that when i does study i do study + bc ..
But this time bc focuses only in relevant topic..

U wont believe we
Me sudhya umya and golya had studied together for compiler construction!

And dont tell any one i knew he cant wake whole night but to be with us he had gave up sleep for those night when we studied for cc and gave me
One more reason to do bc..

Yaar i misses those full with bc days.. Note days means days and ni8es from hostel only
And those few hours of few days when i use to be in classroom..

Btw my study partner remained same from start to end... None other than sudhyaaa.. he not there i couldnt concentrate on study..

Then first i use to find him .. Most of the time my search use to end in kailya or golya's room ..

A top secret : a hostel room not used to known by actual owners but by parasides!

Hold ! i also lived there as paraside giving not disturbance to actual alloted students ..

My room was allotted to sunyaaa ritesh and umyaa
But it is not possible there is amryaa and we r not together..

So i hardly slept in alloted room

It was peak period when we guys shared 310 .. Our most loved room of hostel..

Its enough related to our hearts to be remembered always when its subject of our hostel life..

What the room gave us?
Friends! yes life time friends...

It was a server room..

Miss u 310 ..

Hope we will always visit u not parted !


Are it remembers me one thing, we have snapped in those few *only veg* moments..

Amrya u have a undeveloped camera film

Even i 2 have one .. Ummm amrya u earns enough that u can develope urs as wel as mine owed camera films ! Lol

Reaching mulund!
And hope camera films are safe!

-by kb
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Monday, November 17, 2008

दिलवाले दुल्हनीया ले जायेंगे रे....

Mitranno Namskar

So how was weekend re kebyaa


How u spent it...

I were at kalwa..

It seems u have seen ddlj .. Yeps i did ..
But need to mention on kundan's brand new dells laptop..
Yes we did bought valuable thing that ( i hope must ) will help him..

And what the better option there other than ddlj for its opening !

Chyamari .. Bhaltach romantic picture she na ho..

Kb hai jar tunavar prem karas tar hai palteen.. Ha ha ha

Tas ek baat sangas..

Kajol pan kay palateensan glance deyin
Tumna vainee n bi layi bhari glance del whata.. Wah i was just in the sence that
Are re hi poragi phasali ..
Are re hi manat basali ..

Ddlj t sure urs also be favourite movie.. Yes?
Are u in relationship? Yes!

Then u must see with u r partner @ maratha mandir theater here in mumbai..

Beileve me u wont be alone there as *प्रेम हे प्रेम असत , तुमच नी आमच सेम असत *

Point ahe na Amrish bhau ...
Amrya : wah wah kb bhau

Have a safe life to ddlj original cd!

Kebyaa .. Valuable is laptop!

Is it ? K.. wish it will fulfil the purpose with the same reason kundan had bought to have it on his laps!

Tang tang tang tang tya tadang
Tuze dekha to ye jana sanam;)

Reached vt!
And thus week started..

-by kb
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

पोरगी दिली नाही तर सरळ पळवुन आनेन

Mitranno Namskar

Gm after long time

Dont confuse with the title
Note initials of that write their equivalents english letters
And u will came to know that they forms names of 7 layer from osi model
( look sunyaa , u cant deny now i have technical post written ) lol

In the past few days .. Nothing imp happend

I did goan to dinesh room at friday ni8.. Seen non stop tv till 6 am
Then slept .. Woke up at 1 pm
Then mulund .. Bath .. Dombivily.. Reserved ticket of marathi play .. Return mulund.. Slept.. Gm sunday .. Lunch.. Chetan do also wished to see play.. Both goan to dombivily ..
Seen play..wait it was ' mi nathuram godse boltoy ' played by sharad ponkshe..
Return upto kalwa.. Meet kundya .. Had dinner.. Together.. I generally nt misses to have dinner at kalwa...
Tasty nonveg + bajara bhakari
1 number..

Its tough to find bajara bhakari in and near mumbai restaurants..

Back mulund .. Slept and routine is there upto

Oh the title na ..
Sudhya was doing study? ;)
And hemraj taught easy way to remember layer names..

Btw sudhya best luck re bho
And cn study means not only knowing layers names lol

Chalo cyaaaa
Reached vt

-by kb
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

त्याच भावनेने

Mitranno Namskar

पंडीत भीमसेन जोशी यांस.. मी कोनीच नाही पन शुभेछा तर देवुच शकतो .. आपल्याला भारतरत्न ह्य सर्वोच्च नागरी पुरस्काराने सन्मानीत करण्यात आलय..

Thanks to indian govt
At the same time i proud on myself to be able to live in the days of the *few* great persons

Ummm thanks to airtel too u had a song that i could set as hello tune.. I beilive this only from my side i can *atleast* do in the tribute of panditajee


-by kb
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i dont like

Mitranno Namskar

I don't like taking leaves
Though i m at room 2day

So i had been at dentist in noon .. I need to have my Jaw x-ray .. For further invistigation!

Mummy saying it happens and dont loose the theeth though the dentist is *convincing*
It affects eye site..

No i sure dont want spectacles

So i wil rely on the prescribed pills by dentist and chandan

Btw i have spects which protects my eyes from glare when i works with computer

Need to mention that it has essilor glasses!

Now going outside to ease

But be4 that bath!
So cyaaaa
And yes i am not sick anymore

I think i m recovering gradually..

-by kb
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

may this help you

Mitranno Namskar


Do u live in mumbai
Do u travel in local
You must have season ticket
And the identity card that validates the season ticket

The id card has your photo and the number is linked to your season ticket

Normaly the id card is valid for max 7 years.. Or be4 that gets tear torn

Mine id card got too old to survive even more 1 month ..
I handles things with care (lessly) lol

Oh and yesterday i needed to renew my season ticket

दुश्काळात तेरावा महीना

Do you have pan card ..? That would save yours 6 rs!
Yes i have it

Point is your pan card can be served for validating your season ticket

Last 6 characters of pan number becomes your id card number!


Next time i would order my season ticket online
Now i know what is my id card number!


I handles things with care iff they are worth to care


Yes no sickness but mouth is opening max 1 inch..

Inch ++ = pain++


Reached vt

-by kb
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Monday, November 3, 2008

get well soon

Mitranno Namskar

Oh no it should not happen with me

I think i will be not keeping well 2marow..
Feeling sickness..
And thus the record may get collapse .
Yes beileve me i dont had sickness from past many years..

So whats the remedy?
Sleep and if possible without having dinner..

Dad use to tell the human is a machine give a day to recover himself!

But me too much hungry that i cant sleep without dinner
Ummm option would be
Sudhir wil need to pay for the orange juce as alternate to my dinner ..
Ummm but for sure no doctor visit
Mulund came
Hope i wil c 2morow sun!
Praz for me

-by kb
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

no title for the post

Mitranno Namskar

हट, रुम मधुन बाहेरच पडलोच नाही ..
तस नाही काही, आवडेन अस नाटक नव्हत ..
असो उद्या पासून ऑफीस सुरू .
हा हप्ता ठिक जावो .
चला शुभ रात्री .
भेटत राहुच.

-by kb
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

i have a Q

Mitranno Namskar

मी नरीमन पाँइंट ला आहे
अगदी एकटा .. मै और मेरी तनहाई .. तस
काँल पन कोणाला करायची इच्छा होत नाहीय .

आजचा दिवस कसा होता केब्या .. छान

पन आज एक प्रश्न आला मनात .
समझा जर चान्स मिलाला तर कुठुन परत सुरुवात करायला आवडेन ?

मी जळगाव ला आलो त्या दिवसापासुन ..
मी तर अस पन म्हनेन की मी जळगाव ला येवुच नये..

तो पर्यंत मी निखल जगलोय म्हनुन.

आशा करतो तुम्हाला मागे वळुन परत सुरुवात करायसाठी एकही कारण मीळु नये..

प्रश्न हा परत सुरुवात करायला मिळेन की नाही हा नाही . *कारण* मिळत की नाही हा आहे

उद्या काय करू .
जमल तर नाटक पहायला जायीन .
काही वर्षा नंतर परत प्रश्न आला तर कमीत कमी हे कारण नको म्हनुन.

चला मी निघतो ..

भेटत राहु.

-by kb
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