Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Mitranno Namskar...

Ummm read it again

भाताश्री , देवीयो केबी चा प्रणाम

I m talking about MAHABHARAT

I was busy past days in watching this great play by br films

Thanks to chetan .. He got the dvd set
And to kundya .. Whose agreed me to lend his precious thing .. Laptop!

Means u didnt had seen yet?
But these 94 episodes i was stucked in my chair..

It took me 3 days and 4 ni8es ..

Ummm i tell u its worth...

Now i m back in blogging ;)

So cyaaaa..

It time to say gn..
I tell u , i m certainly satisfied..

-by kb
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Monday, December 15, 2008

hole hole ho jayega

Mitranno Namskar

He came
He saw
He won

A partially true statement wrt amryaa .. Lol

He came here
We saw rab ne bana di jodi
And we always wins .. When we meets

So its again back 2 work policy needs to apply

Movie is 1 number btw

Saterday was for some official work..

I have a news to share ..
Kb is applying for upsc exam..

Kb that needs dedicated study..


Kb not saying that he is going to crack the exam


Thats how he had studied uptil..

And i am sure this attempt wil add knowledge in his crazy mind..

What else?

Yes ,i m getting kate for office.. Yesterday it was not over beilive me ;)

Hey Chima thanks for that icecream re.. It melted down well ;)

Sunyaa be prepare to welcome us ;)

Plan is for min to min @ jalgaon..
We guys has a chance to meet together at our beloved places in jalgaon..

But apane area main kb sher nahi banega ;).. And my secure image for jalgaon wil be secure ;)


Thats it

Other than this there is routine involved all over our lives

Hole hole ho jayega pyar.. ;)


Have a good day

Feeling hungry

But no sandwitch at multiplex
Why they costs so much .. And amrya to loose money ;)

-by kb
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Monday, December 8, 2008

had perfect weekend

Mitranno Namskar

So monday is back and me in local

So how was weekend
Yep had a good time..

Upon that hectic recovering myself by saterday evening it is not possible me to have a nap ..
Clock was showing 3 am! And i was not feeling sleepy.. Listening ipod.. And no priority thinking was queuing me!

I saw a unread book.. Its always i wished to mark it as read..

So i hold 'Five Points Someone'
And i kept reading it .. Till i reached the last page.. Whats time by ? By 9 am sunday!

I reads that way..

So i comments *Must Read Book*

After that we me & chetan had been at thane for some reason..

And we decided to catch a movie @ cinemax, iternity mall

We had some time in had before it starts..

So what malls never bores you only if u have a good eye! Lol

Wondering on floors caused kb to loose thousand bucks

And having enough shopping we been in auditorium !

Tickets in A row.. Shit that ticket issuer must misinterpreted..the second ticket meant for a male.. Lol

So my right side and chetans left side seats were of couples ..
And thanks to me i m not curious in these matters

Which movie?
Ummm what i likes of mumbai movie theaters that There happens national anthem ,Before starting movie ..

So it was dil kubbady.. I liked caused me to had a good laughs at the jokes..
One thing i can tell you about movie .. It has sex *word* from start to end..

So when returned kb needed sleep.. So he slept

By evening vineet back in mumbai.. I catched him @ thane
He handed driver sw cd ..
Said cyaa him..he headed pune
Me Back to room
Formatted his pc
Done fresh installation..
Copied the 8 gb movie .. Guess it guys its ddlj!
Had one small round of it


Reached vt

Hope the couples didnt misinterpreted us as gay ;)


-by kb
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Friday, December 5, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

And we *all* says this .. Though we never wants to say this..


Wish u r destiny will have only few times where u would need to use the word... And ( though i know nothing is comparable )
You get atleast upto what u deserves!

And wish u to make aware those kash things, their importance in demanding hearts..



-by kb
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

@ni8 at vt station

Mitranno Namskar

I m going home and my train will be leaving late 1:30 am. Its 11:30 pm now and me standing @ bus stop just outside main entrance of vt all alone but observing ni8 life..
Hot can u observe ? U r writing a blog .. Yeps but kb neednt look at mobile screen most of time he got his fingures to be friend of keypad of his loving e 51!

Yeps i have practiced myself enough ;)

K now me in train had relaxed myself on my alloted bearth in my exclusive style.. Its 1 :30 am

So two hours what did u done kb .. I love long calls ;) ... Tinu was on line ..

So my backpack been checked twice at vt .. And found nothing suspecious ;)

Me carrying a dress And regular needing stuff only ..

Its a one *day* trip only..
2marow ni8 i will be in return journey..

Yeps i did have saved my leaves to attend my some known and few heartly related friends marriages..

But i have a msg for them try to marry on weekends ..

Train is running and me njoying window seat

But in the end i 2day had lots of que's unanswered .. And i was in mood to cancel the jalgaon visit..
So i choosed tinu to give a long call and to divert my mind..
Nopes it didnt worked though..

And i conveyed my mind with a answer..Needs to go in caps


It happens.. It gives joy.. Life at peek .. All is colorful.. Dreamz unlimited... Is thr Dirtance? Close eyes .. No.. All dark.. I calls it as Love

No - it hurts

yes! but no from parents .. For me just dont have courage to look into those eyes..

But tinyaa mohabbat ka naam aaj bhi mohabbat hai beta ;) dulhan usiki hoti hai jo doli main bithake ghar le aata hai..

Doli uthane ke liye ( madat huh bhai ) i have kept spare my leaves ;)

But i have a request u dear i had seen u always happy.. Whatever ,i reapeat whatever be the result i want u too be happy.. I will want to look into eyes..

Just remember

...SHOW MUST GO ON... I calls it as LIFE

At least both of u have accepted that it happened..

Lekin tinyaa apun milenge re jara discuss karana hai sala ye cast kisane banaye ..
Yahi reason hai re warna she also loves me.. ;)
Ab ye mat poonch ki konasiwali ;) he he he

Chal njoy new place and designation too


Wishes For all those including kb ;) including tinu too ;) who may match their life as the post

*TIME IS THE ANSWER* and keep the show go on.. I am and always sure that LIFE will not more unfair with you..

But if we are together no tears plz..

( when i am alone i am with kb but i dont cries but kb )

As for kb

I am there for you..

What should i wish

Wish it doesnt happens if there is not happy ending

And it answered go to sleep


Cyaaa mumbai
( dont know when i wil get network .. That wil send this post but i clicked on send menu @ 2:45 am )

-by kb
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Monday, December 1, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

I had a sufficent nap for the ni8
And so i can say gm
I remembers from my early teen age days.. whenever my sleep broke in ni8 i did visited kitchen to have some food for myself..

But 2ni8 the cause of broken sleep is moscitos..

And me after having war with them had won defeting all them with the help from net bat .. Listening chetans owed ipod shuffle..

Current song. Ishq hota nahi sabhi ke liye..

So after long *unliked* leave today i will be back to office..

Umm feeling sleepy again.. gn


-by kb
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