Monday, December 8, 2008

had perfect weekend

Mitranno Namskar

So monday is back and me in local

So how was weekend
Yep had a good time..

Upon that hectic recovering myself by saterday evening it is not possible me to have a nap ..
Clock was showing 3 am! And i was not feeling sleepy.. Listening ipod.. And no priority thinking was queuing me!

I saw a unread book.. Its always i wished to mark it as read..

So i hold 'Five Points Someone'
And i kept reading it .. Till i reached the last page.. Whats time by ? By 9 am sunday!

I reads that way..

So i comments *Must Read Book*

After that we me & chetan had been at thane for some reason..

And we decided to catch a movie @ cinemax, iternity mall

We had some time in had before it starts..

So what malls never bores you only if u have a good eye! Lol

Wondering on floors caused kb to loose thousand bucks

And having enough shopping we been in auditorium !

Tickets in A row.. Shit that ticket issuer must misinterpreted..the second ticket meant for a male.. Lol

So my right side and chetans left side seats were of couples ..
And thanks to me i m not curious in these matters

Which movie?
Ummm what i likes of mumbai movie theaters that There happens national anthem ,Before starting movie ..

So it was dil kubbady.. I liked caused me to had a good laughs at the jokes..
One thing i can tell you about movie .. It has sex *word* from start to end..

So when returned kb needed sleep.. So he slept

By evening vineet back in mumbai.. I catched him @ thane
He handed driver sw cd ..
Said cyaa him..he headed pune
Me Back to room
Formatted his pc
Done fresh installation..
Copied the 8 gb movie .. Guess it guys its ddlj!
Had one small round of it


Reached vt

Hope the couples didnt misinterpreted us as gay ;)


-by kb
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