Friday, May 30, 2008

I am changing i think

Ummmmm i always wished to change myself always.. with wat the way i live life..

i always thought lot than needed actulally.... ( my hairs turned white in that process :-( oops!! not all and i look smart if you have eyes!!! )

i use to wake early up in morning..but still need to progress ( May be wife can help me lol )

i hate habits now ( though not left all .. but i will... )

i have more soft hurt now. ( when i will have tears yaar !!! It has been years i have cried .. )

I miss my parents more..

i am tending "accept things that too as they are"

Now i considers both side of 1 thing... ( friends please forgive me if this caused hurt u in past due to my approach . i know whom i am addressing... )

--by kb !
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

on the move

Mitranno Namskar

Got free and fresh time to write something

Fresh means its end of day and i m on peak of my mood
Free bcoz i m nt on phone with my friend

I am Going to room in local while listening songs and totally blank.
So let me decide what to write
K got subject

I am willing

To buy home i will call it 'labella' .

To adopt one child and i am not sure abt he/she that depends what i will be blessed.
To make more clear i wish 2 childs in my life. I wil call my daughter 'sayi'.
If u searching son name then his name will be decided by my valentine

To marry on 14 feb 20yy

To call her 'asawary'. I just love this name

To learn music instrument.

To visit france

To speak uk english

Ok thr are so many things
But i am reaching mulund
And btw i want to make sure that my life partner is aware of all these things before she will decide to marry me.

Nw its time to talk with my dear friend

Cyaaa some other free and fresh time

-by kb
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mitranno Namskar

Sakal zali pan 'other' ahech.

Mca fail honyach dukkh mala kadhich rahnaar nahi karan tithe pass honyacha chance tar ahe

Pan other chi pariksha pan nahi deta yet ekada fail means fail

Afterall its life no retake... Shit

Pan 'aajmaun tar paha'...

-by kb
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had good? Time in pune

Mitranno Namskar

This weekend i was in pune.
I surely had good time but i really wants something other . And the fact is i know what the other is but just dont want to open u. And i believe this is my limit of opening myself.
And above all other is going to be boolean true 4 whole life. Just my mind not tending 2 accept things as they are

I dont want life in installments.

I on this beautiful night wishesh 4 u to get urself ur respective 'other'.

-by kb
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

friends teaches lot

Mitranno Namskar

Goshti milvya as mala rahun rahun vatatay Pan nahi milnaar tya.

Dev pan mhanat asel are yar kb tu jara level ch kahi magat ja

But life is gr8 ..

U never knows wen life wili satisfy u ..

Following statement is written for all my close ones
I want you in my life 4ever plz never hurt me. U hv supported me a lot . Thanks 4 knowing me

One more thing i have closed my doors for new friends.
As i have successfully converted all to be my friends whom i always wanted.

FYI : NEW FRIENDS ARE alowed but they must be friends of my friends .

-by kb
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Mitranno Namskar

Sangitachi mala asleli awad mala prakarshane janavu lagliy

Manat vichar yetoy ki ekhad vadya vajawata yayla hav

Aani harmonium mala vajavata yeyil. Shanivar ravivar mi shiku shaken class laun.

Mazya atrupt aatmyala kadachit shantata lagel jar he success zal tar..

Baghu kay hot te

Btw 'Ae bhau dok nako khau' he atul parchurench natak mi pahil magchya saterday la

Mast aahe natak

-by kb
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No .a2jdm5 tV0

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Few gr8 pal i lived in my life are from this place
And the person whom u knows as kb would be in different industry if he did nt got hand of sacc

What happened was i had given my 12th exam and wondering here and thr. I saw a board near dadawadi besides highway road 'SACC'.
I generally never misses to read ads. So i read it completely
And stopped near the word 'corba' i really liked it
Yeah i thaught c , c++ would be abcd... But corba is having weight among all listed courses
( fact is till date i dont know what the corba stands 4 )
And completed board by reading address of institute

Soon i was in the office it hardly took me 5 mins to reach thr.

I told someone that i came 4 inquiry he told me 2 w8 . Few minutes after i came across 'Yashodip Patil'. ( Many of you might be knowing him. )

I started by asking him that i want to join basic.. he said sorry, i don't teaches those primary courses... Mazya manat tar Corba cha hota.. pan mi kas vicharnaar jast advance asal tar problem vhyaycha..
mag mi vicharal ok.. mag mi vicharal ki mag mi kay shiku shakto?

sir mhatle 'C' ,( hirmod zala sal boardavar first entry 'C' chi hoti aani 'Corba' shevati shevati..)

Mag kay timepass ch karaycha hota .. mhantal sanga mag kay asat he 'C' , aani tyacyha kay phayda hoil? mag kay layich bhari vatal ho siranch aikun...

Aapan jaam impress zalo... ( aani kharach hot te... i got the exact answer which i always wants when i questions like our Tanenbaum kaka )

Mag sangital me ki i want to join for 'C' , i will come back tomorrow to confirm

aani mag siranni tyanchya library tun 'C' ch book kadhal aani mala dil.... This was style of SACC to provide standard books for respective courses course material, typically course material mhantal ki 'Binded Notes' published! by that institue astat.

mag aapan ajun impress zalo. Mi sangital sirana agodar fee tar paid karu dya , mag gheyil book.. sir mhane ki i know u will join take this book with you..

Mi kharach timepass karayala gelo hoto.. aani returned home enrolling my self for a course that too without permission of my parents.

Mag Hello World pan run kela !! that too on a very first day..

Normally class join kela ki PC vaparayla barech diwas jave lagtat....

I was fast in learning .. and he also taught in that speed , not like with other classes , that today int , tomorrow longint ;)

But i remember a student , who was really ganyaa..

what he was learning use to forget next day.. lol

Here comes 'Sunil Patil' One of my friend who use to teach thr..

So Sunil Sir use to tell him to add 2 pointers.. next day addition of 3 pointers , and this goan upto addtion of 50 pointers.. lol why? he once said to Sunil sir that he wanted to be master in Pointers , why ?, i was one who told him that if you will be master of pointers.. world will remember your name forever!!!!!!!!!

You Know na sir whom i am referring!!! the one who use to take match (cricket match) notes!!!!!!!

I remembering i had hardly done classes so till i formally i haven't completed my C class..

But i am observer , and learnt a lot of things , by just seeing practically..

because i was no more student of SACC , I became a member Of SACC Family

I use to do marketing for SACC.

Ha 'BALU Bhau' chi aathwan zali.. Hya Balu Bhau nech maza dat todlay barka...

Atta aathwanach kadhayachi asel tar mag Sunil sir,Laxman bhau, Bhushan Bhau, Rajesh Bhau he aaplyala jawalache.. Including sarvat jawalache Yashodip patil

Lihayala Baslo na tar khup lihu shaken....

I am among them who seen SACC from its start..

I really miss those days...

But just wanted to share with you guys .. this part of my life..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ratris khel chale hya gudh chandnyancha!

Mitranno Namskar

Kay pan zop bi nahi lagat ahe ka te mahit nahi

Pan kharach amach doghanch ekmekanvar khup prem ahe
Nav tar sangavach lagel

Mazya yashach (oops!) pan hech karan ahe .

Tasa maz mat tar atal ahe

'Manus na image maddhe adaklay'

Nahi samajlat?

e.g kas ahe mi blog lihito na
Mag tumhi lok hich apeksha thevnaar ki kebyaane ( i liked to called by this name too ) blog lihayala pahijel
( i created my image in front u then I hv 2 follow that )

Adakalo ki nahi image maddhe

Tas phar simple example ahe
Pan karun paha relate tumchya ayushyashi
Apan havi ti bet lavayla tayar ahe.
Apun harnewali bet nahi lagata

Ata main point ha ahe ki je kahi dukkh ahet na te hya image navachya glass phutlya mule hotat
Mi jast philosophy tar zadat nahi na
Aani keli tar keli re philosophy .. Pen mazya hatat ahe na je vatatay te lihitoy

Aamcha shekhya mala nehmi mhanto kebyaa tu tuzyach premat padlay
I agree
Pan Mag kay dusra (oops actually dusari ) ne mazyavar prem karayachi vat pahayachi

1 min dya... achanak ek song athaval
' dil bhi hai khali ghar bhi hai khaali isame rahegi koi himmatwali jise meri yaad aaye jab chahe chali aye' contact number khali ahe maza

Tar point is
'Manus na image maddhe adaklay'

-by kb
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Monday, May 12, 2008

4 Diwas Premache..

Finally I got the way to live life...

I have decided to hit theater  each  saterday/sunday as it will be possible..  In short i fot a hobby, now i can say i have a hobby !!!
If u too want to live go and see Marathee Plays

Last sunday i saw "char diwas premache" @ Gadkari Rangyatan in Thane..

and the whole day i reserved , was really deserved

Prashant Damle, Savita Prabhune , Arun nalavade just amazing , what a live acting..

and i now am disparately waiting for Weekend.

ummmmm I know  following not matters to u ,

but i planned to give up my basic habit.. 

And I Love माय मराठी  oops Urecaa!!!!  i should post my blogs in marathee yaar , k done ..

w8 and watch "Duniya dekhati rah jayegi mere yaar...."

by kb !
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

i am really sorry i am posting this

Mitranno Namskar
Ek pyar ka nagma hai
Maujo ki ravani hai
Jindagi aur kuch bhi nahi teri meri kahani hai

I am sry i couldnt typed so fast

Next song

Kabhi kabhi mere dil main...

Just Ultimatete

I m nt in one of them who forgets things

Next song

Kahin door jab din dhal jaye
From lataji...
I m writing while

Aaja re dilabar aja dil ki pyas bhuja ja re... Noorie

Udya i m in

-by kb
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Friday, May 9, 2008

i have faith in god

Mitranno Namskar

Gm from local
I hv planned nw to explorer my world to all u
I m gonna write abt my friends,peoples i came across
Someday i wil be writing abt my enimies also
Afterall i m crazy to keep my blog alieve
One news to share with u
I hv requested one of my designer friend to change blog look afterall its my page. And he has agreed to do this.

Now sharing me

In morning when i wakes up i finds that i am angree with all in this world.

Why things never goes as expected .
What if god grants mans first wish. There gonna certainly happen conflictions .
E.g. My wish vs her wish and god is not going to take this tension . He knows what kb has to do on this earth.
I dont know but what i know that i can always write all t.his

God u plz dont consider her wish tuza navas fedin

-by kb
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

the 3 mistakes of my life

Hit Book Stores for the book .. after all its from Chetan Bhagat...

Realising 2day....

by kb !
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

at end of the day

Mitranno Namskar

Ummm delicious cake
FYI - match was used insted formal candles
Joke @ higher level ( bc )
Have u seen "sarfarosh" ?
No sonali so no candles!

-by kb
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ummmm its my bday 2day

Mitranno Namskar

All Wished me but one!

Inviting u 4 champagne party

Exams r over and i will be wating 4 results nw ,
So that i can celebrate my life having my mood always on

Baki sarv majet ... As always!

-by kb
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Olakha Pahu

Mitranno Namskar

Updates : Jalgav is hot
Ai aani vc cha paper nighayla pahijel.
Ghari maza album maddhe ek "athawan" sapdali
Believe me mala ha snap khup aawdato
Tashi photo tali mulagi sundar aahe na.
Ha snap maj javal mazya 3rd std pasun ahe phar japun thevlay.
Mike var mazya class teacher ahet Mrs.Saudankar.
Mrs.Sunita Bhave hya tya veles head mistress hotya (Hirvya sareetlya).
Ani shala aanandi bai javdekar
I just love dhule. Aapal vatat
Khup aathwani korlya gelelya ahet.
Fyi : stay tuned for snaps that includes me!

-by kb
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