Friday, May 30, 2008

I am changing i think

Ummmmm i always wished to change myself always.. with wat the way i live life..

i always thought lot than needed actulally.... ( my hairs turned white in that process :-( oops!! not all and i look smart if you have eyes!!! )

i use to wake early up in morning..but still need to progress ( May be wife can help me lol )

i hate habits now ( though not left all .. but i will... )

i have more soft hurt now. ( when i will have tears yaar !!! It has been years i have cried .. )

I miss my parents more..

i am tending "accept things that too as they are"

Now i considers both side of 1 thing... ( friends please forgive me if this caused hurt u in past due to my approach . i know whom i am addressing... )

--by kb !
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Anonymous said...

it is nice to read ki u r missing u r parents it must have to realise too early as we were dissused with u thousand of time,by the way now it very good change as u r saying in blog.
keep the changing because only change is parmanet in life.

Anonymous said...

u heart me many times so mazi mafi mag

Sudhir said...

Its always a good news to read/hear that someone is tending to quit habits as long as those habits are bad......
Softening of edges & thinking of the other side of coin are the mutual processes...thank God they started....
With this kind of adaptation of U will be a gentleman within a year......
We have to miss horny KB....
Its nice.....
Keep it up....

kebyaa said...


Yeah its true


Nahi magitali tar... ;)


ummmmmm horny kb lol