Wednesday, November 25, 2009

missing writing

Mitranno Namskar

And the reason is i want to make less use of keypad of my loving device

I had just renovation of it, costing kebyaa a 5.5 k
It has new original body
Solved issue of speaker
Scratch guard
Lather case
And a bluetooth

And its again functioning gr8

Ah btw
How is kb's married life

Good going guys
I am having daily a quality food

Swati is being beilieved by myself to eat as most as she can ;) i know she is getting adjusted with her this new change


I have a legal gas connection

Shopping for necessary things are almost done

We dont need much to pay for vegitables , cause we eat mostaly pulses supplied all the way from jalgaon ;)

I do njoying cooking for dinner

Swati cooks well though
The office tiffin is shared by only n only kb ;)

I have some time teaching swati related to computer languages
Currently java is on list

I have now first class season ticket

Smoking reduced satisfactorly

At the time i am writing this i have gave interview on oops in mumbai
At least i know the questions

I guess interviewer satisfied with same

A free advice

Be clear for what are things like, loves, matters for u with u r spouce.

I first time got experience being in mnc, nihilent pune
And was amazed to see their setup

Since i have left webo i am adjusting myself to woke up early.

Swati is at hometown so njoying freedom
At last she know how much friends i have

Cyaaa guys
I m keeping my show go on ;)

-by kb
Reach me @+91 9987550949

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