Thursday, February 28, 2008

For Those Who Missed Gold Medal

Sunil my friend got gold medal at North Maharshtra University in  Convocation Ceremony - 23 Feb 2008 For being top scorer in MCA
I am Very glad to present this.
Congr8es  Sunyaaaa  , I wish u always success in what ever you will do dear.
I have others too , If anybody interested i can send more

by kb !

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feb 27

Ha diwas Marathee bhasha diwas aahe..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mi Samarthan karto...

by kb !

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine day special..

Kay kashach valentine, kon valentine..

purn diwas kamat gela.. aani vishesh mhanaje aathwan pan nahi aali.. hey hey hey...

pan aata diwasa akher aalich.. vatal.. lok aaj ghabartay mhane 30 te 35 rs cha gulab.. tine fakt ho mhanav....

ek sangto.. dil tutlelyansathi.. gan aika "Do battein ho sakati hai..." mast aahe... tevadach aadhar.. 

aani je couple aahet tyana lakh lakh shubheccha.. wish u a very happy valentine day.. be together always...

baki kahi nahi ..

chala parat back to work..

typahile no mhan naryansathi " Say No But With Love"  ©  since 1984

by kb !

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vineet (no Punch Line )

Vineet  (Why he use to call himself DON didn't understand )

One of my friend ( Layi diwansanpasun tharvil hot kahitari lihu)

But if u say U know vineet, don't say.. Just to write something i am writing this....
I got always confused when commenting abt vineet..
And ofcourse i have quarrled (spell misteke thr?? Let it be..)  with him..

But the days we enjoyed i at the same time he  will not forget..

why ask him.. he is better narrator than any from us ..

It Was very good expr with knowing vineet kumar.. yaar i hate  this formal calling to friends..
You wanna know how do we call each other...??

ya i m sharing it with u..

i ask him "Aur vineet bhau?" And then the smile comes.. and he answers "Bas kb bhau".
and ofcourse these statements dont require any ocassion...

Many of the things he follows as per SOP(to understand this u need to get training from company which is not SW company) .. And yes if it against SOP. . It has to be converted to included under SOP..

But at the same time he is got a good heart. So we knows each other. (BTW this statement holds for all my friends huh).

He is from amongs who left their *Mark* behind....

Btw he is in this world huh.. now shifted to "Infi".

Infi?? hyaa... its not his destination ofcourse.. Our wishesh are always with him to achieve what he wants..  After all He deserves to Have Something ,*someOne* (oops hai kya koi vineet bhau)
by kb !

Kay bhau kas suru aahe.. haan bhau aapan pan marathee barka...

From Last two days.. Mumbai has been changed .. In particular it can be said that mumbai got voice.. And it well reflected through poem...

by kb !