Tuesday, May 19, 2009

7th 8th n 9th

Mitranno Namskar

N i attended meetings

It seems i will nt need attending more pohe..

Choice will be from 7th and 9th

N i guess reply is yes from both

I will be happy with anyone
But at the same time will find hard time when need to say no from my side..
So request to god is move things ahead with one n other should say no from their side
But if ball will be in my court then i will talk with the girl personally whom i think it is must to talk

i think in chat the girl was expecting more talk.. pops n their family are knowing well .. It seemed me the girl was ignored..

I can imagin her expectation..


I m checked out whether i m really holding a job!
Yep i meet a relative from one of the family at my company ;)

I m going to room
Guess who is waiting at room!
No other than kundya
Saheb aaj party chya mood madhe distay!

-by kb
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

best luck dost

Mitranno Namskar

I m going to jal by 8029 obviously for pohe numbered 7 nt n 8th
But 2marow is more important to kundya..
Its 17th may n upsc exam is scheduled..
So without enterning into details i wishes him .. Kundya u will crack it!.. Best luck..
N i hope we will sit together n celebrate with joy!
Gn tc
Its 00;15 am

-by kb
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Friday, May 15, 2009

a decision

Mitranno Namskar

I m nt happy with that tailor from mulund who took rs 600 a dress , he is selfish who used exact quantity a dress would require.. Having tried the first dress i turned off..

A dress that too with raymonds fine fabric .. Can certainly be tailored well..
Pant is ok but shirt is skin tight having a palm size huge pocket ! I was like to tell him what u learnt fron u r 33 years exp.. The button are king size! Phew! he made all his effort to make shirt ugly.
N kb advised him to replace the buttons with sober size .. Told him to reduce the pocket size.. Also he said he will loosen it..

I just hope he understood what formals should look..
N make other dress as worth as make me smile ..

But the decision is i will never try tailor from mumbai.. More over i wil tel my pops to purchase the cloth of there choice.. And the tailor from jalgaon..
N i will surely mention he has gr8 choice..

To err is human.. ;)

Btw i took decision.. And i could say no to amrya!
N he is nt happy!
But i m too happy that i could take a open eyed decision having keeping a side his influence on me!
But the result is he wil nt recieve my call..
And i m fearing bc will leave both us!
No .. No that couldnt happen!
Bhai jada din gussa nahi honeka huh!
Chal cyaaa

I m at vt

-by kb
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Monday, May 4, 2009

lucky girl

Mitranno Namskar

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Prasad Thombre
U have a very happy married life
So vainy i must say u will be happiest wife from the world i know.

Here is how

Prasad .. Ummm sorry but i calls him thombya.. Infact i am use to call him..

The most matured person i have ever meet.

The greatest ability he has is to turn anybody on.. Wheather he/she is 2 years or in 60's
Certainly the person has so called sense of humor..at the same time a professional having knowledge in networking...

I been at his home a day be4 yesterday that reminded me a incident..

Thombya has been mixed well with our group.. And later we even cant think without him..

He use to flurt with xyz ;)
N he somehow found her birth day.. I m remembering it was in feb 23 or so..
N this man caused us to believe that feb 23 is his bday ..
So on 22th feb we 7 ppls managed somehow and reached his home in midc at 12 am !
With us, mavashi aunti got crazy.. lol n thombya was too feared to come outside..
He i guess didnt thinked be4 that we ppls might come to wish him..
When asked he said it wasnt his but her's .. Phew ..

Shivyanchi lakholi zalyanantar
We celebrated the girls bday..
Obviously thombya cut the cake

This might be 1st case where person's (who is live) bday celebrated by someone else!

Haa but this caused him to loose a couple thousand bucks to throw party on his bday..

N this was my first party i attended.. N got meaning what a bday party means..

He likes maths ;)
N i had njoyed him teaching maths..
Thank god he passed that subject .. Otherwise he have that guts to make feel shy!

He is the one who keeps the promises made..

More over what i likes abt him is to prove ..

I didnt had seen him in tense for a single time.. Hes fast enough to find alternative n move ahead..

This man has gr8 presentation n communication skills.. I personally beileve no one from my knowns has this level..

If he wouldnt change his rining number.. I will never need to store his number!

Fish.. Mine previous number too lasted for 5 years..

But nw the race will be bet thombya n pankya..

I will surely mention.. pankya i liked u were thr at wedding
We had our dance shoot wid my mobile

Aso .. i had been lucky to have him as friend...

Mrs Ashwini Prasad Thombre u r lucky to have him as u r life partner..

N yes my gift is due ..

U both have happy n satisfied married life..

Thombya bho layi khush ashin mang tu aate .. ( reply will be.. Tu radshin ka bho! ) chal Have njoy life mitra..

Chal mang bhetu nantar

Vt le pohchala mi ;)


-by kb
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

active match

Mitranno Namskar

Its nasik came n me going to jalgaon by neeta

N i m feeling less sleepy.. So thought why nt to write post

First of all i attended pohe number 5 th

I even nt talked on my xperience at pohe number 4

So 4th n 5th both r heighted n helth than me.. N i should nt mention but 'woh masumiyat nahi chehre par'

So i will be continuing search

Ha had good time with communicating with 5th of my list

As the girl is working .. So typical q such as what next nt needed.

4th number is learning

And i should say sorry as i judged her wrongly.

Just a topic came n i asked what word from engraji is for 'alankar'

I guess she answered correctly

But i was in assumption that 'metaphor' is the word

Haa sunya thanks for confirming word

It is 'figure of speech' ;)

Baki kay word ahe na

Figure of... ;)


I was having my time with orkut yesterday

N the first word i uttered was


I knew always there exists active girls in this world ..

The exact *something* which strives me always .. She have that!

N i m searching exactly same kind of girl..

But among my parents built list..

N i guess they wil start taking tension.. They want to sigh ASAP. They only know kiran is their's son.. But are unknown with the essence called kb in kiran


N i couldnt help them with matter of marriage.. They i think in assumption that looks matters more for kiran..

Ummmm it matters but i couldnt express my defination of activeness to them which matters more for kb than anything..


Their list is emptying as i m eating each pohe

What could i do but.. I m bored with pohe!

So i hope i will be meeting families which are arranging diff menu ;)

Fyi : i know what u thinking that kb thinks its kind of joke of attending more n more pohe.. for them have a look at my past posts tagged with marriage process..

Also i think i m good in judging .. And its afterall one time decision .. Has to be OK/Tested .

But somebody like voila girl ( i dont know how she looks .. To emphasaise how much looks matters for me.. ) ..

Here me out ( dreaming... Can certainly .. Its night time .. Lol )

Aur is gaane ke sath vachako se main vida lena chahata hoon.

Rat apani charan seema par aagayi hai .. Malegaon bhi gaya hai..

To her :

'Aap jaisa koi meri jindagi main aaye.. To baat ban jaye..Haan haan baat ban jaye!'


Sd to me..


Clickd at 4 am to send this post..

Update: - This post was expected to be posted on saterday at 5 am ... but dont know what happnd .. mobile emails weren't get sending..

-by kb

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