Saturday, May 17, 2008


Few gr8 pal i lived in my life are from this place
And the person whom u knows as kb would be in different industry if he did nt got hand of sacc

What happened was i had given my 12th exam and wondering here and thr. I saw a board near dadawadi besides highway road 'SACC'.
I generally never misses to read ads. So i read it completely
And stopped near the word 'corba' i really liked it
Yeah i thaught c , c++ would be abcd... But corba is having weight among all listed courses
( fact is till date i dont know what the corba stands 4 )
And completed board by reading address of institute

Soon i was in the office it hardly took me 5 mins to reach thr.

I told someone that i came 4 inquiry he told me 2 w8 . Few minutes after i came across 'Yashodip Patil'. ( Many of you might be knowing him. )

I started by asking him that i want to join basic.. he said sorry, i don't teaches those primary courses... Mazya manat tar Corba cha hota.. pan mi kas vicharnaar jast advance asal tar problem vhyaycha..
mag mi vicharal ok.. mag mi vicharal ki mag mi kay shiku shakto?

sir mhatle 'C' ,( hirmod zala sal boardavar first entry 'C' chi hoti aani 'Corba' shevati shevati..)

Mag kay timepass ch karaycha hota .. mhantal sanga mag kay asat he 'C' , aani tyacyha kay phayda hoil? mag kay layich bhari vatal ho siranch aikun...

Aapan jaam impress zalo... ( aani kharach hot te... i got the exact answer which i always wants when i questions like our Tanenbaum kaka )

Mag sangital me ki i want to join for 'C' , i will come back tomorrow to confirm

aani mag siranni tyanchya library tun 'C' ch book kadhal aani mala dil.... This was style of SACC to provide standard books for respective courses course material, typically course material mhantal ki 'Binded Notes' published! by that institue astat.

mag aapan ajun impress zalo. Mi sangital sirana agodar fee tar paid karu dya , mag gheyil book.. sir mhane ki i know u will join take this book with you..

Mi kharach timepass karayala gelo hoto.. aani returned home enrolling my self for a course that too without permission of my parents.

Mag Hello World pan run kela !! that too on a very first day..

Normally class join kela ki PC vaparayla barech diwas jave lagtat....

I was fast in learning .. and he also taught in that speed , not like with other classes , that today int , tomorrow longint ;)

But i remember a student , who was really ganyaa..

what he was learning use to forget next day.. lol

Here comes 'Sunil Patil' One of my friend who use to teach thr..

So Sunil Sir use to tell him to add 2 pointers.. next day addition of 3 pointers , and this goan upto addtion of 50 pointers.. lol why? he once said to Sunil sir that he wanted to be master in Pointers , why ?, i was one who told him that if you will be master of pointers.. world will remember your name forever!!!!!!!!!

You Know na sir whom i am referring!!! the one who use to take match (cricket match) notes!!!!!!!

I remembering i had hardly done classes so till i formally i haven't completed my C class..

But i am observer , and learnt a lot of things , by just seeing practically..

because i was no more student of SACC , I became a member Of SACC Family

I use to do marketing for SACC.

Ha 'BALU Bhau' chi aathwan zali.. Hya Balu Bhau nech maza dat todlay barka...

Atta aathwanach kadhayachi asel tar mag Sunil sir,Laxman bhau, Bhushan Bhau, Rajesh Bhau he aaplyala jawalache.. Including sarvat jawalache Yashodip patil

Lihayala Baslo na tar khup lihu shaken....

I am among them who seen SACC from its start..

I really miss those days...

But just wanted to share with you guys .. this part of my life..


Umesh Aawte said...

Sorry I could not read that big blog ..
Please write some naration bellow
the blog.
Rest was nice.

Amol Pandit said...

Hye KB good blog
Keep it up

Unknown said...

Nice thouhts.
Keep it up!!!