Wednesday, November 25, 2009

missing writing

Mitranno Namskar

And the reason is i want to make less use of keypad of my loving device

I had just renovation of it, costing kebyaa a 5.5 k
It has new original body
Solved issue of speaker
Scratch guard
Lather case
And a bluetooth

And its again functioning gr8

Ah btw
How is kb's married life

Good going guys
I am having daily a quality food

Swati is being beilieved by myself to eat as most as she can ;) i know she is getting adjusted with her this new change


I have a legal gas connection

Shopping for necessary things are almost done

We dont need much to pay for vegitables , cause we eat mostaly pulses supplied all the way from jalgaon ;)

I do njoying cooking for dinner

Swati cooks well though
The office tiffin is shared by only n only kb ;)

I have some time teaching swati related to computer languages
Currently java is on list

I have now first class season ticket

Smoking reduced satisfactorly

At the time i am writing this i have gave interview on oops in mumbai
At least i know the questions

I guess interviewer satisfied with same

A free advice

Be clear for what are things like, loves, matters for u with u r spouce.

I first time got experience being in mnc, nihilent pune
And was amazed to see their setup

Since i have left webo i am adjusting myself to woke up early.

Swati is at hometown so njoying freedom
At last she know how much friends i have

Cyaaa guys
I m keeping my show go on ;)

-by kb
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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Mitranno Namskar

We own a new home at jalgaon now
And i have desire to name it Nirmal again the name we have related with.
Nirmala is moms name and pops named our home at dhule was Nirmal
We dont own that now
So we can use the patent once again ;)

Tune red fm in morning for malishka and radio city late midnight for pravin

I just love both shows and form one more reason to love mumbai

Neway will be reaching at work ontime nearby

Btw did i mensioned i liked 'definetely,maybe' if u got chance dont skip

Gm guys

Hey vishnu remembered u
Hi dude


-by kb
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Mitranno Namskar

Cant justify i should call it happy moment or what

When i was searching job webo was my dream
Only i know how desperately i waited for that single mail which encloses offer later

I got it and the world was mine.
Chima u made it possible
i can guess there is misunderstanding bet us
But believe me u r just gr8 friend i want always.

I joined i worked i learnt i got chance to prove so proved i enjoyed work

N today its a different day there is turning situation i ultimately want to grow more
Want more explosure
So need to shift

But what i got

I got chance to come up as se

I got chance to live in mumbai

I got my wished bonding
Yeah panu if u remembers we used to chat when i joined and make me scolded ;)

I got ( i suppose ) to know one personality .. I hope u think me as friend ( i guess yes )... ( yep i would have happy if things were happend ) i will ummm cant forget u ..anyways thanks for everything


Here i am now
Happy in the end
Going to carry my experiences
Cheers for good times


-by kb
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

ruk ruk o janaaa

Mitranno Namskar

Singing a song in gathering was my desire in college days
But i couldnt did that ;) due to my unique voice

Though in my last year of graduation i got strong desire

So i chosen title track ..
And i thought i can sing the song atleast with matching rhythm

It was fun practicing singing
And the incident remind me cos i m listning fm
Helping to ease me

Neway let me tune with next frequency

Have a good one

Reached mulund

-by kb
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

when calculations turns wrong

Mitranno Namskar

No openings no hike
Karein bhi to kya karein

Perhaps my time didnt came yet
And this is testing of my patience.

Not in mood to write more


-by kb
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

nothing costs to dreaming

Mitranno Namskar

At 4 mob rang with mail alert
Its from a company which kb has found in the process of job hunt

Lil Background

He explored most of companies web pages
He said voila
He scaned intw process and he was stunned

A company whr not a single employee is ganya ( like me ;) )

He said himself beta kb are re resume pathavaychi bi himmat nahi

2 days he was thinking should or should not to send

Finally he sent the resume and the next moment he thought u did one more bc

I convince myself with a thought kb stupid looj at u r resume does it is worth for a company , the hr will safely move it to trash
And what if they get back?
Ummm i will then say na no i am not looking for job

Aso they are back to me
And the hr ? No recruitment specialliest mentiones
A must go through process then n they will arange a telephonic intw
(thank god they didnt sent my resume to trash ;) may be they impressed on my bravery ;) )

Now the ball is in my court !
It has a long time i played with 'C' pitch (look i just reserved statement if i fails )
But not the thinking process that helps me to be on pitch!


Code speaks for itself!

Gn folks

-by kb
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Monday, August 10, 2009

taking help

Mitranno Namskar

I dont like to ask help from my parents .. Cause then they has/can have control over the things which i does and what i likes

I pay avg 1k to airtel
They upon noticing will have an issue.. But they cant tell me until i take any help from them

I listens from few

I am married and i sure need to cut off mobile bills , coz ethically i am the one who is care of person for my spouce

But all this i want to implement by my own

Their is better statement to explain this

मान्य आहे की मी जास्त पावसाळे पाहीले नसतील पण मी पाहीलेल्या पावसाळयात पाऊस पडलाच नाही अस्स नाहीय !

Point is i do also want to experience carrying ahead my life anyhow

So my aim is to wait at most till oct for job hunting in pune otherwise we will live at one of the most happening place of world!

My dad blamed always i couldnt passed mca in time
And i got its realisation when i couldnt satisfy the walkin criteria of tcs hear in mumbai

Reapeating someones statement

When i realised my father was right , i had a son who thinks i am wrong!!

try try never cry world no stops with tcs ;)

Reaching mulund in few

-by kb
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

do study only

Mitranno Namskar

Kundya, u did it n i m happy for u friend dearest
U have cracked the entrance exam for upsc!


Go ahead steady, be attentive .. And the world will be urs

And reserve u r 2day ( meant evening :) ) till then do study only

Chal cyaaaa

-by kb
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When ways are blocked they welcomes u!

Mitranno Namskar

Kb has lots of dues

N he doesnt have a single penny of his own

Only he is can think of dues ,

His fast mind has suddenly turned slow.

Even bc is not an answer
Bc requires u have something ( money most times)

He didnt got his sal from past two months

He had thought he would save some amount from his salary
But whr is the money!

When ways are blocked they welcomes u!

Aso show must go on (as far as possible)

Reached vt

P.s- dont fear kb airtel wouldnt be unfair with u , u are valuble customer for them .

-by kb
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

staying tunned

Mitranno Namskar

I couldnt sent emails from last 20 days using device

Finally Needed change in data plan
nw all is set
But i have messed up with phone book n i lost all contacts

i will be needing a week or so to stay tunned

Njoying push mails !

Enough for now

-by kb
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

changed parameters

Mitranno Namskar

Kosla-रेषमाचा किडा रेषम नीर्मित करता करता स्वत त्यात गुरफ़टुन मरतो .

From my so called experiences uptil.. I found myself to be in same situations

I dreams..
Each time i avoids . But all parameters u cant decide
So changed parameters changes dreams too!

I guess/hope these changed parameters leads to solution

But when!
And that needs again dreaming.. Yeah day dreaming

Stucked in dadar .. From 20 min.. Trains r running slow

Hope to reach asap in office

Ah haa train ran ;)

-by kb
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Monday, June 29, 2009

verbal miss u

Mitranno Namskar

Yeah m back with blogging

Tata indi is well utilized ;)

Ummmm Statements nt forming to be written over here

So i ends for 2day

Reached vt


-by kb

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

life is colorful

Mitranno Namskar


Delhi ab dur nahi mere dosto

She is swati..

And 16th june we will be tied in a knot ..
N u r invited

And that comes with a package of responsibilities..
I just hope all things will go well, n i pass in the role of life partner

I been engaged with long calls.. Didnt finding time to write ..

Aso, i m happily experiencing this time span

But the scanned wedding card is drafted..
I hope it does appear as sent items today

I been busy with project work..

I will be leaving on 12th ni8 by 8029 .. Kundya going to give me company at jalgaon

As i wil nt be bachelor anymore finding house is easy now ;) preferrably at kalwa
Following is only for u swati

Hey honey,

I welcomes u in my life
And lets live so called our life!

U have a very sweet voice

P.s - my most of time is going in talking.. Which causing we know each other..

-by kb
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

7th 8th n 9th

Mitranno Namskar

N i attended meetings

It seems i will nt need attending more pohe..

Choice will be from 7th and 9th

N i guess reply is yes from both

I will be happy with anyone
But at the same time will find hard time when need to say no from my side..
So request to god is move things ahead with one n other should say no from their side
But if ball will be in my court then i will talk with the girl personally whom i think it is must to talk

i think in chat the girl was expecting more talk.. pops n their family are knowing well .. It seemed me the girl was ignored..

I can imagin her expectation..


I m checked out whether i m really holding a job!
Yep i meet a relative from one of the family at my company ;)

I m going to room
Guess who is waiting at room!
No other than kundya
Saheb aaj party chya mood madhe distay!

-by kb
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

best luck dost

Mitranno Namskar

I m going to jal by 8029 obviously for pohe numbered 7 nt n 8th
But 2marow is more important to kundya..
Its 17th may n upsc exam is scheduled..
So without enterning into details i wishes him .. Kundya u will crack it!.. Best luck..
N i hope we will sit together n celebrate with joy!
Gn tc
Its 00;15 am

-by kb
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Friday, May 15, 2009

a decision

Mitranno Namskar

I m nt happy with that tailor from mulund who took rs 600 a dress , he is selfish who used exact quantity a dress would require.. Having tried the first dress i turned off..

A dress that too with raymonds fine fabric .. Can certainly be tailored well..
Pant is ok but shirt is skin tight having a palm size huge pocket ! I was like to tell him what u learnt fron u r 33 years exp.. The button are king size! Phew! he made all his effort to make shirt ugly.
N kb advised him to replace the buttons with sober size .. Told him to reduce the pocket size.. Also he said he will loosen it..

I just hope he understood what formals should look..
N make other dress as worth as make me smile ..

But the decision is i will never try tailor from mumbai.. More over i wil tel my pops to purchase the cloth of there choice.. And the tailor from jalgaon..
N i will surely mention he has gr8 choice..

To err is human.. ;)

Btw i took decision.. And i could say no to amrya!
N he is nt happy!
But i m too happy that i could take a open eyed decision having keeping a side his influence on me!
But the result is he wil nt recieve my call..
And i m fearing bc will leave both us!
No .. No that couldnt happen!
Bhai jada din gussa nahi honeka huh!
Chal cyaaa

I m at vt

-by kb
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Monday, May 4, 2009

lucky girl

Mitranno Namskar

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Prasad Thombre
U have a very happy married life
So vainy i must say u will be happiest wife from the world i know.

Here is how

Prasad .. Ummm sorry but i calls him thombya.. Infact i am use to call him..

The most matured person i have ever meet.

The greatest ability he has is to turn anybody on.. Wheather he/she is 2 years or in 60's
Certainly the person has so called sense of the same time a professional having knowledge in networking...

I been at his home a day be4 yesterday that reminded me a incident..

Thombya has been mixed well with our group.. And later we even cant think without him..

He use to flurt with xyz ;)
N he somehow found her birth day.. I m remembering it was in feb 23 or so..
N this man caused us to believe that feb 23 is his bday ..
So on 22th feb we 7 ppls managed somehow and reached his home in midc at 12 am !
With us, mavashi aunti got crazy.. lol n thombya was too feared to come outside..
He i guess didnt thinked be4 that we ppls might come to wish him..
When asked he said it wasnt his but her's .. Phew ..

Shivyanchi lakholi zalyanantar
We celebrated the girls bday..
Obviously thombya cut the cake

This might be 1st case where person's (who is live) bday celebrated by someone else!

Haa but this caused him to loose a couple thousand bucks to throw party on his bday..

N this was my first party i attended.. N got meaning what a bday party means..

He likes maths ;)
N i had njoyed him teaching maths..
Thank god he passed that subject .. Otherwise he have that guts to make feel shy!

He is the one who keeps the promises made..

More over what i likes abt him is to prove ..

I didnt had seen him in tense for a single time.. Hes fast enough to find alternative n move ahead..

This man has gr8 presentation n communication skills.. I personally beileve no one from my knowns has this level..

If he wouldnt change his rining number.. I will never need to store his number!

Fish.. Mine previous number too lasted for 5 years..

But nw the race will be bet thombya n pankya..

I will surely mention.. pankya i liked u were thr at wedding
We had our dance shoot wid my mobile

Aso .. i had been lucky to have him as friend...

Mrs Ashwini Prasad Thombre u r lucky to have him as u r life partner..

N yes my gift is due ..

U both have happy n satisfied married life..

Thombya bho layi khush ashin mang tu aate .. ( reply will be.. Tu radshin ka bho! ) chal Have njoy life mitra..

Chal mang bhetu nantar

Vt le pohchala mi ;)


-by kb
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

active match

Mitranno Namskar

Its nasik came n me going to jalgaon by neeta

N i m feeling less sleepy.. So thought why nt to write post

First of all i attended pohe number 5 th

I even nt talked on my xperience at pohe number 4

So 4th n 5th both r heighted n helth than me.. N i should nt mention but 'woh masumiyat nahi chehre par'

So i will be continuing search

Ha had good time with communicating with 5th of my list

As the girl is working .. So typical q such as what next nt needed.

4th number is learning

And i should say sorry as i judged her wrongly.

Just a topic came n i asked what word from engraji is for 'alankar'

I guess she answered correctly

But i was in assumption that 'metaphor' is the word

Haa sunya thanks for confirming word

It is 'figure of speech' ;)

Baki kay word ahe na

Figure of... ;)


I was having my time with orkut yesterday

N the first word i uttered was


I knew always there exists active girls in this world ..

The exact *something* which strives me always .. She have that!

N i m searching exactly same kind of girl..

But among my parents built list..

N i guess they wil start taking tension.. They want to sigh ASAP. They only know kiran is their's son.. But are unknown with the essence called kb in kiran


N i couldnt help them with matter of marriage.. They i think in assumption that looks matters more for kiran..

Ummmm it matters but i couldnt express my defination of activeness to them which matters more for kb than anything..


Their list is emptying as i m eating each pohe

What could i do but.. I m bored with pohe!

So i hope i will be meeting families which are arranging diff menu ;)

Fyi : i know what u thinking that kb thinks its kind of joke of attending more n more pohe.. for them have a look at my past posts tagged with marriage process..

Also i think i m good in judging .. And its afterall one time decision .. Has to be OK/Tested .

But somebody like voila girl ( i dont know how she looks .. To emphasaise how much looks matters for me.. ) ..

Here me out ( dreaming... Can certainly .. Its night time .. Lol )

Aur is gaane ke sath vachako se main vida lena chahata hoon.

Rat apani charan seema par aagayi hai .. Malegaon bhi gaya hai..

To her :

'Aap jaisa koi meri jindagi main aaye.. To baat ban jaye..Haan haan baat ban jaye!'


Sd to me..


Clickd at 4 am to send this post..

Update: - This post was expected to be posted on saterday at 5 am ... but dont know what happnd .. mobile emails weren't get sending..

-by kb

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

q of life but nt of death!

Mitranno Namskar

N kb hopes all things will go well.. As he knows the imp things in life that in present/will (should nt actually) matter for someone..

N i m wating for d result..

If the result is boolean true .. No need to worry..
I will w8 till i can convince myself to w8..

Most of my life decisions had been through if n else
Ha but need to mention i keeps both blocks effective ..

So the title turned that way

Wht happnd though i am with dot net , i had been in love with c familly :)
So thats the reason i knows pros n cons of a thing..

Ha i will be here on 30th as the pohe number 4 is scheduled

Will like to be on 2nd in jal.. I m meeting one of few luckiest lady in my opinion on 3rd..
Ha will introduce with her for sure..

Aso i was having some deep thought for a few at office with myself.. And i got a cool suggestion

Take as it comes..
It meant life!

So best luck guys keeping the punch line always with u!


-by kb
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Anand Swar Bhuvani (आनंद स्वर भुवनी )

Mitranno Namskar

It was gr8 weekend

I attended the titled program in savatri bai fule natyamandir at dombivali presented by Ashok patki n Shridhar phadke
So how was it ?
I queutiones u.. How it could be?
These gr8 peoples hardly arranges program n how kbyaa could miss it!
After all this is one of the things i likes..

Though it was repeatation for me the patki's part.. I njoyed though listening him again.. Madhuri karamkar hyaveles pan hotya.. Ani dis char zale man he jenvha tya mhantat tenvha once more zalyashivay rahat nahi! Gr8 voice

Shridhar phadke the class n original score
Tyanchya sathila vidyaji ( sorry surname visarlo )..
Wah kya baat hai!

Those 3 houred program no thought from remaining world entered my mind..

And the fluate played by ninad ( i guess vadhavkar) stunned me ..

Thoda santap :
Why thr is no direct relation bet me n music.. I m seriously thinking on it ..


Look mrs kb at pic.. i have gift 4 u ;)
Reaching vt in few
Oh i m thursty let me take a sip .. I started carrying water bag too!

Btw the product is of very good quality n with very good cost too.. If u need same i suggest go for it.
Its tiffine box btw

K then

Nw started week.. Let me come to practical world

So cyaaa

-by kb
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

fucking mistakes @ 11th hour

Mitranno Namskar

Phew phew phew phew

Cant help to utter myself once more

Let me utter again PHEW!


May be understood by dot net working peoples

I used <asp:datalist></asp:datalist> all over in the application i m working on..

The development browser i uses ie

Why? why it is so loose constrained in regards of html markup generated by a server page ??

It rendered correctly the templates of datalist on ie .. Ahh so nice na!
Sn kb started building pages as and when the application demanded..
It turned there to be around 13 pages using the mentioned server tag

1) deadlind was 3rd april !
2) kb got swelling for his front side theeth on 2nd.. And in any condition its not possible for him that he can even stand
3) but the base application is ready by 1st , so only applying css design and correcting english messages was remaining
4) kb was at office still as the app flow and logic for implementation only he knew by then

Kb wants to say thanks to his mate sudhir .. He took the responsibility and kb got time to take physical + mental rest

So the designer applyed css

And fish!

It incorectly renderes other than ie

Thank god kb once read somewhere ' if u want to control html rendered go for repeater'

Having able to stand atleast kb thought let convert single page
Using repeater

He did and voila !

So needed to convert remaing ones

So finally i could stand on saterday

So kb put his hand over keyboard..
N converted one by one

Ask kb how many issues exists when a site needs to go live

And kb learn a lot new things in very short time!

Thank you nilesh, manoj for ur help

N sudhir u rocks on the work.. I njoyes working with u

Ahh prashant pls be aware i like the <div> tag most
Newways hatz off to u
U broke my record of being wake for 3 nights!
N dont worry i will never use datalist ;)

As the blog is public i will avoid the url address mentioning here but to friends.. Though the site is for fun!

Hint : we made it for ipl 2009
And future tournaments!

So when did it goan live finally?
7 apr 10 pm

And we 4 mens in the world were the happiest persons of that time span when the browser showed home page!

Newways i need to improve with ajax n sql!

I hardly tends to use without knowing abcd

Ah just remember , kb how did u celebretd !


It was late to reach still 1 qtr!

So got time today to post !

But i will again mention

Phew phew!


Gn ..

-by kb
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

फ़िरती जीद्द

Mitranno Namskar

Have a look on todays supplement 'chaturang' with loksatta marathi newspaper.. A detailed study on salsewomens us is published under the same heading as the post n worth to read it

Me going to room , was been in office from yesterday..
Its a new short application i need to deliver asap ..

Ummm i think things r going in right direction! ;)


-by kb
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i know its hard to hear no

Mitranno Namskar

N i m back to mumbai
Travling with fast lane for office

Ha the thing i want to inform that i m saying sorry to the mp party.. Why? Cause they are interested in me! But i cant convince myself to say yes .. As the first answer from heart said no
But beside this i finds it hard to say no.. I dont want to increse my rejected list .. So i tells my parent that dont arrange lots of meetings for my marriage process..
Who knows better than me how it feels to hear no! And in this process directly to girls parents..
But it is must to say no..
Oh god i just hate this arrange marriages particularly their process

Aso, reply is eagarly awaiting from amaravati side.. Hopefully should be yes!

Neways it will be busy day 2day at work..

Bas baki tech


Reaching office in few..

-by kb
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

now i can say ..

Mitranno Namskar

I m writing from 8030.. Goan to amaravti

But be4 this yesterday i was in mp..
N i had hard time over there..
I gave demo of can n cant using my left side ..
So the statement goes on following line

May i m incomplete.. But i proud on myself ;) (yeah some loopholes over there but ... )

Aso on the scale of 10 yesterday i will give comparatively few points..

N 4 today ummmm nnnnannnnnaaain .. Hey before u got confuse let me clear, i uttered nine ;)

A perfect one.. i would like to have as my life partner .. Hope hope i am in her ummm also her parents + relatives wish list ;)

Why perfect one ...
A girl doesnt fears in the hall
N i njoyed informing what n why abt my condition

she is lucky girl ummm may be first where a boy showed himself as walking ;)
N i know she had good hiding laugh at it .. Umm i told na i m observer .. N just asked a only one q.. Why ? It would had unworthy with the girl to cross check her sharpness.. She i beilieve has it .. Body language re.. N i was victim of the situation where glass of water sleeps from girls hand

In the end be4 i reaches to jalgaon i would wish we will make another *rab ne bana di jodi* but the real one ;)

-by kb
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

chaha 2

Mitranno Namskar

And this time the ball is not in my court..
I told all the things which the party may be interesting..

Kundya added the flavor.. He mentioned i m capable driving the cycle with least support from hands.. Now yes thats true.. I can have for hours driving cycle with no hands on handle .. But why all this.. Ummm arrange marriage needs marketing urself ;)

Ha whats opinion

Kundya - nopes.. Edu. Matters
Patil - yep.. The couple will score 10 on 10.. ( patil i know u made statement nt like this .. But this also u might want to say.. Yes na )
Kb - thanks to pu. La u made a statement .. May i use it ' ti pahtach bala..' ;) ..

Education matters .. Yes i agree cent percent it raises u r thinking level..
So if all things goes well she must need to continue with her education..
Afterall this is the only condition i will have while choosing my life partner..

So cyaaaa

Reaching office in few..

-by kb
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

no guys, wait..

Mitranno Namskar

Needs to mention that my marriage proposal is cancelled

The girls parents + relatives are not happy with my left side part of body.. U might know i m handicapped person..

I would had not minded if they have told their opinion before engagement .. Typical.. From our side we had given idea.. They could have wished to meet and observe me.. But not like this having us to exchange rings..i m not disturbed but i am worrying for my family .. It must be very embrassing for them..
And my dear neice priya will be very sad once she will came to know all this ..
So i can have tell everybody but to her..
Anyways its kb's life ..couldnt be so straight ..

So have reserve u r wishes till some other day..

N whatever will happen regarding my marriage will happen now ACCORDING TO ME ONLY.

I wishes the girl's parents would find suitable match

Have a safe life to her.. N dont be stressed.. Chalati ka naam JINDAGI ;)

Reached vt!

Yep i am getting my hands dirty on Dot Net Nuke these days..

happy holi


-by kb
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And the name is...

Mitranno Namskar


Bas .. Even i know only this

And yes no pohe number 2 ;) happened..

What a coincidence !
I m nt remembering i written this on blog that i will be marring very first girl i will meet ..
But my mummy knows this
N i guess few friends whom i shares..
Thanks to destiny..

Ha one thing i will sure write
As each time this decision is quick

We meet on saterday
N by tuesday morning all is decided

What n how n where etc

Be4 u will guess
No calls yet ..

Enough talked with u guys

Hi Tejal, i heartly welcomes u in my life...
N congratulations!

Have a good night
N sweet dreamz !

N my blog fans pls dont mind if i will write less.. ;)


Tinyaa pick the call tips needing bhai on how to talk ;)

-by kb
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

पोहे क्रं 1

Mitranno Namskar


सुधीर भाउ आपण माझ्या सोबत आलात मंडळ आभारी आहे.
मुलगी व्यवस्थीत आहे
नकार का द्यावा अशी परिस्थीती आहे . आनखी
2 चान्स घ्यावेत असा विचार आहे.

What i thinking why to be in hurry .. Afterall i will wish to go for best suitable match

i thought i will be unconfortable there .. But all went well..

Girls looks heighted in sarees huh.. Even sudhyaa was confused.

असो उद्या पोहे क्रं 2 .. ;)

Before that i will be finishing remained tasks from my project

I hope i had good impression left on the girl n m in the wishing list of her ;)

Neways lets c what happens tomarrow ..

Btw i happened to be at some other day at mantralaya ane i found a lady begger speaking english.. Ye hai mumbai meri jaan!

Wish the girl finds someone *more* worthy than me if needs ;)

Reached vt!
This time? Yeps i m adjustible according to situation


-by kb
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

regorous testing

Mitranno Namskar

And i almost done wid my work i assigned to myself. In
Past 1 n half month i had valid reason to be sad ;)
But priority won n i gave my full attention over my work.
I m nt satisfied but.. Ummm this post is turning towards what n how abt my work.. But i will explain abstracting details.

First i will say software engineering is good subject that i studied in mca course

It certainly helps ..

I m nt praising myself but that is true.. Go for software iff u have thought process

My experience is i tend to *look*contineuosly at screen depositing my 70% time in thinking process and i saves 80% time with my coding efforts that would have required otherwise.

Ah enough spoken about my work related ..

Its monday ni8 n i m back with list of possible candidates ;)
But decision is on mom n dads sholders.. Let them choose among selected roll numbers ;) ..

Newways me back to work from 2marrow ..

lots of thought process applied to choose those selected roll numbers..

Muze nind na aaye muze chain na aye .. Koi jaye jara dhundake aye.. N jane kaha dil kho gaya ;)

Ummmm gn to selected roll numbers

-by kb
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Unmarried Desk

Namkar Mitranno,

(Friends after seeing the pic :-) So whats new kb ? (as usual you looking very smart... say say ;)

we also uses desk...

Kb:- Who is denying ;) But I have now 12 beauties..( not got ??? ) See the poster in the snap..

I have got 2009 desk calender @ my desk

And my time at desk is happier than ever..

ummmm what happening is when i am glancing at the calender .. i am guessing how the one i.e mrs kb would be ;)

Pregnant womens also does same trick... have you observered ?? on there bedroom walls cute babies posters sticked .... i am sure they has good feeling looking at those...

and me ( no wait Unmarried bachelor ) using the trick replacing pregnant with a smart bachelor n cute babies with cute girls ... ;) lol

and advises you to if u planning too... u can have do same trick..

one more thing i m listening the romantic songs.. ( have you been in archies showroom ?? just like those ) haaa need to mention the song list is of thombyaa... which i found on dhingana!!

good job dude.. you created for valentine week ..dont worry i will be using that frequently...

newways.. its finishing line over project .. me will be staying in office 2ni8.....

ohhh yes.. someday calender will be replaced too.. umm but the girls are cute huh... n songs r also gr8...

dilli ab dur nahi hai mere dost ;)

have a nice time


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sms channel for my blog

Hey just discovered

way to get notify to my blog subscribers on there cell phones whenever i will add a entry

i am keeping settings publically .. so that any one can subscribe

so here it goes

instruct your browser to or click here

ummmm u must be smart to get join u r self.. after all its by google.. so i am not going write the steps for subscribing...

i hope sudhir vichare .. will get notified this entry ... hurrey

chall cyaaa

n love to google ..

Monday, February 2, 2009

now this called creativity

Mitranno Namskar
Gm and gn

Me going to room to take mentlly rest
Had been in office last 2 days with project work
No its not done..

Issues to baki hai mere dost
I am thr to take care abt those

Nw turn to pic

The pocket is sticked
And as msg says to take 1
There is small size promphet

I took out and again put that in again.. As the advt i m nt interested .. And i want to respect the mans creativity

Hope public will do same
And give those pockets safe journey ;)

Chala cyaaa

-by kb
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

framed in

will this *Photo* work.... ;)

who knows who missed whom .. but obviously me not ....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

want to cry

Mitranno Namskar

........ And No word from the world can explain.

-by kb
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Monday, January 19, 2009


Mitranno Namskar

Good morning

So thr was no weekend for me..
Ummm i had been 1st time at work on weekend

the task is on no 1 on my priority list ..

And i m in fear state ;). It has to complete in time ..

I never use to board a running local .. But 2day i did.. the fear helped me! N who want to miss fast lane

Baki sarv routine ..

Nepoleon bonapart pan mhanaycha fear gives ground to win ..


-by kb
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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Mitranno Namskar

Days are passing ..
Its new year had started..
And nothing special happened in past few days .. That I can write ..

Haa its been somewhat busy schedule on the work..
And i njoying d working ..

If u missed train in ni8 .. And want to reach home.. You wil need to bargaining with rikshaw man.. Dönt go with meter..
I paid 150 from kurla to mulund in oppose to 180 he was asking..
And kundya then disappointed on my bargaing style.. He wanted to pay less

Aso ,

Slumdog millneor is good

And ummm lagnache mausami vare wahtay ;)

Chala cyaaaa

Reaching office in few

-by kb
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