Friday, May 9, 2008

i have faith in god

Mitranno Namskar

Gm from local
I hv planned nw to explorer my world to all u
I m gonna write abt my friends,peoples i came across
Someday i wil be writing abt my enimies also
Afterall i m crazy to keep my blog alieve
One news to share with u
I hv requested one of my designer friend to change blog look afterall its my page. And he has agreed to do this.

Now sharing me

In morning when i wakes up i finds that i am angree with all in this world.

Why things never goes as expected .
What if god grants mans first wish. There gonna certainly happen conflictions .
E.g. My wish vs her wish and god is not going to take this tension . He knows what kb has to do on this earth.
I dont know but what i know that i can always write all t.his

God u plz dont consider her wish tuza navas fedin

-by kb
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