Saturday, March 28, 2009

फ़िरती जीद्द

Mitranno Namskar

Have a look on todays supplement 'chaturang' with loksatta marathi newspaper.. A detailed study on salsewomens us is published under the same heading as the post n worth to read it

Me going to room , was been in office from yesterday..
Its a new short application i need to deliver asap ..

Ummm i think things r going in right direction! ;)


-by kb
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i know its hard to hear no

Mitranno Namskar

N i m back to mumbai
Travling with fast lane for office

Ha the thing i want to inform that i m saying sorry to the mp party.. Why? Cause they are interested in me! But i cant convince myself to say yes .. As the first answer from heart said no
But beside this i finds it hard to say no.. I dont want to increse my rejected list .. So i tells my parent that dont arrange lots of meetings for my marriage process..
Who knows better than me how it feels to hear no! And in this process directly to girls parents..
But it is must to say no..
Oh god i just hate this arrange marriages particularly their process

Aso, reply is eagarly awaiting from amaravati side.. Hopefully should be yes!

Neways it will be busy day 2day at work..

Bas baki tech


Reaching office in few..

-by kb
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

now i can say ..

Mitranno Namskar

I m writing from 8030.. Goan to amaravti

But be4 this yesterday i was in mp..
N i had hard time over there..
I gave demo of can n cant using my left side ..
So the statement goes on following line

May i m incomplete.. But i proud on myself ;) (yeah some loopholes over there but ... )

Aso on the scale of 10 yesterday i will give comparatively few points..

N 4 today ummmm nnnnannnnnaaain .. Hey before u got confuse let me clear, i uttered nine ;)

A perfect one.. i would like to have as my life partner .. Hope hope i am in her ummm also her parents + relatives wish list ;)

Why perfect one ...
A girl doesnt fears in the hall
N i njoyed informing what n why abt my condition

she is lucky girl ummm may be first where a boy showed himself as walking ;)
N i know she had good hiding laugh at it .. Umm i told na i m observer .. N just asked a only one q.. Why ? It would had unworthy with the girl to cross check her sharpness.. She i beilieve has it .. Body language re.. N i was victim of the situation where glass of water sleeps from girls hand

In the end be4 i reaches to jalgaon i would wish we will make another *rab ne bana di jodi* but the real one ;)

-by kb
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

chaha 2

Mitranno Namskar

And this time the ball is not in my court..
I told all the things which the party may be interesting..

Kundya added the flavor.. He mentioned i m capable driving the cycle with least support from hands.. Now yes thats true.. I can have for hours driving cycle with no hands on handle .. But why all this.. Ummm arrange marriage needs marketing urself ;)

Ha whats opinion

Kundya - nopes.. Edu. Matters
Patil - yep.. The couple will score 10 on 10.. ( patil i know u made statement nt like this .. But this also u might want to say.. Yes na )
Kb - thanks to pu. La u made a statement .. May i use it ' ti pahtach bala..' ;) ..

Education matters .. Yes i agree cent percent it raises u r thinking level..
So if all things goes well she must need to continue with her education..
Afterall this is the only condition i will have while choosing my life partner..

So cyaaaa

Reaching office in few..

-by kb
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

no guys, wait..

Mitranno Namskar

Needs to mention that my marriage proposal is cancelled

The girls parents + relatives are not happy with my left side part of body.. U might know i m handicapped person..

I would had not minded if they have told their opinion before engagement .. Typical.. From our side we had given idea.. They could have wished to meet and observe me.. But not like this having us to exchange rings..i m not disturbed but i am worrying for my family .. It must be very embrassing for them..
And my dear neice priya will be very sad once she will came to know all this ..
So i can have tell everybody but to her..
Anyways its kb's life ..couldnt be so straight ..

So have reserve u r wishes till some other day..

N whatever will happen regarding my marriage will happen now ACCORDING TO ME ONLY.

I wishes the girl's parents would find suitable match

Have a safe life to her.. N dont be stressed.. Chalati ka naam JINDAGI ;)

Reached vt!

Yep i am getting my hands dirty on Dot Net Nuke these days..

happy holi


-by kb
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And the name is...

Mitranno Namskar


Bas .. Even i know only this

And yes no pohe number 2 ;) happened..

What a coincidence !
I m nt remembering i written this on blog that i will be marring very first girl i will meet ..
But my mummy knows this
N i guess few friends whom i shares..
Thanks to destiny..

Ha one thing i will sure write
As each time this decision is quick

We meet on saterday
N by tuesday morning all is decided

What n how n where etc

Be4 u will guess
No calls yet ..

Enough talked with u guys

Hi Tejal, i heartly welcomes u in my life...
N congratulations!

Have a good night
N sweet dreamz !

N my blog fans pls dont mind if i will write less.. ;)


Tinyaa pick the call tips needing bhai on how to talk ;)

-by kb
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