Sunday, March 22, 2009

now i can say ..

Mitranno Namskar

I m writing from 8030.. Goan to amaravti

But be4 this yesterday i was in mp..
N i had hard time over there..
I gave demo of can n cant using my left side ..
So the statement goes on following line

May i m incomplete.. But i proud on myself ;) (yeah some loopholes over there but ... )

Aso on the scale of 10 yesterday i will give comparatively few points..

N 4 today ummmm nnnnannnnnaaain .. Hey before u got confuse let me clear, i uttered nine ;)

A perfect one.. i would like to have as my life partner .. Hope hope i am in her ummm also her parents + relatives wish list ;)

Why perfect one ...
A girl doesnt fears in the hall
N i njoyed informing what n why abt my condition

she is lucky girl ummm may be first where a boy showed himself as walking ;)
N i know she had good hiding laugh at it .. Umm i told na i m observer .. N just asked a only one q.. Why ? It would had unworthy with the girl to cross check her sharpness.. She i beilieve has it .. Body language re.. N i was victim of the situation where glass of water sleeps from girls hand

In the end be4 i reaches to jalgaon i would wish we will make another *rab ne bana di jodi* but the real one ;)

-by kb
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