Friday, October 31, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

मी शिकतो आहे
मोबाईल वर मराठी कस लिहायच ते.
आणि जर हे शक्य झाल तर मी मराठी मधून ब्लाँग लिहू शकतो जमेन तस.
भेटत राहू
कालजी घ्या.
अरे हो
नवीन वर्शाच्या हार्दीक शुभेछा

-by kb
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rangat Rangali Diwali

Mitranno Namskar

Zakkas re .. Wah .. 1 number
Love you marathi

What happend kb?
Have you seen *any* marathi karyakram ?

I had just titled ' rangat rangali diwali '

When ? On 28th ie diwalichya diwashi

Kiti vajata? Sakali 6:30 la

Kebyaa tula jag aali! Ti jababdari kundan chi hoti

Venue? Kalidas natyagruh mulund

Kay karyakram hota pan?
Gani, kavita, gappa
Kon kon hot aani?

Ashok naygavkar
Ashok patki
Sharad ponkshe
Sharad uppadhye

*mahit nasnaryansathi

Naygavkar he hasya kavi ahet
Lokanna hasawan he sarvat kathin kam
Mala pan khot hasta yetach nahi
Pan 45 min kase gelet samajalach nahi

Patki sangitkar ( ti zandu baam chi ad ahe na te sangit patkini dilay ) fakt advertise hech ek kshetra nahi .. Chitrapat sangit sudha ahe ..
Radha hi bawari he tyanch gan.
Gan hyasathi karan shabd pan tyanchech
Mile sur mera tumhara hyala pan tyanch sangit ahe
tyani sangit dilelya ek gan khup mast ahe

Sharad upadhye .. He rashichakrakar ahet rashinvarun honarya gamati tyanchyakadun aikan hi pan ek maja asate..
Kanya rashiche lok ek gosht kartana kase confuse hotat he tyanchyakadun aikav
Ata particular mhatal tar
Nathuram godse hyanchi ras kanya pan tyani gandhincha vadh kartana mage pudhe pahil nahi he aplya deshach bhagya as nirbhid pane sangnar abhineta sharad ponkshe

Sharad ji apan pan 100% agree ..

Tumhi nathuram godse amachya samor ubha kelay
' mi nathuram godse boltoy ' mi pahilay .. Cd varun pahilay.. Pan wah kay tumcha abhinay .. Ekdam bhari..( upadtes later on : i am sorry i just remembered the play i have seen .. he is not sharad ponkshe.. but no worries i would see when i will get chance if the play will be played by sharad ponkshe that too live! )

Ani abhineta mhanun tumhi kharach kiti pramanik ahat ..
Glad to know u sir!

Aani hya sarv lokanshi gappa marta marta
Ajit parab
Madhuri karamkar
Shradha salavi
Prashant kalundrekar

Hyani surel gani mhanun karyakramat bhar takali

Leena bhagvat .. Hyani sutra sanchalan kel

Ani vadya vrund madhe asnaryanchi nav visarlo
But thanks to u

Mi fakt yevadh mhanen
Mi ti pahat maza mich asalela jaglo

4 tas ani 120 rs were worth to spend

I love mumbai why?
See the ppls came to karyakram
Hi 10% gardi ahe

Are ho ghari gelo nahi he pan worth tharal
Office aal re
Njoy life

-by kb
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Monday, October 27, 2008

it happend .. So m happy

Mitranno Namskar

Its working day today
So möod is somewhat down :)

But once work wil start all wil be ok
Same happens always
When u r concentration is moved to other thing it help u ease u r mind

Unknowingly i wake up 2 day at 5 am

What u did kb then?


Later i found its 2day 'narak chaturthy'
And as tradition if u bath before sunrise .. U wil get pass to heaven!

I think i have reserved one!

What u will do kb 2marrow u have holiday na?

Yeps 2 days i have leave from work
So tomarrow morning me and kundya attending marathi ' sangit maifil ' at 6 am ! And we as last year celebrating diwali together ..

And i know it will sure increse happiness i m just waiting for 2marrow ..

Ok then enjoy diwali @ u r own + safe way



Happy bday panu... Njoy the day + life + my treat ;) - gift lol

Have a safe life

Reached vt !


-by kb
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Friday, October 24, 2008

i am unavailable

Mitranno Namskar

So i am again here with one more thought

And i have decided not to go online

Decided only to give calls only when needed

I hope those who are habitual wil understand me

Our relations are safe ;)

Ummm kb u not going home for diwali?


Some questions dont have answers..

wish u a very happy diwali

What u will miss kb ?

I use to lite a 'diwa' on diwali ni8 which is gifted to me by my aaji and watching it ..

No worries my mummy knows my minds this side .. I will tel her to lite it.. And then put it back SAFELY

So wish u wil have safe diwali

Its time to think now what to do 2marrow ..


-by kb
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quality or property ?

Mitranno Namskar
U will think that kb talks on himself..
Yes its true..
So read on

I always go for extreme...

Ha ha

My friends have been with me when i was in love.. They know well what does extreme mean to me

And they also been with me when i didnt paid attention to the girl

They been with me when i had fear

And they also have been with me when i am in mood..

Some knows extreme level of my careness
And some knows extreme level when i do hates

Some knows extreme level of (shhhh) vulger matters
At the same time they have seen my extreme level when i m studying

I keeps mum at extreme level
And sometimes bakchodi at extreme level

When things are done by me they have to have at extreme level.. Otherwise i dont do things ..

Do i m blogging @ extreme level?

Simply extreme level for me is, i do involves with my heart in happenings

Or my heart ( also ) thinks at extreme level...

Dont care if i gains or LOOSE
I know how to be liable with my heart

Hope u have importance and know u r extreme level



-by kb
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

Its ultmetely life

You just cant forget the moments u lived

Whats the bottom line kb?
* u cant enter someones soul if he/ she doesnt permit u, AND ONCE IT DONE NOBODY CANT BREAK THE BOND *

I hope she atleast didnt hated me a single time

But what if i again told her..

No worries , i would not disturb her..

Wish her a safe life - my presence..


Pyar ka matlab sirf pana hi nahi hota ..

Wah kya dialog hai
Kisane likha hai?

I m ready to leave for 'hapis'
Gm all

-by kb
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Monday, October 20, 2008

I wish i could too

kundan.. One of my listed friend in my directory of life..

This saterday ni8 i meet him..

i was knowing he has guitaar.... but he started learning to play it..

currently he is preparing for the upsc exam.. he is an engineer from vjit.. ( he don't like to be identified by this way ) ...

wish your this dream come true ... ( dont give too much time to learn it ;) you have both u r hands working ... so you have time in your *hand* to LEARN .. But not to STUDY )..

umm but i know music eases the mind... use it to get success ..

chal cyaaaaaaaaaa

wishes are always with you...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chat with Thombya

12:22 PM me: lol
kon be?
12:23 PM Thombya: me aahe be
me: are darling?
Thombya: ani tu kon?
kay re honey?
me: abe status madhi lihilay na tu
12:24 PM Thombya: he he he
me: bol na kon darling?
Thombya: aahe bho aapli garibachi!
12:25 PM me: abe neet sang na
kay locha kartoy
Thombya: are kahi nahi re asech takle hote te status!
me: lol ;)
12:26 PM Thombya: ;)
me: kuthuin desktop var chat kartoy ka?
Thombya: nahi mobile warun
me: ok
Thombya: an tu?
me: desktop
office madhi aalay
12:27 PM Thombya: wake wake
me: oye
mi fast chat karu shakto
i m from desktop now
Thombya: ho ka
kiti fast
chal lets race
me: lol
are kharach re bhai
12:28 PM majak nahi kaRAT
Thombya: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
me: lol
Thombya: ha ha ha
me: no one can win with u
HATZ off
ajun kay
Thombya: sure why not! Even i myself cant!
12:29 PM me: ;)
Thombya: kay karu majboori aahe yaar!
me: jalgav la kadhi jatoy
12:30 PM kay zal
Thombya: 24th night
n u?
me: umm pahto
Thombya: kay pahto tu aata?
me: kadhi jaycha te
reservation kelay 24th ni8 ch
12:31 PM Thombya: mang kay pahto tu ajun?
me: umm are ghari bore hot re
12:32 PM Thombya: kay re sala junya daw le bolai ghewa
me: hau sal\
idea mast she
tun bolaval ka
Thombya: mang ;)
me: lol
12:33 PM Thombya: me tar aadich bolai ghen na
me: hmmm.. pahjo bho surakshit antar thevjo
Thombya: hmmmm tech tar difficult aahe na!
12:34 PM me: ha ha
kuthe flat var ki nigadi?
Thombya: flat war!
12:35 PM me: achaa ekta aahe?
ki suhas aalay?
Thombya: haw nare
dupari yena aahe ti!
me: Shappath
Thombya: haw na
me: sala tuz kam kharach bekkar aahe re thombya
12:36 PM Thombya: mang ;)
me: kharach aahe poragi?????????
12:38 PM i thought u were kidding!
Thombya: nahi re darling
me: ok
chal mag cyaaaaaaaa
means me aahech
Thombya: shheeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaa
me: pan aata blog lihitoy
Thombya: wake
me: kay
12:41 PM Thombya: light geli bye bye..
me: ok

by kb !
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want to know me ? hit then its free lol

saying gn

Mitranno Namskar

Whats up !

I am busy in writing my one of awaited blog .. Might be try to complete that from desk top.. It will quite long.. It upto turned to be 20kb .. And its 25 percentage done only ..

So i will be going office 2marrow to may complete it

So have a good one
And have a good weekend

Fyi : this post turned 2 be 1kb


-by kb
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Monday, October 13, 2008

it hurts a lot when.....

Prabhat chauk @ Jalgaon

Mitranno Namskar

I Remembers a sentence of amryaa

Kebyaa u r emotional pool Fool

Very well said amrish bhau.. U judged it in right direction..

So i am at jalgaon ..
And i have been a ni8 at my home..

2day i was bored .. Sunyaa 2 were at his room .. So to be happy i wanted to hit my lovely place in jalgaon..

It *was* my favourite place .. Whem i was in sad mood , happy mood i use to show myself to that place..

But its now vanished.. There built a wall compound .. Youngster who smokes use to be there whole day .. Secure place .. I m talking about place between mj ground and one end of diploma colleage ..

Who use to give me company there.. Mi always go there alone.. Never go with any of friend .. Used to beilive that is only for me..

I sharply remember there was a sement concrete bridge that served to cross a 5 feet ' nala '
And 6 shaped rock of stool size were fitted on the bridge .. We ( those who not use to owe bikes ) used them for sitting purpose..

Whenever i felt some deep thought i have been there to think more on that..

Oops i 4get to mention the trees actually lot of trees provided a cool envirnoment in hot city.. No worries i had came here at 1 pm too to take rest.. In the months of may.. Oh nw i have answer , mine bday falls in may so the may heat was nt applicable on me ;)

But pankya u r s in feb .. How u did mananged to hit roads at 48 c ;)

Back to point .. The place served me as study room too!
I have hold book about 4- 5 hours continuously!
ok hostalites! This is true ;)

I managed to secure 91.7? Percentile in all india mca exam.
And the exam study was dond at this place..

So the place had given me all i wanted from it ..
And its been a place who have shared my happiness.. Sorrows.. Failures ... Success
Oh better word always there LIFE !

I will always miss u dear.. I am sure u too!
Dont worry before leaving this life we will meet.. I can cross compounds!

Wishing some other place who have ppls connected with her remains always connected !

Tinyaa we missed our newspapers first issue's headline ;(
But thanks to him who corrected the error! See carefully the snap

Reached vt!
Oh yes i m back!
-by kb
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Need to write any text for the post ?

Dont have audio device? .. its no use then if u see without them...

Video shooting by kundan.... and thanks sunil, i managed to cut a adult scene. shooting date-- 15th aug 08


Thursday, October 9, 2008

taking my words back

Mitranno Namskar

Dont wish to write more
But c my previous post
And i applying headline on it

But i just cant live typically..

Sunyaa i will come re 2ni8
I feels secure wen i m away from home..

Life will take turn according to her .. Not all things in and on my life i can have control..

I m saying sorry to myself..

Wish u happy dussehra...

-by kb
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i am habbitual ..

Mitranno Namskar

Want to prove the headline false..

Ok tomarrow i m going to home .. And first time in the past 6 years i have decided that i will be in my home for maximum time..

Maximum time includes those 8 hours that one spends in sleeping..

Means kb u didnt have slept in u r house from past 6 years?
Ummm nopes i dont..
Even i didnt had bath at mine home ;) ( please note- i use to bath everyday )

So how did u managed at this level?

I used to stay at friends *room*
Say if i didnt had decided .. Aai pappa na mazi luggege bag pan nasati disali..

And from my 3rd year of bsc degree i started spending my maximum time at friends *room*

And if u ask at which level?
I use to stay even if the friends goan to celebrate festivals to there respective homes..

I ( and my parents ) are habbitual with this

There alarmed 8 pm and kb left his home.. And mummy used to tell ' sakali lavkar ye '..
And if for some reasom i was late to leave .. Call from friends asking kyon be kidhar hai..

All were habbitual ..

*But someday you have to take initiative to break habbits .. When u realise that the habbits cant just anyhow not possible to be continued.*

I am knowing there is still sunil who is in jalgaon .. But i am also going to feel when i will spend maximum time at home

May be i dont want to face the situation when i will not have a option to stay.. And forcefully i will convince myself..

So sunyaa .. Dont give me a call after 9 pm .. Mostaly i would have slept by that time ;)

Oh ahh shit

I usually sleeps at 1 am :(

So once again statement need to go on below line

*But someday you have to take initiative to break habbits .. When u realise that the habbits cant just anyhow not possible to be continued.*

But i believe with my this habbit has helped me a lot.

I have precious *finite* set of close friends.. And i may dont have took good things from them.. Atleast i know what are good things..

Really amazing were those days .. More persons around u.. More thoughts .. Better i should use 'more perspective to look at something.. '

So continue as long as possible those habbits .. They gives satisfaction , joy that is uncomparable... But dont be too late to go away from them ( iff u cant continue them )..

Btw blogging is habbit !

wish u all safe + habbits that u can continue life...


Reached vt...

-by kb
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