Sunday, August 31, 2008

jo jeeta wahi sikandar

Mitranno Namskar

i hav seen lots of examples of not getting things one wishesh to get ..

All use to *pretend* that they are happy.. But i believes they didnt got that *thing* who causes them to pretend..

Karan manus na sadhi gosht kadhi magatach nahi.. Ti lakhat ek asate..

Ani samaja ti milalich tar lagech
Tyachyakade aanakhi ek lakhatali gosht tayar asate..

Ani hi ji thing ahe na ti n mileparyant to konalach sangat nasava

Adolf hitlar ch ek sentence layi bhari ( agadi 100 ton lol)

If u r winner then u need not to explain.. If u r looser then dont be thr to explain!

Vineet was in mumbai on independence day
While discussing he said

' Asafalata ka yahi matlab hota hai ki.. Safal hone ka prayant puri lagan se nahi tha ! '

Trade-off between desire and keep trying

Kb what u did on saterday?
Me?! Seen 'all the best' at gadakari..
What u will do today?
Nt decisided yet..

Why.. I have lakhatali gosht for which i m w8ing...

And for kindness of info ( i hv uttered each time like this :) )
I hav been very specific..
I hav list of *priorities*
So thr is not more things that i want and costing them would give result 5 or 6 lakhs! Some of those god have blessed me!
*I am not poor*

Room var kal party zali
I joined when i returned from thane.. And party expects us to express our valuable opinions on issues..
No party without discussions

U want to know? Be with us next time

How can i say that this was only thing i am wa8ing. It can happen i hav something *better* in my destiny
Yeah may be .. But who is capable to c the future.. And the fact which is in present is
' Kb leave that thing.. I think it is not going to be urs *never* '
Ummm i think u r correct.. But just wa8ing woule not have more side effects .. Yeah but it causing irritation..
*will u please stop both , u kb and his crazy mind
Let me write something

K thats all..
Wish u will earn as much lacks as u want.. *gosht lakhatali pahijel barka*

Btw its true na jo jeeta wahi sikandar!

Decided, me going to thane to hit gadkari!

-by kb
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ummm be4 something

Mitranno Namskar

I Have been Desperately w8ing for it .

This thing is one of * few * i m crazy with... Rather than heartly related..

I hope all things will go well.

Umm they must go well.

Coz this will be d last chance..

And getting it i suppose will help me in satisfying myself !

So i am wishing myself :)

-by kb
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Friday, August 22, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

Gm from local

Male rahi rahi san vati rhayan
Ki layi motha turn yenar she mana hya routine life ma

Aate mi khar layi bore whas
Ital ki haee post bi livale kantaya yi rhayna

Ate male change pahijen
Mhaninsan t haee post bi mi aihirani ma likhana prayatn kari rhayanu..

*Prayatn* karanach aplya hat ma rhas.. Mang to tari karana..
Kay gurantee konta khada kadhi lagi jayin..

Pan sal na khada mara t to laganach pahijen .. Nahit khada lagana nai t tyan vait vatu devan nai.

Pan man as mat she ki pratek got ni survat hi khada marisan ch whate .

You have to step forward to catch things .,Why ? THINGS DONT HAVE LEGS!

When i was in mca , one phrase i use to like... may be couse it sounds good to hear to *my* ears
' Trade off between '
So i am using it

What are trade off between trying to achieve one thing only AND trying to achieve alternate thing if that one thing u didnt get..

Ummm i hope i used it correctly and u got what actually i wanted to say

To explain this about me..
I have upto at this moment have tried to flurt with more than one girl.. May be wil keep try

zurun zurun kiti zuraych mhanun tharvalay pahil prem bayko var karayach..

Let me guess
What u thinked on it

U might hav said ..' this is not correct ..u should have liked only one ' yes i am agree this is sufficient condition that might my mind not allow to marry with a girl who declined all who used to flurt with her !

And what about other side
Why i should become a devdas
I may have choosed wrong one who declined me and caused my image to be like above para..
Might be necessary condition to keep trying alternatively!

Reaching vt in few

One thing to share
Started to quit one more habbit
Khup tras hoto ..
To quit whether its bad or good habbit

* in clear and loud voice

I am not that much disperate for gf and marriage what u might think!
Just wanted to talk on trade off between anything there might exist..

-by kb
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

covered 2marrow

Mitranno Namskar

This is one thing i fears when thinks on it ..


I wanted to be *an* engineer
Insted *a* software developer.
I accepted this .. Because i was *not* best enough to got that ..

And i am not complaining ..

*BUT* i thinks its one of the ******* thing when one not gets what he *deserves * for
( btw how can we decide what deserves for whom )

Ok i cant decide .. *but* this doesnt mean i do not have any expectations..

And the expection is Atleast

Best must get best or good but at any cost no WORST..

And only 10 mins requires to uncover 2 marrow.

Do i spoke about arrange marriages ? Ummmm...

*GOOD LUCK* and have safe 2marrow..

I was abt to end the post
But hear me out more

Life should hav been as only *one* exam
if failed too .. One could have
Give more attempts
But fortunately or unfortunately it is not.

So once again i wish more perfectly


-by kb
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Monday, August 18, 2008

deva ek poha :)

Mitranno Namskar

So this among few things i never misses whenever i hits jalgaon

Yes i m writing from our loved canteen ' deva's canteen '

And most decisions are from this place in my hostel life.
Even Wen i left hostel in d ending period of mca..
Never missed a day to be here .

Dept madhun nighalo ki hostel room/ ghari jaychya pahile ithe alo nahi ki kahi tari miss zal sarakh vataych.. Ani mala miss karaychi savay nahi..

I follows one statement always
' n karun pastavanya peksha karun pastavaych '
And i learnt it from my dad..

Baki hostel life jagaylach pahijel..

Mi tar maz ghar asun sudha jagloy.. Ani mi tas jagalo hyacha mala thodapan pastava nahi..

Deva ek chaha de re..
Aani lihun ghe.. Oops!

-by kb
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I shifted to new address

Hi all,

Its my new room/flat i will be living next 11 months.. its located in Gavanpada,Mulund(east) , MUMBAI .

this weekend we shifted to new address.. and in shifting process i havent done anything.. why because i decided so...

the room partners were doing packing and i was busy in seeing "Ja ne tu ya ja ne na" .. dont tell anyone i cried seeing the movie.. oops

and to tell about new room its fully furnished having all facilities and amenities .

I am feeling the room can turn Beer Bar in night .. you can see those sexy lights..

the rooms are alloted .. and i will be sleeping in kitchen.. just because not to get disturbed by any one.. and no one can tell me that to switch fan @ low speed... And ABOVE ALL NO ONE WILL GIVE ME ADVICE...

ohh but the ******* thing is we will miss home made food @ evening..

but a thought coming in my mind.. i can cook @ late night.. because its max 10 min i requires to cook ( only Sabji ) .. i have a small 2 ltrs Gas.. which will help me... and i can then eat whatever having long cuts of onion pieces.. Khichadi having no nuts included and which will be not "Koradi"
and anything which i can cook having gr8 amount of "Lal Mirch" ... lol

this is if We not got a maid who will cook for us...

and in clear and loud voice: there is No food In the India that i dont link..
Its a matter of choice..

And i know how to ADJUST myself... that too VERY WELL....

and i always clear with following statement and *i* believe its true

Things can be always possible if they done with IMMENSE feeling and @ FAST speed in taking decisions...

Oh yes need to collect complete street address... from room owner.. so that i can recieve those *Valued* bills of Airtel to this address...

video clip taken by me.. when we just arrived to new flat with our all luggage.

btw how is the flat... Say *SEXY*.... we are going to pay 12000 per month for it...

Friday, August 8, 2008

i look at lookers, I Oberves observers,I Thinks on thinkers

Mitranno Namskar

Gm from vashi

Yes today is dinesh's day and we celebrated it as per the conventions last ni8.

i like 2 be in parties .. There outcome are things which rarely comes in mind easily.

' Aaj jari mi RAM ( idolistic man defined in hindu mythology ) nasalo. Tari mi jenvha RAM asen tenvha mi pan expect karen ki ti SITA asavi. Everybody has PAST And i believe that shouldnt affect FUTURE '


Each ram should keep in mind that what matters is present and future of sita . no vice varsa . Why? We lives in so called indian society where no one considers womens feelings. *( this is my opinion only and can/cant be changed later )

Mens do use to share their partners about themselves whom they liked ..
What if their parteners shared their past ???

Now this is true for love marriages too.

I tell u abt me say fortunately i found a girl who PATU shakate..
I wil tell her all abt me. BUT I WILL EXPECT SHE DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO SHARE. Do i am speaking mens mind??

I can understand everyone has past . But i dont want to understand that X has past. When it will be arrange type. So A wil not also let X understand that A has past. Because i am one of the all who is from Mars

Fyi , i wish to have love marriage . I wil tell my past and expect to know too. Because what will matter 4 me is future.
If anyhow arranged? Then = no expectation..

Long post? Yeah ? harbor lines runs slow locals only..
Reaching vt in few

Have safe life to dinesh . Its 08-08-08 today wow!
And thank god u told me something last ni8 ..


* so that no one can file case against me for the cause of speaking / writing / sharing / expressing on indian society.

-by kb
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

issued in the interest of unmarried *active* girls

Mitranno Namskar


Some more info abt me

Status : single ( never married)
Height 5' 4"
Color ( i hope u have color recognisation capacity )
Job status : working as web programmer.
Qualification : i holds MCA degree.

So i told mine

To tell abt u ( unmarried *active* girl ) find my mob number .. Lol


Have a safe day to unmarried *active* girls .

-by kb
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