Wednesday, March 18, 2009

chaha 2

Mitranno Namskar

And this time the ball is not in my court..
I told all the things which the party may be interesting..

Kundya added the flavor.. He mentioned i m capable driving the cycle with least support from hands.. Now yes thats true.. I can have for hours driving cycle with no hands on handle .. But why all this.. Ummm arrange marriage needs marketing urself ;)

Ha whats opinion

Kundya - nopes.. Edu. Matters
Patil - yep.. The couple will score 10 on 10.. ( patil i know u made statement nt like this .. But this also u might want to say.. Yes na )
Kb - thanks to pu. La u made a statement .. May i use it ' ti pahtach bala..' ;) ..

Education matters .. Yes i agree cent percent it raises u r thinking level..
So if all things goes well she must need to continue with her education..
Afterall this is the only condition i will have while choosing my life partner..

So cyaaaa

Reaching office in few..

-by kb
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