Tuesday, April 28, 2009

q of life but nt of death!

Mitranno Namskar

N kb hopes all things will go well.. As he knows the imp things in life that in present/will (should nt actually) matter for someone..

N i m wating for d result..

If the result is boolean true .. No need to worry..
I will w8 till i can convince myself to w8..

Most of my life decisions had been through if n else
Ha but need to mention i keeps both blocks effective ..

So the title turned that way

Wht happnd though i am with dot net , i had been in love with c familly :)
So thats the reason i knows pros n cons of a thing..

Ha i will be here on 30th as the pohe number 4 is scheduled

Will like to be on 2nd in jal.. I m meeting one of few luckiest lady in my opinion on 3rd..
Ha will introduce with her for sure..

Aso i was having some deep thought for a few at office with myself.. And i got a cool suggestion

Take as it comes..
It meant life!

So best luck guys keeping the punch line always with u!


-by kb
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Anand Swar Bhuvani (आनंद स्वर भुवनी )

Mitranno Namskar

It was gr8 weekend

I attended the titled program in savatri bai fule natyamandir at dombivali presented by Ashok patki n Shridhar phadke
So how was it ?
I queutiones u.. How it could be?
These gr8 peoples hardly arranges program n how kbyaa could miss it!
After all this is one of the things i likes..

Though it was repeatation for me the patki's part.. I njoyed though listening him again.. Madhuri karamkar hyaveles pan hotya.. Ani dis char zale man he jenvha tya mhantat tenvha once more zalyashivay rahat nahi! Gr8 voice

Shridhar phadke the class n original score
Tyanchya sathila vidyaji ( sorry surname visarlo )..
Wah kya baat hai!

Those 3 houred program no thought from remaining world entered my mind..

And the fluate played by ninad ( i guess vadhavkar) stunned me ..

Thoda santap :
Why thr is no direct relation bet me n music.. I m seriously thinking on it ..


Look mrs kb at pic.. i have gift 4 u ;)
Reaching vt in few
Oh i m thursty let me take a sip .. I started carrying water bag too!

Btw the product is of very good quality n with very good cost too.. If u need same i suggest go for it.
Its tiffine box btw

K then

Nw started week.. Let me come to practical world

So cyaaa

-by kb
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

fucking mistakes @ 11th hour

Mitranno Namskar

Phew phew phew phew

Cant help to utter myself once more

Let me utter again PHEW!


May be understood by dot net working peoples

I used <asp:datalist></asp:datalist> all over in the application i m working on..

The development browser i uses ie

Why? why it is so loose constrained in regards of html markup generated by a server page ??

It rendered correctly the templates of datalist on ie .. Ahh so nice na!
Sn kb started building pages as and when the application demanded..
It turned there to be around 13 pages using the mentioned server tag

1) deadlind was 3rd april !
2) kb got swelling for his front side theeth on 2nd.. And in any condition its not possible for him that he can even stand
3) but the base application is ready by 1st , so only applying css design and correcting english messages was remaining
4) kb was at office still as the app flow and logic for implementation only he knew by then

Kb wants to say thanks to his mate sudhir .. He took the responsibility and kb got time to take physical + mental rest

So the designer applyed css

And fish!

It incorectly renderes other than ie

Thank god kb once read somewhere ' if u want to control html rendered go for repeater'

Having able to stand atleast kb thought let convert single page
Using repeater

He did and voila !

So needed to convert remaing ones

So finally i could stand on saterday

So kb put his hand over keyboard..
N converted one by one

Ask kb how many issues exists when a site needs to go live

And kb learn a lot new things in very short time!

Thank you nilesh, manoj for ur help

N sudhir u rocks on the work.. I njoyes working with u

Ahh prashant pls be aware i like the <div> tag most
Newways hatz off to u
U broke my record of being wake for 3 nights!
N dont worry i will never use datalist ;)

As the blog is public i will avoid the url address mentioning here but to friends.. Though the site is for fun!

Hint : we made it for ipl 2009
And future tournaments!

So when did it goan live finally?
7 apr 10 pm

And we 4 mens in the world were the happiest persons of that time span when the browser showed home page!

Newways i need to improve with ajax n sql!

I hardly tends to use without knowing abcd

Ah just remember , kb how did u celebretd !


It was late to reach still 1 qtr!

So got time today to post !

But i will again mention

Phew phew!


Gn ..

-by kb
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