Monday, April 20, 2009

Anand Swar Bhuvani (आनंद स्वर भुवनी )

Mitranno Namskar

It was gr8 weekend

I attended the titled program in savatri bai fule natyamandir at dombivali presented by Ashok patki n Shridhar phadke
So how was it ?
I queutiones u.. How it could be?
These gr8 peoples hardly arranges program n how kbyaa could miss it!
After all this is one of the things i likes..

Though it was repeatation for me the patki's part.. I njoyed though listening him again.. Madhuri karamkar hyaveles pan hotya.. Ani dis char zale man he jenvha tya mhantat tenvha once more zalyashivay rahat nahi! Gr8 voice

Shridhar phadke the class n original score
Tyanchya sathila vidyaji ( sorry surname visarlo )..
Wah kya baat hai!

Those 3 houred program no thought from remaining world entered my mind..

And the fluate played by ninad ( i guess vadhavkar) stunned me ..

Thoda santap :
Why thr is no direct relation bet me n music.. I m seriously thinking on it ..


Look mrs kb at pic.. i have gift 4 u ;)
Reaching vt in few
Oh i m thursty let me take a sip .. I started carrying water bag too!

Btw the product is of very good quality n with very good cost too.. If u need same i suggest go for it.
Its tiffine box btw

K then

Nw started week.. Let me come to practical world

So cyaaa

-by kb
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