Tuesday, April 28, 2009

q of life but nt of death!

Mitranno Namskar

N kb hopes all things will go well.. As he knows the imp things in life that in present/will (should nt actually) matter for someone..

N i m wating for d result..

If the result is boolean true .. No need to worry..
I will w8 till i can convince myself to w8..

Most of my life decisions had been through if n else
Ha but need to mention i keeps both blocks effective ..

So the title turned that way

Wht happnd though i am with dot net , i had been in love with c familly :)
So thats the reason i knows pros n cons of a thing..

Ha i will be here on 30th as the pohe number 4 is scheduled

Will like to be on 2nd in jal.. I m meeting one of few luckiest lady in my opinion on 3rd..
Ha will introduce with her for sure..

Aso i was having some deep thought for a few at office with myself.. And i got a cool suggestion

Take as it comes..
It meant life!

So best luck guys keeping the punch line always with u!


-by kb
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