Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the omega watch not allowing me 2 sleep

Mitranno Namskar

What a watch! Thats why 1.5 lacks ( ofcourse they has more more high range )

One day will come i wil wear it

I was thinking how it wil look like on my small wrist
It is a 35mm diameter

I have to be healty
Cook swati cook ;) kidding she not keeping well n slept already

But i sware
he will literally cry. And i mean it.



one kb one brand this time omega
Just in case u interested
The omega watch was the only to pass all test when nasa sent apollo
i didnt knew they had such test before choosing the brand
Now i m more loving it early wanting it

We had a pact bet pankya n me , tinya carrying pact
Vishnu is witness on the omega

Oh yeah vishnu owns a flat now in kalyan.he booked it 2day

So he also might not able to sleep.

So wishing us sleep

Yes thank god for gifting me my wonderful friends

Love y'all

N hes goan ( woh to gaya) ( to t gela ata )
I mean it.

-by kb
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