Thursday, July 31, 2008

abcd of grief in MY view

Mitranno Namskar

First thing

I dont agree that if u r feeling grief .. It must be shown through u eyes..

My eyes cant cry so this doesnt means i dont have grief.

Do the world need to know that i have grief so i cried

I have a well shaped heart that can feel the grief..

Most ******* grief is i believe
Is when u cant even say sorry to someone u want to say..

Sudhir always tells .. And i dont miss atleast the MAIN points from him
Other times i thinks bore kashala kartoy..

So he once said..

Mistek is not mistek when it is done unknowingly.. But if u r aware what u r doing is mistek then its a MISTEK

But what if u doing one thing with whatever reasons u thaught at the time of doing..
That time i do the things and not mistek..

And later when it turns to be mistek done that too knowingly and i even cant appolise..

Because to appolise i believe
Not shows u r wrong or other party is wrong and vice a versa
But it shows how much u respect the relationship..

I do that always..

And sometimes thr r situation u cant cheat u r heart
I believe u atleast accepted to u r heart ..

So no appolise may be equal to no respect to relations

But again in clear and loud..
No respect to relations doesnt mean that u dont want to say sorry..

-by kb
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pratham tula vandito

Mitranno Namskar

Gm mumbai..

Going to office
2day wil be tough working day
Why it is always 4 me! I can spend long time when i am online.. And Shhhhhh secret is i can spend more long time when i am offline !

Pan ram tar kadhi tari dyavach lagto.. Mag deunach takto * aaj purta * lol

pratham tula vandito krupala.. Gajanana ... Ganraya..

Ha pan he 11 am pasun .. Ata mi majhach ahe.. Ajun 2 varsh tari.. To paryant chance ahe XYZ la.. Lol

Do u like to break assumptions..? What this world sets for u..
I do..

I remembers all related 2 me used to hav a common assumption .. That i cant wake up on my own.. Ha ha

i m from kadholi ( though i barely visits )
And it used to be said regarding kadholikars
' they are one of the most tikh* wale '

Reaching vt in few

Have a good spending day..

* means not exactly ego.
But it is ego when opposite party causes it.. Tikh written in my marathee.. I hope u got what that means..

-by kb
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Monday, July 28, 2008

aaj ushir zala..

Mitranno Namskar

Gm mumbai...
Aaj bhalta ushir zala..
Pharak tar padelach na.. Aaj sudhir nahiye na..
I believe envirnoment change zal ki pharak tar padtoch..

Ani mag magchya envirnoment chi khup athawan yete..
Pan shevati tumhalach adjust whav lagat..

Btw i m fast in adjustment..

Only peremanant thing is change..
Yesterday i saw
*kismat connection* at room..
Among the persons i know chetan is crazy 4 movies..
He use to bring lots of movies..( fyi only u grade huh )
I now barely sees them.. But sometime i get chance 2 be all alone.. I prefare to see movie alone .. Though i know whats going on screen is all fictious..
I cries if thr is sentimental scene.. For 3 hrs i suppose i am the hero.. Lol

as always all is possible only in movies.
I liked one dialog from it
' woh kal ka sach tha.. Ye aaj ka sach hai '
Yesterday i 4 get to mention this in my post
' woh kal ka sach tha.. Ye aaj ka sach hai '
Lekin *sach* hai..

So i m reaching vt in few

Have a safe day to me..
Are visarlat i am late 2day and i have a BOSS


-by kb
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

give me some more time...

Mitranno Namskar

Good evening

Its sunday 2day .. And i m missing u!

Just read and BELIEVE coz i dont have / think reasons/it is necessary to share my self.. I am not in off mood..

Read it once more

I am not in off mood..

This is some thing called behavioural change.. I learnt from one of ******* subject. And unfortunately i m experiencing it ..

May be i even ( dont ) liking myself this situation..

And i wish to give hint/idea .. This is not 4 sure i am behaving FIRST time.. It happened in the past several
And i hav recovered myself with the help/adjustment from me..

Plz dont think u r cause 4 this..
I wil sure tell u if u r the cause..

But one thing sure i dont HATE u .. I even dont know why i am keeping shut up.. May be small/big reason.. And u r part in it may be nothing/small/big.

Just Remember ONE thing u are the one of in the world ( For me ).


But i m needing some more time.. And i will take my own time..

Conclusion my mind gave
i dont 'hate' u.. If also then not *HATE*

Hav safe life to *u*
Btw my world is not so big ..

Others - u thanks 4 reading my random thoughts..

And u, i could told only this..

-by kb
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Life @ 310

Hi All Professionals ,
Watz up.. Dude..., Cool these words sounds good and we now habitual .. aren't we ??
But just a thought wat if I was in my college ( HOSTEL ) days... what would i had used in communications??
These are keywords and each follow its own history and victory.....
I just though for a few min and these what i could remember ..
"true friend","Killing Smile", "Paladhi" , "310" , "Deva Canteen" , "Birtday Celebrations" , "Internals" ,"Study with umya , golya aani sudhya","Amrya","Bhadya"
"Sunyaa", "Debeting on direction to bambhori from 310" , "Jockey" ,"bc debited from my account to sudhir's account",
"Pathak.. jaminishi naat thev" ," chess game in front of amrya" , "What could be Shape of Red stamp on TC", "Ragging case" , "Ghoti" , "Hostel mess" , "Accounting internal previous night" , "O baba ssss Tumase Milane ko dil karta hai","2' 3'' inchacha pipe" , "Pool game till 4 am" , "baba" , "kailya" ,"Silicon vally" ,"Ghubad","maka","shital cha bhadya","kbin","don","feast", " Mr. Mathenson" ,"MSC admission system" ,"Tanenbaum kaka","meeth (salt) hech amrut","Pani hech jeevan","Anita mess - lol ","motorola c200","Ganya", "Kashish"
i remember i had irrited sudhir a lot in 310.
" Sudhir once warned me , that if I will iritate him anymore he gonna hit me like anything" baapre kay dialog hota pan height was "mi mhantal aaple hath kay bandhale nahi" Thank God sudhyaa remained cool ....
"Sau Sonar ki.. hya Sau Sudhya ki Ek Pathak ki" :) i written this on back of door.. and it erased by sudhir..... lol

but 310 la 310 pan aannaari manas mhanaje "Vineet, Sudhya ,Prasad , kb ( ohhh my self ) , amrya , sunya ,shekhya,bhushya borse,maka,rahul,palve " and all "who caused us to do Bc"

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

This was the moment which i lived forgetting about whole world.. And i got filled my dil with lots lots of satisfaction..

This is what i am leaving my life now a days.. What i think is right i am doing.. WITHOUT caring what others are thinking about my changed behaviour.. It giving me immense satisfaction.. Why i should listen whole world .. I dont use to keep the BALL in my court..
If they want to accept me .. They will have to accept as i am..
Because i observing.. Sometimes someone do not thinks AS i always use to thinks for them .. So its better always to live u r life according to u only..

I am Enough capable to know this world! I am not U.. But i respect u.. And i dont want to convert this respect into hate..

I fears myself when i hates some one..

So i am not going to learn the way to leave life from u..

Btw i hardly remembers i bounds my ASSUMPTIONS on someone because they even dont think it is worth to listen me..


I try to bound on very very few in numbers and i am bounded to listen from them only..


I remember i was so much crazy with pillu ( dog in *his* childhood ) when i myself was in my childhood.. I use to survey dhule on my little bycycle whole day.. i might be in my 5th when i started to bring small cute dogs On bycycle to our owned house..
Before 5th too i was very lucky in finding the *moti* in the 10 mins *walking* circle area.. i use to name my pet moti..

So day 1 = survey for good looking moti..
Day 2 = creating envirnoment to bring him home.. This means not taking permission..
Day 3 = wait till moti's mom will be out.. Once she left .. Pick up raju and bring him home..
And play, feed, take him to walk whold day so that nt a single moment he remembers his mom.. So i satisfied
Night 3 = oh god moti ko ghar ki yad kyon aai! And then mummy papa use to explain me u parted most loving relationship.. And i use to believe this is sin.. I use to pray god to forgive me.. For what i did..
Day 4 = moti taken back to his home.. Safly and carefully and this time infront of his mother!

* The snap is taken by tushar @ abt 2 am at jui nagar stn when i was wating 4 tushar to reach jui nagar from ltt ..
Plz igore the quality of the snap

And those 20 mins nothing came in my mind just me and moti played.. Thanks moti to allow me to play with u.. And giving me lots lots of JOY

Have a safe life...
But this time to MOTI ;)

-by kb
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

aanewala pal ..

Mitranno Namskar

The most listened song in india is this ...janewala hai

Wenever i do hears it i gets confused .. Ummm cant interprete its meaning..

If u can then do me a favor post your intepretation in comments

I cant think *deep* .. But i thinks @ fast speed..

But sometime you have no option u hv to think deep.. I tries several times and cant think more than *deep* word! Lol

Btw dont u agree that decision= fast decision...


-by kb
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sometimes i thinks i m nt matured yet

Mitranno Namskar

Gm going to office..

Its obvious i not shares each happening through my blog

But wen i woke up this morning this was the first thought came to my mind

I believe each thing happens *knowingly* only

So its time to say SORRY to those whom i behaves harshly.. *Knowingly* .. Bcoz i dont hurt *unknowingly*


I MAY have valid *reasons* to hurt you *knowingly*
So i want to say *SORRY* if u 2 accepts there were valid *thoughts*

Reaching vt in few


Do u also thinks i am nt matured yet???

-by kb
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Monday, July 14, 2008

ja ne tu ... Ya ja ne na

Mitranno Namskar

Hey hey wenever movie dominates my mind .. I remind my self dialog 'fakt cinemat shakya ahe' delivered by 'pankya' who is close to my heart since my ending of fybsc
And because of him i got to know tinu..

So 2day i am at full speed at work.. So finally boss came 2 know i can work ( fast ) lol

Salute to next 5 days .. Afterall they causes to feed me..

Now our room address will be changing in few days..
Aaaaaaaa more room rent
But its worth to stay in one of the most happning places of world.

So i am reaching in few mins


-by kb
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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

Life is giving all joys..mmmmuuuhhh

What if this happieness is of fraction time ... God i always wanted this life but remember not in installments.. So always keep this level plz..

I want to break all all misunderstandings regarding me... I will... whether u sure or nt sure .. The one person was sure from starting abt this change and he is ' tinyaa '. To others i kept saying leave me as it is even to my parents...

Ye dunia dekhati rah jayegi mere dost!

Have u seen 'Lakshya' ? If someone asks me which movie u think should be u r life
My answer is 'lakshya'..

No more love stories now..
Life can be lived on your own ...
So i am living ...

Either get lakshya or leave it

But just your desire to get the lakshya will do nothing change in the state of this world..
It will only iritate you
And u will loose u r remaining happiness too...

Wish u all will get u r 'lakshya'

*MY* respected A P J Abdul kalam saheb said..
The dreams are those that not lets you sleep.. NOT the once which u sees in sleep.,

-by kb
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i have lived wht abt u?

Mitranno Namskar

Sharing a thought actualy song and from now on i believe it

Sach mere yar hai
Bas vahi pyar hai
Jisake badale main koi to pyar de
Baki bekar hai yar mere...

Aamcha amrya mhanto koni konasathi kahich karat nahi..
Tumhala kay vatat?

Mala thod adjust ment karavi vatate

Manus jevadh shakya asen tevadh tar dusaryasathi nakkich karto .. Ha pan at eakach tyala vatayla pahijel

Geli shanivarchi ratr mi ltt la hoto
Mi , tushar ani aamachya shalechya athwani

Kay life hoti agadi NIKHAL
Shalevar maz prem khup ekahi diwas badgya ne shala budavili nahi! Aani asa ekahi diwas nahi jyadiwashi tyane mar nahi khalla..!
Pan mar pan agadi nikhal... dusarya diwashi manat thodi pan bhiti nahi ekdam bindhast..

Tagging pan ekdam bhari huh
Ti 3 linetali madhali na ti mazi
Tyachya shejarachi bhale tuzi

Tenvha linking road mahit navhata na .,
Available resourses kase utilize karayache he changal mahit hot

Abhyasach tension kadhi alach nahi.. Tension ghyayach dept aai pappa kade...

Aaine kadhich mala dabyat murmure nahi dilet.. Aani mi kadhich aajari nahi padalo ani padnar pan nahi ..

Jar konya shaletalya mulane/muline hi post vachat asel

Tar tyana ekach sangen agadi jagun ghya... Karan tumchya aaju baju la asnare lok he NISWARTHY ahet ..
Expectations ahet pan chotya chotya..

Kiti ghabaraycho ... Jenvha ekhada program arrange karayacha asen tenvha.. Mulinshi bolayala suruvat kon karen..

Aani asha khup sarya athawani ...
Athwatat mala nehami ..

Geleli vel parat ka nahi yet! Nahi yet tar patkan ka nighun jate!

Thanks life .. Atleast i could lived those moments...

-by kb
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Feedback-- koraigad Trek

How it happened......?

I was coming to office as usual.. and the rain started.... Rain in Mumbai is always Sexy.. U cant guess when it will pour on you.. and while it raining you cant guess wen it going to stop..

So a THOUGHT came in my mind.. what if all DOST .. doston ke dost will gather and enjoy the rain all together..

So i reached in office .. NO POB was on that day... and i written a long invitation to all those whom i WISHED to be there..

First i chose meeting place will be BHUSHI Dam in Lonawala...

And included even those whom i have quarreled .. ;)

And within a five sec .. we got reply from sunil.. i can talk lot on sunil.. we had lived together and kuch jano na jano.. lekin Duniya ki koi takad .. usake faisale ko backtrack nahi karva sakti hai...

I am sure if he didn't have replied then even Aiswarya Rai oops is going to give us company in that situation too he would not have come...

so the sunil .. i can say he follwed First answer from his heart.. and i am again clearing he came because he wanted .. not because of he knows KB

And others knows Bad-gujar,badgyaa, kb ,kiran !!!! Seriously speaking if you were not present that day i would not have posted this entry...

so we waited... some days.. and confirmation mails got peeping in our mail boxes...

Some persons ..personally questioned me that Who who going to come.. My answer remained same to All .. you will see Kb atleast thr...

So days were passing .. and i was preparing for the Trip (Got A new T for the day , i hope it looked cool on me ) .. and in between i got the spot "Koraigad" while surfing on WEB

without a fraction delay.. i sent the plan changed mail .. of Koraigad...

mails were peeping.. and the day any how came .. 29th june was the decided date....

And the Counter Reached 33

So From Lonawala i can not express in Words till We were back to Lonawala..

For Those who get here in search of Koraigad on my blog accidently..

Reach Lonawala upto 8:00 AM

Have some food .. and other stuff.. make sure you dont miss 9:15 Bus from Lonawala to Peth Shahapur.. or you would have to wait for second bus at 10 am..

And Carry A Water Bag... I not left from my home .. my mom would not have permitted me without water bag...

Do start treking from say .. 11.00 you expected to reach on top in MAX 1:30 hr

Explore the fort till say 3:00 pm .. You expected to reach at base in Max 1 hr

there is bus aaround 4,4:30 from base which will take you too back to LONAWALA

and later you know how to reach your home...

We were not carried Water Bag,Had lunch , But the canteen at the base Helped a lot

The Only One whom i want to say thanks.... And let me say that..

The GOD .. Who ordered to "Varun Devta" to open his Shower...

Who returned us back to our respected Rolles ..

And Most importantly to create this beautiful planet called EARTH .. and Shown it to me..

And one Suggestion if you will ask... Dont go to bhushi dam to find the joy ... Too Too Much crowdy .. no personal space there....

Believe me you wont Forget this Day in your life... Hit Koraigad ( in Monsoon ofcourse )

Friday, July 4, 2008

Chymayla 15 markane rahilo re

AAAAAAAA ( its my style to cry )


Its callled SIGH!!!

Why Are Mi kay Yevdha Hushar nevhto.. Mi Ajun MCA Pass Navhto...

PAN zalo re... I Love U *LIFE* .. Aata Patrika Chapane Dur Nahi...

And Many More thanks to All Who supported me and were waiting for this moment to happen in my life....

Now I am MCA * Smart Bachelor*...

Are He 15 Mark ka Bhetle nahi re .... AAAAAAAAAAAAA Sala vineet wachla na.. He promissed me to give party in ROYAL PALACE if i will get the First Class.....

But I never Misses the chanas ( Or i always finds Joys by adjusting the things ) .. I had due Parties on SUNIL... From Our 4th Semister .. till he got the gold medal...

So Jalgav i am Coming thr .. To recieve my That ****** Certificate , which delaying my marriage process...

Once again Thanks to LIFE....