Monday, September 29, 2008

hmmmm carry on

Mitranno Namskar

(sorry if quality of photo is too bad) i hope they r nt identifible to their parents ;)

Its life at marine drive ...

I am writing from this sexy place ..

And i would have wished posting my snap posing lying on walls built here.

They serves ppls oops couples do mmmmmuuuhh

And kb do blogging ;)

It is end of day and i am relaxing..

And its time nw to go

Have safe + together life to the couple

Not disturbing you more


-by kb
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

kitti chaan ahe he

Mitranno Namskar

Thanks god i found connector with the help of which i could recharge my device using old days charger.. And thanks to amrish who know all this..

So this means i am not in mumbai ;)
Oh yes i am writing this from pune..
I came in saterday morning to meet above mentioned person... So only he knowing i am in pune

And i m nw ready to head towards mumbai..
But in the meantime i can sure write a blog post

Amrya was busy wen i reached here.. And i have many friends who i should inform .. But i just cant say no wen they will force me to meet them..

So i decided to hit bal gandharv
My loving place in pune .. I first scanned shows . 12 : 30 pm .. Umm ok i thought .. But its 11 : 45 ... So i came out again to have something to eat .. I crossed sambhaji garden .. And i got my attention at the entrace board..
It was exibition held there ..
I wanted to check it out.. So i cheked in..

First few stalls are Various flowers crops..umm kb decides when he will have his house he will have few of these kind of beauty..

Next few stalls are of show items to add in show case , okie kb u need to earn enough.. Because they are quite expensive...

Then a stall of sented candles ( hand made )
I spent little more time than other.. The aged lady was expressing her love and proud for her grand daughter.. When ppls use to ask details and comment were nearly same kitti chaan ahe he... A typically pune .. Yes but it surely turning on the family.. I liked the words
Kitti chaan ahe he..

I left the stall to see others stuff..

And i saw the 'bonsai' of various trees..
( i m going by shivneri to mumbai.. The train would caused me to travel standing )

i have snaps of those and surely i missed the eos ( my future camera )
One more reason to miss it was the press photographers came there having like that

Having enough wondering
In exibition i was about to cheked out but i did visited the candle stall again..

And buyed candles
It turned on the girl ;)
She gave me complementry candle too !

I hav got cold :( so will try later litting them

In the end it was worth to miss the ' lavani show ' @ bal gandharv

It was 4 pm and i received sms
And got instructions how to reach ..

So finally things started ..
And in the end amrish asked q
Who looks smart? Umm amrish bhau .. Naraj mat hona but ab main bhi kuch nahi bolata.. Warna things will start again!

have safe life u rohini
Thanks for that extra candle
I liked u r attitude..

Btw i have answer to q
Pune tithe kay une?
Local ;)

Amrya next time only 1 and after that direct to hotel .. Pakkawala promiss

I think i totally missed .. :(

-- updates on 3/10/08

-by kb
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

she dared .. Which she shouldnt have done..

Mitranno Namskar

And one got caughted wen my mood was nt in mood to expect unexpected ones

That one was she and when she is particular she then i really njoyed giving her pain

Yeah i know wen i am in off möod who is allowed to speak with me

But mornings annoying was just thought of my random mind

And it got cleared by evening
I was wrongly annoying my self ;(

I am not fears to tell this world that i m sometimes wrong

But i really njoyed annoying her who is nothing to me..

I have written a post somewhere which i remembers

Beware the person who has nothing to loose

Btw i wanted to share the happening on blog but sunya said dont do that.. So i m not going to post how i can annoy someone

;) i have all with me ..who can annoy me if they were not close to me

And i am not going to loose them

Wen i hates i can go up to any level

I again wish she will see this blog post..

Are yaron usane tumhari hone wali bhabhi ke baren main bol diya..

Lekin yaron kb ne jawab diya hai ekdam bhari
And i wil be sharing that with few

But at the end my hate for her remains at some level

Have a safe life - ego to her

Good ni8 to remaing world
( i hope she is annoying still )

-by kb
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

And i am trying to count 10 9 ...1
As fast as possible.. Its not working but

So better i keep hearing the songs.. Chek my older post to know that tracks..

It was going to be late 2day .. But thank god i have 2 chance to board in regular local..

1 chance.. Kb travels sitting
2 chance kb travels standing

So what plan 2 day .. ? I decided to test 2day how fast i can work..
Obviously keeping music player on..

But the fact is i am annoyed 2day.. And i hope .. No one will listen me in this mood..

Ghhhuuurrrrrr Annoying

If u can , send me sms .. I will believe u sent without reading the post..

And yes i dont like shayari
They are just no use for me

I wish i will get lots of meaningful sms that wil help me come out this.. As the songs doing it for me..

Ghhhuuurrrrrr Annoying..

Have safe - annoying life...

Reached vt..

-by kb
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questioning myself

Mitranno Namskar

It is called day
And now i am heading to mulund
And i am thinking hundreds things at a time.

Shit i cant play guitaar ..
Fyi : If u dont know
I am not capable to do controlled things using my left hand and feet
I have never had been in trouble because of this

I am a fast typer .. Who use to type only using 1 finger at a time of my left hand ;)

But guitaar wil require capable and fully functional both hands ;)

No worries but .. i hav alwayse been adjusted myself according to things ..

btw mummy asked me to send my latest cute snap

Thank god no snap available @ home.. ;)

I am demanding life from life..

And me certainly keeping away new happenings ..

Btw best way is listen as much as possible in loud voice .. Favourite song ... So that u even cant here u r soul..
I m currntly doing same..
And do blogging ;)

Its call now to say gn

So wish u happy living

Have safe life to my ears!
And.. To The guitaar which is satisfying some one else in this world!

Hav a good one


-by kb
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Monday, September 22, 2008

And i did it

Mitranno Namskar

Its sunday beautiful ni8...
going to bed in some time

So be4 saying gn .. I can sure share something..

So i finally got rock on's music downloaded on my device..
And obviously i m listening only that from saterday eve..

And today eve i was at gate way of india..

Goan there to learn photography practically ..

Thanks panu for giving me valuable nikon coolpix ..

Yeah i did shoot number of wrong composition snaps..
And have removed those from cameras memory just not to give her chance to point me as bad photographer.. Lol

Btw there is lot in photography to do.. Its more than just point and shoot.. I clicked snaps using options i know .. And i learnt lot/little while doing that..

Its always feels nice to explore about unknown and that too in your interested area..

But i was expecting to click lots of snaps.. It couldnt happened.. I got busy on line..

And i will give the album link which have only those snaps which turned to be good ( according to me ).. Chekout comments of this post for the same..

Images size is in mb.. And it would have took time if i attached those with this mail to deliver..

Ohh yes
Have safe life to camera.. And to gate way of india ..


Good ni8..

-- updates on 3/10/08

-by kb
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

once more

Mitranno Namskar

i m njoying this ni8 yes beautiful ni8 ... Seeing rock on

And the beautiful song i am listening is..

Tum ho to... Gata hai dil
Tum nahi to geet kaha..
Tum ho to hai sab hasil
Tum nahi to kya hai yahaan
Tum ho to hai sapno ke jaisa hasi ek sama
Jo tum ho to yeh lagata ki mil gayi har khushi
Jo tum na ho to lagata ki har khushi hai kami
Tumako hai mangati ye jindagi

Oooooooho Oooooooho ..

Its 5 30 am nw in the clock
Ummmmm i hav capacity to be wake whole ni8 ( even while studying )
And nowdays not too much need studying whole ni8 .. So i am cheking my self whether the capacity is still with me or not..

And to my company this beautiful song is in repeat mode..

So why u liked rock on kb?
I liked sakshi character .. Not a single time she queried abt her hubby's past relationship. i will refere this as maturity

And the passion of jo..
Watch wen He just gets out of taxi to be in show..

And the song which i m listening!

So its saterday morning
Wen did u wake up kb?
7 30 am ;)

And I m missing d song... Its nt in my mobile device :(
Wil try by 2day eve to get it
So have a good day ahead!


-by kb
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Friday, September 19, 2008

i needs confirmation

Mitranno Namskar

And i got it

And i m turned on

So it will be going to a happy weekend .. I will be going office for some time 2marrow

It also holds meaning for me

And sunday i m planning to do some thing .. But its nt sure

If i did i wil sure tell u..

So .. Have a good weekend..
Reached mulund..

-by kb
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

i am surely in mood *atleast* to write ..

Mitranno Namskar
Hello Lovers!

Kahin to kahin to hogi woh duniya jaha tu mere sath hai
Jahan main jahan tu aur jahan bas tere mere jajbat hai

Hogi jaha jaba teri palako ki kirano main
Lori jaha chand ki suney teri bahon main

Jane na kahan woh duniya hai
Jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi
Jaha meri jindagi muzse itani khafa nahi

Ok this at the moment i m beiliving had listened best song ever.. From ja ne tu ya ja ne na

So this saterday i am all over again dominated by my filmi heart

Fyi ; it has been more than 50 rounds of this track i heard .. And will be listening
Very deep meaning

Oh kb u didnt hit outside 2day
Ummm nopes...

So whats u r plan nw onwords..
It is weekend .. So ;)

Dont know what i am going to gain and loose ...

But surely will share if any thing *new* happens
That too if i wanted to share.. ( through blog )

And fyi i use to follow my words... Because i says that to myself.. While saying to opposite listener..
And i says those only whom i wants

So i want to accept that i am not as much as practical as this world accepts u to be.

Dont know what and why i m writing but the counter might had reached on 90

So i wish to end this blog post never i wants to repeat this song uncountable times

But at same time TIME should move as fast as possible
I would like to hear this song few number of times be4 that time will tell TIME that its ok

Ok not means only ok its okay for me

Some things are always thr .. But their exstence is noticed when we do concentrates on it

I mean to say e.g 'chakna' need only at first few round
Later it interupts the discussion whether it between table member or u r self..

Btw do hear the song if u have ever failed in love matters
Thank god abraham lincon was thr in this world

Who said ' if love is your weekest point you are one of strongest person'

You are nt behaving according to this practically based world kb

So tell me what is worst scenario.. 1 yr max will be late at most .. My mind is answering.. So i m following what my heart is responding
( but my mind may respond contradictory next morning )
But i want to tel it will be *EFEECTIVE* ummm i mean to say efficient * according to my mind *

No is reached 2nd . I hope u got what does that mean
All the condition is necessary for 2ni8 is the song i m hearning.. Its i guess 120 times i heard uptil . I meant the song

Oh kb u r so filmi!
Yeah whats new in that
I have seen more than 250 times rhtdm * passionately *

So ..

Gud morning

Its 2day sunday and my callers now will be hearing song .. No need to guess what is that ;)

Btw last ni8 counter reached 3

And just to inform u rain is started..
And i sitting in window thinking alone why all things that going on are going...

I m in hurry .. Cant just we8..

Wah baki song ekdam 1 number

I would like to make my website whr i can manage as i like.. But just dont want to utilize the time going nwdays
I have reserved my time ..

Because i m fast enough to launch it in 5 6 days
Need to look at that simple php scripts for some time .. Wordpress will be blog engine..
But its process depends on my mood..

Its address i hope will be available that time..

Kb u saw rock on ? Yeah i did
At mehul in mulund ..
Aaaaa dhasadhasa tar nahi pan ;)
Yeah i loved that spirit and passion..
Thodkyat awadla mala rock on

Are pan aplya song madhali lady singer kon ahe.?
Let me cal tinya.. 1 sec

Rashid ali and vasundhara das
Mana re tum dono ko re

Umm whos lyrics it is 1 sec again yaron
Shit he dont know ;(

I can google., let me do that
Ok i guess he is abbas tyrewala
Mast lihilay ho song..

And nw i am all alone at this fine evening.. Sitted in window
But feeling satisfied .. Its i think around 200 th time i am hearing... Do U like to spent time alone?
Yeah i likes it... And sometimes its better option...

So how was weekend
Yeah good one ..atleast I didnt done any thing which could cause grief later ;)

220 + and still counting..

So cyaaa i hope u also likes same song

Cu ganapati bappa
Bless us!

-by kb
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Sunday, September 7, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

I cant stop myself to let this world know that my one of jawal asnara mitra is in love!

Sala majhe dialog malach marto
Mala Mhane kebya re life is colorful
Ha dosta wish u, u r all dreamz come true..

The girl is one of lucky from this world.. I dont know her.. But i hv a msg for her.. She choosed one of best..

Are pan mi paij harlo na
Mi paij lavali hoti ki tinyaa dam ashin tar love tar karun dakhav..

Khada marla ni to laglach! Wah hyala mhantat life !

Kahi paija harnyat pan maja yete na!

Ani tinya beta mala anandach ahe tuzyashi haralyacha..

Oye Ani lagnat gift dil tar din :)
Tangi chaluy

Wishing u sucess anytime..

Hav safe life to u both ;)

-by kb
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Friday, September 5, 2008

I have been told

Obviously by my mind

So did u got looking at snap

Today morning i reached vt
I was walking ..

There was a table and a black board.. Written asking for helf to bihar flood victims

But i moved ahead .. I asked my mind why don't u donated.. I will be happy

So i returned in fraction of time
and done that what i thinked..

And so today i am in my happy mood ;)

My dad's 1 day salary will also be going in fund... without asking him.. he is government servent na..

But i have chosen to be in private sector.. so this doesn't mean i should not donate in such incidents.. We ( all those who are in private sectors ) should donate.. because... ohh i cant explain...

so in 5 mins i was at my bus stop.. and again one q came.. ONLY rs 50 kb??

i again returned and paid another 50 ;)

I RETURNS FOR VERY FEW's.. Whenever i founds they are worth!!

there is online facility also if you wish to do same... need some googling!!

i dont want to convience you.. but i wanted to pay even more... so if you are convienced and would be paying.. i will think.. IT WAS WORTH TO POST THIS POST!!

we should THANK GOD because we are not Victims!!

Wish happy and safe life to all!!


I followed once again