Sunday, September 28, 2008

kitti chaan ahe he

Mitranno Namskar

Thanks god i found connector with the help of which i could recharge my device using old days charger.. And thanks to amrish who know all this..

So this means i am not in mumbai ;)
Oh yes i am writing this from pune..
I came in saterday morning to meet above mentioned person... So only he knowing i am in pune

And i m nw ready to head towards mumbai..
But in the meantime i can sure write a blog post

Amrya was busy wen i reached here.. And i have many friends who i should inform .. But i just cant say no wen they will force me to meet them..

So i decided to hit bal gandharv
My loving place in pune .. I first scanned shows . 12 : 30 pm .. Umm ok i thought .. But its 11 : 45 ... So i came out again to have something to eat .. I crossed sambhaji garden .. And i got my attention at the entrace board..
It was exibition held there ..
I wanted to check it out.. So i cheked in..

First few stalls are Various flowers crops..umm kb decides when he will have his house he will have few of these kind of beauty..

Next few stalls are of show items to add in show case , okie kb u need to earn enough.. Because they are quite expensive...

Then a stall of sented candles ( hand made )
I spent little more time than other.. The aged lady was expressing her love and proud for her grand daughter.. When ppls use to ask details and comment were nearly same kitti chaan ahe he... A typically pune .. Yes but it surely turning on the family.. I liked the words
Kitti chaan ahe he..

I left the stall to see others stuff..

And i saw the 'bonsai' of various trees..
( i m going by shivneri to mumbai.. The train would caused me to travel standing )

i have snaps of those and surely i missed the eos ( my future camera )
One more reason to miss it was the press photographers came there having like that

Having enough wondering
In exibition i was about to cheked out but i did visited the candle stall again..

And buyed candles
It turned on the girl ;)
She gave me complementry candle too !

I hav got cold :( so will try later litting them

In the end it was worth to miss the ' lavani show ' @ bal gandharv

It was 4 pm and i received sms
And got instructions how to reach ..

So finally things started ..
And in the end amrish asked q
Who looks smart? Umm amrish bhau .. Naraj mat hona but ab main bhi kuch nahi bolata.. Warna things will start again!

have safe life u rohini
Thanks for that extra candle
I liked u r attitude..

Btw i have answer to q
Pune tithe kay une?
Local ;)

Amrya next time only 1 and after that direct to hotel .. Pakkawala promiss

I think i totally missed .. :(

-- updates on 3/10/08

-by kb
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