Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

And i am trying to count 10 9 ...1
As fast as possible.. Its not working but

So better i keep hearing the songs.. Chek my older post to know that tracks..

It was going to be late 2day .. But thank god i have 2 chance to board in regular local..

1 chance.. Kb travels sitting
2 chance kb travels standing

So what plan 2 day .. ? I decided to test 2day how fast i can work..
Obviously keeping music player on..

But the fact is i am annoyed 2day.. And i hope .. No one will listen me in this mood..

Ghhhuuurrrrrr Annoying

If u can , send me sms .. I will believe u sent without reading the post..

And yes i dont like shayari
They are just no use for me

I wish i will get lots of meaningful sms that wil help me come out this.. As the songs doing it for me..

Ghhhuuurrrrrr Annoying..

Have safe - annoying life...

Reached vt..

-by kb
Reach me @+91 9987550949

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