Wednesday, September 24, 2008

questioning myself

Mitranno Namskar

It is called day
And now i am heading to mulund
And i am thinking hundreds things at a time.

Shit i cant play guitaar ..
Fyi : If u dont know
I am not capable to do controlled things using my left hand and feet
I have never had been in trouble because of this

I am a fast typer .. Who use to type only using 1 finger at a time of my left hand ;)

But guitaar wil require capable and fully functional both hands ;)

No worries but .. i hav alwayse been adjusted myself according to things ..

btw mummy asked me to send my latest cute snap

Thank god no snap available @ home.. ;)

I am demanding life from life..

And me certainly keeping away new happenings ..

Btw best way is listen as much as possible in loud voice .. Favourite song ... So that u even cant here u r soul..
I m currntly doing same..
And do blogging ;)

Its call now to say gn

So wish u happy living

Have safe life to my ears!
And.. To The guitaar which is satisfying some one else in this world!

Hav a good one


-by kb
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