Friday, September 5, 2008

I have been told

Obviously by my mind

So did u got looking at snap

Today morning i reached vt
I was walking ..

There was a table and a black board.. Written asking for helf to bihar flood victims

But i moved ahead .. I asked my mind why don't u donated.. I will be happy

So i returned in fraction of time
and done that what i thinked..

And so today i am in my happy mood ;)

My dad's 1 day salary will also be going in fund... without asking him.. he is government servent na..

But i have chosen to be in private sector.. so this doesn't mean i should not donate in such incidents.. We ( all those who are in private sectors ) should donate.. because... ohh i cant explain...

so in 5 mins i was at my bus stop.. and again one q came.. ONLY rs 50 kb??

i again returned and paid another 50 ;)

I RETURNS FOR VERY FEW's.. Whenever i founds they are worth!!

there is online facility also if you wish to do same... need some googling!!

i dont want to convience you.. but i wanted to pay even more... so if you are convienced and would be paying.. i will think.. IT WAS WORTH TO POST THIS POST!!

we should THANK GOD because we are not Victims!!

Wish happy and safe life to all!!


I followed once again


Anonymous said...

Kb nice work

Umesh Aawte said...

Not face
Work one do proves that person is good or bad
You proved man...........

kebyaa said...



welcome to blog

keep visiting and commenting


btw i have a nice looking face also !!

thanks umesh..

i wish you to do also same...

Anonymous said...

well done buddy
keep the good things going on in you.