Sunday, August 31, 2008

jo jeeta wahi sikandar

Mitranno Namskar

i hav seen lots of examples of not getting things one wishesh to get ..

All use to *pretend* that they are happy.. But i believes they didnt got that *thing* who causes them to pretend..

Karan manus na sadhi gosht kadhi magatach nahi.. Ti lakhat ek asate..

Ani samaja ti milalich tar lagech
Tyachyakade aanakhi ek lakhatali gosht tayar asate..

Ani hi ji thing ahe na ti n mileparyant to konalach sangat nasava

Adolf hitlar ch ek sentence layi bhari ( agadi 100 ton lol)

If u r winner then u need not to explain.. If u r looser then dont be thr to explain!

Vineet was in mumbai on independence day
While discussing he said

' Asafalata ka yahi matlab hota hai ki.. Safal hone ka prayant puri lagan se nahi tha ! '

Trade-off between desire and keep trying

Kb what u did on saterday?
Me?! Seen 'all the best' at gadakari..
What u will do today?
Nt decisided yet..

Why.. I have lakhatali gosht for which i m w8ing...

And for kindness of info ( i hv uttered each time like this :) )
I hav been very specific..
I hav list of *priorities*
So thr is not more things that i want and costing them would give result 5 or 6 lakhs! Some of those god have blessed me!
*I am not poor*

Room var kal party zali
I joined when i returned from thane.. And party expects us to express our valuable opinions on issues..
No party without discussions

U want to know? Be with us next time

How can i say that this was only thing i am wa8ing. It can happen i hav something *better* in my destiny
Yeah may be .. But who is capable to c the future.. And the fact which is in present is
' Kb leave that thing.. I think it is not going to be urs *never* '
Ummm i think u r correct.. But just wa8ing woule not have more side effects .. Yeah but it causing irritation..
*will u please stop both , u kb and his crazy mind
Let me write something

K thats all..
Wish u will earn as much lacks as u want.. *gosht lakhatali pahijel barka*

Btw its true na jo jeeta wahi sikandar!

Decided, me going to thane to hit gadkari!

-by kb
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