Friday, August 22, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

Gm from local

Male rahi rahi san vati rhayan
Ki layi motha turn yenar she mana hya routine life ma

Aate mi khar layi bore whas
Ital ki haee post bi livale kantaya yi rhayna

Ate male change pahijen
Mhaninsan t haee post bi mi aihirani ma likhana prayatn kari rhayanu..

*Prayatn* karanach aplya hat ma rhas.. Mang to tari karana..
Kay gurantee konta khada kadhi lagi jayin..

Pan sal na khada mara t to laganach pahijen .. Nahit khada lagana nai t tyan vait vatu devan nai.

Pan man as mat she ki pratek got ni survat hi khada marisan ch whate .

You have to step forward to catch things .,Why ? THINGS DONT HAVE LEGS!

When i was in mca , one phrase i use to like... may be couse it sounds good to hear to *my* ears
' Trade off between '
So i am using it

What are trade off between trying to achieve one thing only AND trying to achieve alternate thing if that one thing u didnt get..

Ummm i hope i used it correctly and u got what actually i wanted to say

To explain this about me..
I have upto at this moment have tried to flurt with more than one girl.. May be wil keep try

zurun zurun kiti zuraych mhanun tharvalay pahil prem bayko var karayach..

Let me guess
What u thinked on it

U might hav said ..' this is not correct ..u should have liked only one ' yes i am agree this is sufficient condition that might my mind not allow to marry with a girl who declined all who used to flurt with her !

And what about other side
Why i should become a devdas
I may have choosed wrong one who declined me and caused my image to be like above para..
Might be necessary condition to keep trying alternatively!

Reaching vt in few

One thing to share
Started to quit one more habbit
Khup tras hoto ..
To quit whether its bad or good habbit

* in clear and loud voice

I am not that much disperate for gf and marriage what u might think!
Just wanted to talk on trade off between anything there might exist..

-by kb
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