Saturday, September 20, 2008

once more

Mitranno Namskar

i m njoying this ni8 yes beautiful ni8 ... Seeing rock on

And the beautiful song i am listening is..

Tum ho to... Gata hai dil
Tum nahi to geet kaha..
Tum ho to hai sab hasil
Tum nahi to kya hai yahaan
Tum ho to hai sapno ke jaisa hasi ek sama
Jo tum ho to yeh lagata ki mil gayi har khushi
Jo tum na ho to lagata ki har khushi hai kami
Tumako hai mangati ye jindagi

Oooooooho Oooooooho ..

Its 5 30 am nw in the clock
Ummmmm i hav capacity to be wake whole ni8 ( even while studying )
And nowdays not too much need studying whole ni8 .. So i am cheking my self whether the capacity is still with me or not..

And to my company this beautiful song is in repeat mode..

So why u liked rock on kb?
I liked sakshi character .. Not a single time she queried abt her hubby's past relationship. i will refere this as maturity

And the passion of jo..
Watch wen He just gets out of taxi to be in show..

And the song which i m listening!

So its saterday morning
Wen did u wake up kb?
7 30 am ;)

And I m missing d song... Its nt in my mobile device :(
Wil try by 2day eve to get it
So have a good day ahead!


-by kb
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