Sunday, May 3, 2009

active match

Mitranno Namskar

Its nasik came n me going to jalgaon by neeta

N i m feeling less sleepy.. So thought why nt to write post

First of all i attended pohe number 5 th

I even nt talked on my xperience at pohe number 4

So 4th n 5th both r heighted n helth than me.. N i should nt mention but 'woh masumiyat nahi chehre par'

So i will be continuing search

Ha had good time with communicating with 5th of my list

As the girl is working .. So typical q such as what next nt needed.

4th number is learning

And i should say sorry as i judged her wrongly.

Just a topic came n i asked what word from engraji is for 'alankar'

I guess she answered correctly

But i was in assumption that 'metaphor' is the word

Haa sunya thanks for confirming word

It is 'figure of speech' ;)

Baki kay word ahe na

Figure of... ;)


I was having my time with orkut yesterday

N the first word i uttered was


I knew always there exists active girls in this world ..

The exact *something* which strives me always .. She have that!

N i m searching exactly same kind of girl..

But among my parents built list..

N i guess they wil start taking tension.. They want to sigh ASAP. They only know kiran is their's son.. But are unknown with the essence called kb in kiran


N i couldnt help them with matter of marriage.. They i think in assumption that looks matters more for kiran..

Ummmm it matters but i couldnt express my defination of activeness to them which matters more for kb than anything..


Their list is emptying as i m eating each pohe

What could i do but.. I m bored with pohe!

So i hope i will be meeting families which are arranging diff menu ;)

Fyi : i know what u thinking that kb thinks its kind of joke of attending more n more pohe.. for them have a look at my past posts tagged with marriage process..

Also i think i m good in judging .. And its afterall one time decision .. Has to be OK/Tested .

But somebody like voila girl ( i dont know how she looks .. To emphasaise how much looks matters for me.. ) ..

Here me out ( dreaming... Can certainly .. Its night time .. Lol )

Aur is gaane ke sath vachako se main vida lena chahata hoon.

Rat apani charan seema par aagayi hai .. Malegaon bhi gaya hai..

To her :

'Aap jaisa koi meri jindagi main aaye.. To baat ban jaye..Haan haan baat ban jaye!'


Sd to me..


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Update: - This post was expected to be posted on saterday at 5 am ... but dont know what happnd .. mobile emails weren't get sending..

-by kb

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