Tuesday, March 10, 2009

no guys, wait..

Mitranno Namskar

Needs to mention that my marriage proposal is cancelled

The girls parents + relatives are not happy with my left side part of body.. U might know i m handicapped person..

I would had not minded if they have told their opinion before engagement .. Typical.. From our side we had given idea.. They could have wished to meet and observe me.. But not like this having us to exchange rings..i m not disturbed but i am worrying for my family .. It must be very embrassing for them..
And my dear neice priya will be very sad once she will came to know all this ..
So i can have tell everybody but to her..
Anyways its kb's life ..couldnt be so straight ..

So have reserve u r wishes till some other day..

N whatever will happen regarding my marriage will happen now ACCORDING TO ME ONLY.

I wishes the girl's parents would find suitable match

Have a safe life to her.. N dont be stressed.. Chalati ka naam JINDAGI ;)

Reached vt!

Yep i am getting my hands dirty on Dot Net Nuke these days..

happy holi


-by kb
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Dinesh A. Wagh said...

Bhai kabhi na ghabarana nahi tension lena, jindagi main aur bhi kuch accha hone wala hai aasa sanajana.
(Wining hourse does not know why he runs in race, he runs because of hits and pains. life is race, God is ur rider, So if ur in pain then think , God wants to u win )