Tuesday, May 27, 2008

on the move

Mitranno Namskar

Got free and fresh time to write something

Fresh means its end of day and i m on peak of my mood
Free bcoz i m nt on phone with my friend

I am Going to room in local while listening songs and totally blank.
So let me decide what to write
K got subject

I am willing

To buy home i will call it 'labella' .

To adopt one child and i am not sure abt he/she that depends what i will be blessed.
To make more clear i wish 2 childs in my life. I wil call my daughter 'sayi'.
If u searching son name then his name will be decided by my valentine

To marry on 14 feb 20yy

To call her 'asawary'. I just love this name

To learn music instrument.

To visit france

To speak uk english

Ok thr are so many things
But i am reaching mulund
And btw i want to make sure that my life partner is aware of all these things before she will decide to marry me.

Nw its time to talk with my dear friend

Cyaaa some other free and fresh time

-by kb
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