Monday, June 2, 2008

Life in Protocols

Wen weekend is not celebrated like weekend i feels its life...

I believe drinks are for celebrations , not when we fails at some steps in the journey of life

I always strive for protocols

And this is what i believe should be protocol for drinks

Govt says 'sansar udvasth kari daru...' . This is said because peoples not follows protocols

Are lokanno aika re follow protocols

So how i celebrated ?

I saw a play at Gadakari on sunday

'Pandu tatya once more'. and had a gr8 end of weekend

And at the start of week

I am employee again

who Wakes up 8:30 am get ready by 9 Am ,
Who catches 9:44 am local for VT
Reaches 10:47 to VT , 11:15 to office, and the ******* work starts, 2:15 lunch , 2:45 finish lunch , 3:00 Tea time finish.
and the ******* work starts again and finishes usually by 10:00 pm , 10:25 at VT and life starts and i am back to room at 11:30 then dinner and then says Good Night to my one of day at abt 2 am.

And this continues 5 days . But At the end of day on friday i have completed all work, i receives professional wishes, And it turns me on.

And then when i walks on roads of nariman point on saterday evening ( i prefer to be here than to be at room ).. i thinks life should start and stop @ this lovely place.. u will find here gr8 shops.. and above all costly shops.. gr8 peoples ... gr8 Cars....

i am crazy with shopping.. and the fact is i havn't done shopping for past 2 months. :(

I always go for brands... otherwise i don't buys... i can wait for goods.. but if i want goods i hits only these kinds shops.

if u want to gift with your loved ones really something special these shops are perfect to buy from....

and yes protocols also follows here , you go.. you choose.. if you asks for help then they helps otherwise no one disturbs you , you pays tagged price if you chooses to buy , owner says thanks , you come out... you go to restaurant to have dinner.. waiter waits for your call.. he comes takes your order , you even don't says "Jaldi lana" ... you enjoys environment.. if some one having 'Birthday' restaurant plays a music.. you claps for the someone whom you don't know , he gently returns thanx.. what a protocol !!

I baught a anti glare glasses for 3500/- only :) from "ganko optics" , its original essilor and frame from itali :)

The shop sent me birthday wish greeting card to my address..
and this what i use to refer protocols.

And the main point today is start of weekdays and itani kam salary main yeh sab nahi jamata....

though i wants to say 'Mumbai Tuze Salam'...

--by kb !
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Anonymous said...

It is nice to read ur bolg KB
day by day u writing something good for read it is real exp. for u and also for others so keep it
also to tell us to follow the protocol in life

Anonymous said...

"Sansarala udvast kari daru manun sansar naka karu,chairs"
--as kb roj manto(ratri)

Umesh Aawte said...

I think let time deside protocols for us.Things are relative you have writen what you think right.

Yesterday I was on see face Enjoy.
Today I am working in office stil enjoy

Nice blog
Do same this will add something in you and all readers.

Baba aawte

Unknown said...

Are kb bhai marathi kavita chi kahi vyavastha kara rao....?
Proud to be a Marathian