Friday, June 13, 2008

in the early morning

Mitranno Namskar

Nt believing! U u r correct!
Actually didnt slept
Dont stress u r mind
I was working ...
One of the cause i love mumbai is for its historical buldings build with gr8 structures.

The snap is of bmc bulding very opposite to vt.
And shooted with 2mp and night mode activated.

VT is renamed with CST few years back.
And i guess ppls just nt accepted this change.

I even just had asked to cab 'vt chaloge ?'

Mumbai has its own language.
So i m in local nw going to room to have bath.
Mumbai nw started running!
Wishing safe years ahead to all..

-by kb
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Anonymous said...

Mast re! Ekdam chhan photo aala aahe.

Anonymous said...

Hey KB,
At first you are nice photographer.
its always nice to read your blogs...and this is one of the thing that I am missing these are very true so real and yet so simple i like it...keep writing...and dont stay late till 2 am in humble rerquest and a kind advice for you.
take care

Anonymous said...

kebya ekdam bekkar lihayala laglay tu. as like a gr8 author ..gr8 photography. as u know I never expect this from u...keep writing

kebyaa said...


mag !!

aata tula ek sangu ka canon cha EOS ghyayachi khup ichaa aahe.. khup mahag aahe pan..

mhan na aata 'Are deva' ;)


are i too miss shooting u yaar..
u may not know i have u r photo per day..;)

keep watching blogs!!


salya itakya ushira aalas..
ata jau nako...

konala miss karaychya vicharanehi khup jiv ghabarto maza..

Bekkar nahi re pan lihayla lagloy.. thodkyat aata parat ukartoy re zalelya goshti..

i will always miss my past days..