Monday, June 23, 2008

zindagi aa raha hoon main

Mitranno Namskar

Gm Watz up,
Going 2 office
2day wat if boss is not in office!
2 persons knows result
1 me
2 boss Lol

Ummm i started to quit one more *BAD* Habit .
But its worth to quit.

So my weekend was good

Visited 'Taraporewala acquarium' its located at marine drive.. Ahhhh just blindly point to any direction..
Open u r eyes... U wil see
*pretty* girl (ohhh shit ... She is engaged) .Dont worry eyes are urs close again!

Sunday ummmmm

I met my friend from 10th .
She hit me punch as soon as she saw me. Lol
Btw i 2 hav strong arms!
It fills good when somebody from old days meets u.
I felt that its just 1 day passed!

*it is prohibitted to take snaps in acquarium. Dont worry i have my device with me!

-by kb
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