Friday, June 20, 2008

more money

Mitranno Namskar

Cant sleep
Ummmmm but wen ..
Next month... A month after next month?

I just cant w8.

Not getting me ! Then leave it...

Shopping karne ka ek aur bahana!

Guess what i m going to buy!
A leather mobile case 4 my delegate e 51 from dadar.

I lost it few days ago. I did NOT Lost my mobile, i m talking abt its case

Hey just remembered yesterdays morning incident

I walked out forgetting my brand new executive umbrella in local at V T stn .

A 2 min passed , i was out of station premises and suddenly it striked me .

Without delay i returned back to local
Entered in compartment looking at the place whr i had kept it. She was not there :(

With sad face i was about to leave local

A voice ' O bhaisaab ' reached me , i turned back looked at him and in a fraction of sec i reminded the man.
He was passanger who had travelled on my opposite sit.
He is not among regullar passenger!
And he was holding my ******** .
He said he was sure that i will return in search of my belonging.

Thank god
And most importantlly
Thanks uncle
And above all
Thanks Mumbai !

And yes! Its a sunyaa's day 2day wish him

Happy bday re *****

-by kb
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