Friday, June 27, 2008


Mitranno Namskar

Going to office.. Sudhya reading paper.. And me adding entry to my blog!

Aahhh so its 'TGIF' 2day..

But no more weekend celebrations....
Why? 'paisa','time','vishwas' and 'capacity' wil nt return once they left u...

Do u know that i m follower of OSHO...
He and i believe

'what u r heart thinks just dont waste time to implement it'

i gets confuse wen ppls says
'dil ki suno... Dimag ki nahi' or vice-varsa..

Is it possible! Dil alag sochega , mind alag...
I don't know ! But thank god
I have my heart and mind in synch...

Btw i can repeat srk's dialog

'Maine hamesha apane dil ki suni hai...'

Ummm mumbai knows who is srk , for others who dont knw srk bole to shahrukh re ...

So just reached @VT..
Praying safe life 4 all

-by kb
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