Saturday, June 28, 2008

All the way from jalgaon

Mitranno Namskar

Its about 2 am and i am at thane station...

Came to receive sunyaa , kalpesh and vijay

These guys are coming 4 preplanned lonawala trek

It is surely going to be fun there...

Yeah i will share snaps once they wil be developed :)

Feeling sleepy nw its 2:10
Vel pan jat nahi its 2:15

Just a thaught what if i was engaged ... Mast cal kela asata ...

Velech pan niral asat ...
Jenvha vat lagaleli asate tenvha phatkan nighun jate.. ni8 be4 exam

Aawadate lok barobar asale ki..

Tasa mi phar specific ahe... Ka kunas thauk..

Khup kami lok awadatat mala...
Vineet always says me.. Kb u gets influenced early with the personalities u meets... Ok i do
But this nothing have to do with my favourites..

Ha bar zal 2:40 zalet...

... Lihu ki nako lihu... Lihitoch blog mazay...

What happend wen i was in mca.. I use to stay with my friends.. Pankya, vishnu,tinu they were doing mba..
They got new friends ..
Pankya was in imr .. So vinod joined us , and bcoz of tinu bhushan joined us

And for silly reason i quarreled with vinod and bhushan once..

Ummm actual reason was

They were showing more 'adhikar' than me on my friends..

Sorry vinod ,bhushan...


Aamacha amrya mhanto tech khar , kebyaa do never mix u r good friends each other...

Pan chyayla amrya locha zala ki samajat re...

Thik ahe life ahe thoda locha tar aselach

Ahh its 3:20 nw

Ph aka por kalyan la aliy still 20 more mins to speak truth

Diwas bharachya ******* schdule madhe khar bolayla vel kuthe asato...

Hat suchalach nahi ... Gadi ali
Welcome re sunyaa

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