Friday, June 6, 2008

Tinu cha sms aala re

"Everyone is good to you,

till you expect nothing from them


you are too good to them

only till you fulfill their expectations."

thanks bhai..

aikunach ghya aata

aapla jo mitra aahe na to layi बेक्कार (Bekkar) aahe.

The wonderful listener i have/will ever met/meet in my life.

you just tell the problem and don't disturb him he will have answer after some time.

and i found the exact reason for the past two days i was thinking on why i am thinking.

Telepathy pan layi bhari gosht aahe. sobat 6 varsh kadhalit.


ok i am describing him more .

Very very first thing

"We both have one thing common and that is when we are together we became childrens..
we play WWE fight, once he uttered hefussssssss my lllllllaaaaaaaaaaallllllla rock is cooking... i assures i am gonna loose the match.. to paryant aapali pan hawa asate .. i use to believe i am shawn michel.. the problem is he knows rock's dialog , and me? i even can't recognize who is "shawn" .. dialog tar durachi gosht!!

and so tinu is also famous as "Rockya bhau" ( named by thombya who named by Me!!! )

But when its time to play chess i give tough fight...


He is genious with computer games !! he reasons it as he never got a chance to hold a bat.. though he owns the bat.. lol It is one of more my favourite time when he plays a computer game i just sit besides and shouts "chyamayla maar tinya tyale sala kadhi ye ka nahi ye parat phirisan.."
mine this dialog gives him unlimitted power to play.. My job is to instruct him to save a game before each movement.

I have a immense will about him " he will have a girl friend who will visit our room once. "

Please it read again I said "Visit". Later she can go away. lol or come into my life. lol

Can you tell your friend that you going to earn ( money ) lot more than him.

We discuss this whenever we phones each other without a single fear in mind what other will think. ( for your info i have told him i am going to earn lot after 6 yrs and almost 1 yr have been passed till i am writing this statement !!! ).

do you have any idea about MBA guys earns lot Or MCA ones earns lot ? ;)

He is the one who upon giving me "Advice" I not use to turns off. And he not counts me when he scolds me.

i m sure you will not too turn off. i don't know whether he have pure heart but what i know is he don't have dirty mind.

(sry for local words , but words carries feelings , aani specially dialog martanna, so read it following )

Asa ek pan paida nahi zala ki jo tinu cha dushman banla. ( for all x this statement is true , where x is dates from current date )

And that one if existed some how he himself gonna suffer a lot. You know one phrase? "Strong persons use to forgive". he blindly follows that . without even thinking that he is strong.

we have decided that We will start a newspaper and starting issue will be from jalgaon ( later we will conquer on world's press mkt!! ;) yes na tinu remember we have decided this too sale ) . And very first day we will display a snap of "Prabhat Chawk of Jalgaon" . huh now what exactly we will point about "prabhat chauk" for that you will have to wait till we seriously thinks on it and publish.

sometimes we decides that we both will not marry. ( please note i am talking about marriages that happens to be in india... lol )

i don't want to stop typing ... but i know he is my friend .. and among those friends who knows kb as he is .

He never laughs @ my fictional mind..

how he could? As he also has that mind.. lol

"Mitra hi garaj nirman zalyamule bananari gosht aahe ".. guess who wrote ? obviously tinu re..

ummmmmmm miss u rockya ...

I know his reply on this post

1) Kutte
2) Kamine

i just like these words .

"Vaise 'Hardik' Aapka naam kafi achaa hai ..."


Pankaj Mahajan said...

Hi kebya, Bekkar Lihito tu you r writing like a gr8 author.I like it very much...Its realy very nice

Unknown said...

KBya re tooooooooooooo good to read all this.
U r my true frend.....
It was realy nice to read and remember all our past days.
I m glad to have friend like u who is having a very good skill to write what ever u feels.
I wish all the luck for ur future may be u got new dimention in ur wings.

Love u re