Wednesday, December 3, 2008

@ni8 at vt station

Mitranno Namskar

I m going home and my train will be leaving late 1:30 am. Its 11:30 pm now and me standing @ bus stop just outside main entrance of vt all alone but observing ni8 life..
Hot can u observe ? U r writing a blog .. Yeps but kb neednt look at mobile screen most of time he got his fingures to be friend of keypad of his loving e 51!

Yeps i have practiced myself enough ;)

K now me in train had relaxed myself on my alloted bearth in my exclusive style.. Its 1 :30 am

So two hours what did u done kb .. I love long calls ;) ... Tinu was on line ..

So my backpack been checked twice at vt .. And found nothing suspecious ;)

Me carrying a dress And regular needing stuff only ..

Its a one *day* trip only..
2marow ni8 i will be in return journey..

Yeps i did have saved my leaves to attend my some known and few heartly related friends marriages..

But i have a msg for them try to marry on weekends ..

Train is running and me njoying window seat

But in the end i 2day had lots of que's unanswered .. And i was in mood to cancel the jalgaon visit..
So i choosed tinu to give a long call and to divert my mind..
Nopes it didnt worked though..

And i conveyed my mind with a answer..Needs to go in caps


It happens.. It gives joy.. Life at peek .. All is colorful.. Dreamz unlimited... Is thr Dirtance? Close eyes .. No.. All dark.. I calls it as Love

No - it hurts

yes! but no from parents .. For me just dont have courage to look into those eyes..

But tinyaa mohabbat ka naam aaj bhi mohabbat hai beta ;) dulhan usiki hoti hai jo doli main bithake ghar le aata hai..

Doli uthane ke liye ( madat huh bhai ) i have kept spare my leaves ;)

But i have a request u dear i had seen u always happy.. Whatever ,i reapeat whatever be the result i want u too be happy.. I will want to look into eyes..

Just remember

...SHOW MUST GO ON... I calls it as LIFE

At least both of u have accepted that it happened..

Lekin tinyaa apun milenge re jara discuss karana hai sala ye cast kisane banaye ..
Yahi reason hai re warna she also loves me.. ;)
Ab ye mat poonch ki konasiwali ;) he he he

Chal njoy new place and designation too


Wishes For all those including kb ;) including tinu too ;) who may match their life as the post

*TIME IS THE ANSWER* and keep the show go on.. I am and always sure that LIFE will not more unfair with you..

But if we are together no tears plz..

( when i am alone i am with kb but i dont cries but kb )

As for kb

I am there for you..

What should i wish

Wish it doesnt happens if there is not happy ending

And it answered go to sleep


Cyaaa mumbai
( dont know when i wil get network .. That wil send this post but i clicked on send menu @ 2:45 am )

-by kb
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