Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i like formals

Mitranno Namskar

So 2 day after so many days.. I am in formals..

I had never been in tshirts and jeans before 2 years..

Again i cant buy other than raymonds... Feels like heaven ..feels like raymond!

I am crazy for brands.. More over i choose brands according to punch lines..

I used 2 dress per year .. Formal and <b>' one man one fabric '</b> .( hopes b tag renders correctly )

And the shirts pocket style i kept same as of my dads ..

Just remembered .. Not sure i have mentioned this before..
But i was in front of someone wearing sunyaa's black trouser
and sudhyaa's shirt .

According to both ( make up mens ) i looked smart.. ( i asked thousand times how i was looking.. Lol ) And the thought was seeing me like this if reply is no atleast i will hear with love!


And i m 2day again in formals
But going to karmbhumi !

Oh if u know me.. Can u tell my height please.. ;)

Chalo cyaaa
Reached vt
And sunyaa sudhyaa can u pls gift me that dress!

Though have safe life to dress!

-by kb
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Anonymous said...

To dress fatala pan asel. Visar ki aata.

kebyaa said...