Monday, November 17, 2008

दिलवाले दुल्हनीया ले जायेंगे रे....

Mitranno Namskar

So how was weekend re kebyaa


How u spent it...

I were at kalwa..

It seems u have seen ddlj .. Yeps i did ..
But need to mention on kundan's brand new dells laptop..
Yes we did bought valuable thing that ( i hope must ) will help him..

And what the better option there other than ddlj for its opening !

Chyamari .. Bhaltach romantic picture she na ho..

Kb hai jar tunavar prem karas tar hai palteen.. Ha ha ha

Tas ek baat sangas..

Kajol pan kay palateensan glance deyin
Tumna vainee n bi layi bhari glance del whata.. Wah i was just in the sence that
Are re hi poragi phasali ..
Are re hi manat basali ..

Ddlj t sure urs also be favourite movie.. Yes?
Are u in relationship? Yes!

Then u must see with u r partner @ maratha mandir theater here in mumbai..

Beileve me u wont be alone there as *प्रेम हे प्रेम असत , तुमच नी आमच सेम असत *

Point ahe na Amrish bhau ...
Amrya : wah wah kb bhau

Have a safe life to ddlj original cd!

Kebyaa .. Valuable is laptop!

Is it ? K.. wish it will fulfil the purpose with the same reason kundan had bought to have it on his laps!

Tang tang tang tang tya tadang
Tuze dekha to ye jana sanam;)

Reached vt!
And thus week started..

-by kb
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