Wednesday, November 19, 2008

moments from hostel

Mitranno Namskar

Program either runs or not .. There is no concept of partial running ..

No the statement is not mine
some of my mca batchmates knows whose statement it is..

For others info he is Mr. Manoj Patil.. Who had taught us programming languages from the course.. I do always remembers this statement .. And if i am not wrong even tinyaa also knows this statement..

Though it is said that dont use to talk on quality u do have..
I always does that ..

So i could also turned to be lecturer ..

I believe i have ability to explain the concepts.. Obviously only if i have understood the concept.. Lol ..

Fyi.. Golya did ran code1 in practical exam .. And i was the one who got chance to explain him.. Thanks sunyaa for explaining ******* code1..

And that turned in him to have some faith with me that when i does study i do study + bc ..
But this time bc focuses only in relevant topic..

U wont believe we
Me sudhya umya and golya had studied together for compiler construction!

And dont tell any one i knew he cant wake whole night but to be with us he had gave up sleep for those night when we studied for cc and gave me
One more reason to do bc..

Yaar i misses those full with bc days.. Note days means days and ni8es from hostel only
And those few hours of few days when i use to be in classroom..

Btw my study partner remained same from start to end... None other than sudhyaaa.. he not there i couldnt concentrate on study..

Then first i use to find him .. Most of the time my search use to end in kailya or golya's room ..

A top secret : a hostel room not used to known by actual owners but by parasides!

Hold ! i also lived there as paraside giving not disturbance to actual alloted students ..

My room was allotted to sunyaaa ritesh and umyaa
But it is not possible there is amryaa and we r not together..

So i hardly slept in alloted room

It was peak period when we guys shared 310 .. Our most loved room of hostel..

Its enough related to our hearts to be remembered always when its subject of our hostel life..

What the room gave us?
Friends! yes life time friends...

It was a server room..

Miss u 310 ..

Hope we will always visit u not parted !


Are it remembers me one thing, we have snapped in those few *only veg* moments..

Amrya u have a undeveloped camera film

Even i 2 have one .. Ummm amrya u earns enough that u can develope urs as wel as mine owed camera films ! Lol

Reaching mulund!
And hope camera films are safe!

-by kb
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Amol Pandit said...

Good One.
You have to remember all collage moments.