Monday, November 24, 2008

when the rules r broke

Mitranno Namskar


Going office .. And routine wil be starting

What u did kb?

Rules are broke so i was able to c ddlj 4 times
Yes vinod use to have laptop of from whr he works
And remaing all other waits to c it as movie screen..
So a rule is there .. No movie on laptop..

But rules are made .. Bcoz they can be broke ;)

And it got me chance anyhow to acquire it!
So no other than ddlj .. 4 times!

I planned to hit a award winning photographs exhibition at nariman point but it couldnt happen .. I ran out of time.. No worries it is till 5 dec..

And as usual i been @ kalwa yesterday.. And ddlj 5th time thr ;)

In the end i am employee again..

Oh thanks vinod for breking the rule .. And congre8es u got a new job.. Best luck with u r career...

And so its time to get the bus no 1 spl ..

So cyaaaa

Bottom line:

Rules can be broke if have necessary and sufficent condition

Ddlj Necessary condition
New job sufficent condition

-by kb
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