Thursday, November 13, 2008

पोरगी दिली नाही तर सरळ पळवुन आनेन

Mitranno Namskar

Gm after long time

Dont confuse with the title
Note initials of that write their equivalents english letters
And u will came to know that they forms names of 7 layer from osi model
( look sunyaa , u cant deny now i have technical post written ) lol

In the past few days .. Nothing imp happend

I did goan to dinesh room at friday ni8.. Seen non stop tv till 6 am
Then slept .. Woke up at 1 pm
Then mulund .. Bath .. Dombivily.. Reserved ticket of marathi play .. Return mulund.. Slept.. Gm sunday .. Lunch.. Chetan do also wished to see play.. Both goan to dombivily ..
Seen play..wait it was ' mi nathuram godse boltoy ' played by sharad ponkshe..
Return upto kalwa.. Meet kundya .. Had dinner.. Together.. I generally nt misses to have dinner at kalwa...
Tasty nonveg + bajara bhakari
1 number..

Its tough to find bajara bhakari in and near mumbai restaurants..

Back mulund .. Slept and routine is there upto

Oh the title na ..
Sudhya was doing study? ;)
And hemraj taught easy way to remember layer names..

Btw sudhya best luck re bho
And cn study means not only knowing layers names lol

Chalo cyaaaa
Reached vt

-by kb
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Dinesh A. Wagh said...

kare bho tu ka sagad type karisan pathavato ka kay?

Anonymous said...

Kay sahi logic aahe re Kbyaa

kebyaa said...


hmmmmm yeah


mang bho aaplya pashi E-51 she...
ha mi sarv mobile varunach lihito... ;) marathee sudhaa