Friday, October 24, 2008

quality or property ?

Mitranno Namskar
U will think that kb talks on himself..
Yes its true..
So read on

I always go for extreme...

Ha ha

My friends have been with me when i was in love.. They know well what does extreme mean to me

And they also been with me when i didnt paid attention to the girl

They been with me when i had fear

And they also have been with me when i am in mood..

Some knows extreme level of my careness
And some knows extreme level when i do hates

Some knows extreme level of (shhhh) vulger matters
At the same time they have seen my extreme level when i m studying

I keeps mum at extreme level
And sometimes bakchodi at extreme level

When things are done by me they have to have at extreme level.. Otherwise i dont do things ..

Do i m blogging @ extreme level?

Simply extreme level for me is, i do involves with my heart in happenings

Or my heart ( also ) thinks at extreme level...

Dont care if i gains or LOOSE
I know how to be liable with my heart

Hope u have importance and know u r extreme level



-by kb
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