Monday, October 27, 2008

it happend .. So m happy

Mitranno Namskar

Its working day today
So möod is somewhat down :)

But once work wil start all wil be ok
Same happens always
When u r concentration is moved to other thing it help u ease u r mind

Unknowingly i wake up 2 day at 5 am

What u did kb then?


Later i found its 2day 'narak chaturthy'
And as tradition if u bath before sunrise .. U wil get pass to heaven!

I think i have reserved one!

What u will do kb 2marrow u have holiday na?

Yeps 2 days i have leave from work
So tomarrow morning me and kundya attending marathi ' sangit maifil ' at 6 am ! And we as last year celebrating diwali together ..

And i know it will sure increse happiness i m just waiting for 2marrow ..

Ok then enjoy diwali @ u r own + safe way



Happy bday panu... Njoy the day + life + my treat ;) - gift lol

Have a safe life

Reached vt !


-by kb
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